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Achievements for Gamerscore

Style Racer Badge (50) - 25m powerslide; 10x Combo; 25k Online Kudos; 1k Kudos in a race; Kudos for every maneouvre
Online Professional (60) - 50 online races; start last/finish first; 3-event win streak; clean race; win each scenario
Gotham Hero (30) - Be featured on Gotham TV
Bronze Champion (50) - Complete all championships at Bronze level
Gold Champion (75) - Complete all championships at Gold level
Platinum Champion (100) - Complete all championships at Platinum level
Silver Champion (60) - Complete all championships at Silver level
Steel Champion (30) - Complete all championships at Steel level
Track Builder (10) - Create and save 10 Custom Routes
Pro Racer Badge (60) - Earn a Platinum medal using manual transmission
Rank 1 (80) - Get to Rank 1
Rank 10 (20) - Get to Rank 10
Rank 5 (50) - Get to Rank 5
Ferrari Owners Club (45) - Own all the Ferrari cars
Lamborghini Owners Club (45) - Own all the Lamborghini Cars
Exotic Car Club (45) - Own: McLaren F1 LM; Shelby GT 500; Ford GT-40 MK 1; Corvette ZR1; TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve; RUF CTR \"Yellow Bird\"; Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo
Arcade Player (15) - Play Geometry Wars 1 and 2 in the garage
Race Against The Clock (50) - Set a lap time for every circuit in Race Against The Clock mode
Photographer (10) - Take and save a picture in each of the different cities
Gotham TV Sports Fan (15) - Watch Gotham TV 10 times; save a Replay of a race
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Krunal on February 05, 2006

Geometry Wars 1 and 2

To unlock these mini games, go to view cars. Walk around your garage and go to the back. You should see two games set up, thus being Geometry Wars 1 and 2.
Verified by: Ren of Heavens, TheSwedishSnipa Submitted by: Jax06 on January 01, 2006

Millionaire's Club

To achieve the Millionaire's Club badge, you must first own a car from each class. Without this, owning 1,000,000+ CR worth of cars does not unlock it.
Verified by: TheSwedishSnipa Submitted by: Ren of Heavens on January 19, 2006