Overlord: Raising Hell (Xbox 360) Cheats

Overlord: Raising Hell cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers in () is the points given for each achievements.

10 Wins in Pillage (30) - Win 10 ranked Pillage matches

10 Wins in Slaughter (30)- Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches

50 Wins in Pillage (40) - Win 50 ranked Pillage matches

50 Wins in Slaughter (40) - Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches

Amass Minions (10) - Harvest lots of Lifeforce

Arcanium Smelter (20) - Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter

Blue Minions (10) - Retrieve the Blue Hive

Compete in Pillage (10) - Complete a ranked Pillage match

Compete in Slaughter (10) - Complete a ranked Slaughter match

Defeat Goldo (20) - End a Hero's obsession

Defeat Jewel (20) - Steal a Hero

Defeat Kahn (20) - Get angry with a Hero

Defeat Melvin (20) - Puncture a Hero

Defeat Oberon (20) - Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.

Defeat Sir William (20) - Cure a Hero of life

Defeat the Wizard (50) - Defeat the 7th Hero

Dungeon Dabbler (20) - Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures

Dungeon Overlord (30) - Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures

Durium Smelter (15) - Retrieve a powerful Smelter

Full Arcanium (20) - Forge a full Arcanium set

Full Corruption (50) - Win with the blackest heart

Full Durium (10) - Forge a full Durium set

Green Minions (10) - Retrieve the Green Hive

Minion Harvester (10) - Harvest Lifeforce

Minion Hoarder (15) - Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce

Minion Multitude (40) - Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce

Mistress Master (40) - Fulfill your Mistress's wishes

Obtain a Mistress (20) - Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money

Power up the Tower (10) - Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower

Rebuild the Tower (10) - Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower

Red Minions (10) - Retrieve the Red Hive

Retrieve the Food (10) - Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?

Steel Smelter (10) - Retrieve a Smelter

Superior Survivor (20) - Last for 15 minutes in Survival

Survivor (10) - Last for 5 minutes in Survival

Tower Master (40) - Collect all the Tower Objects

Ultimate Arcanium (40) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set

Ultimate Durium (20) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set

Ultimate Horde (40) - Get a full Horde, fully equipped

Ultimate Steel (10) - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set

Ultimate Survivor (30) - Last for 30 minutes in Survival

Win in Pillage (20) - Win a ranked Pillage match

Win in Slaughter (20) - Win a ranked Slaughter match

Zero Corruption (50) - Win with the clearest conscience
Easily harvest lifeforce!
This is the easiest and quickest way to harvest any of the 4 life forces you need. I HIGHLY suggest you first make sure to have a few things before doing serious harvesting. Not only will it help out a ton when fighting the Beetles, but you will also get some achievements. You will most likely need a lot of minions to start off in order to save up. Here's what you really should work towards getting first off:

Arcanium Sword + 100% Brown minion upgrade (read: Sword, NOT Mace; Sword is way faster than Mace and makes up for the extra damage with speed, plus having full Brown gives +150 damage, which makes the Sword pretty nice!)

Arcanium Armor + 100% Green minion upgrade (the Armor itself is pretty tough anyway, so having all Greens put into the Armor will make your health regenerate like a mofo. mine is 80%, and my health regens like mad.)

OPTIONAL - Arcanium Helmet + 100% Any minion upgrade (not necesary. you can have any other helmet, but upgrading 100% will give you +15 horde points, so incase you need more minions)

Go into the dungeon and fight any of the 4 types of beetles depending on what you need life force of.


Every time you complete any of the Beetle fights, you will get 75 life force of whatever type of beetle you picked and battles usually take only roughly 1 minute depending on how cautious you are.

So first off focus on beating Puff and Battler Beetles like crazy and save up enough Green and Brown life force to upgrade at least an Arcanium Sword and Armor, then once those are fully upgraded, you will be able to annihilate Beetles ON YOUR OWN (read: NO minions!), that way you arent wasting the life force you just harvested by letting some minions die!
Quick Cash!
You can only do this after you have defeated Sir William, the arrogant little f@*% that he is.

After defeating him, and chosing whichever mistress you want, head right back to Angelis Keep. Summon your minions and go to town on the place. There are no enemies, except for a few beetles. But the place is packed with gold! Break EVERYTHING! There are tons of chests and statues, and almost everything gives you break or open gives you gold. Each time you can get about 2000+ gold. Just keep going back forth from your tower to Angelis Keep, and you'll have a huge mound of fold in no time. (I did this till I had about 50,000 gold and I was set for the rest of the game)


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Smelter Glitch
I went around the web and found a Smelter glitch that allows to to upgrade your equipment without sacrificing any minions! All you need to do is when your upgrading or forging add whatever minions you want and when you hit forge press start when the camera immediately is above the smelter before the minions come out. then after you press start exit game and load it. you'll find no minions where sacrificed and the upragde has been done! Does work i've tried it and maxed my acranium mace.
The Lazy Mans Easy Glitch
This glitch is the easy mans way to getting gold, life force, and the enemy of man kind!

All it requires is to have acess to the mumblers take the tower portal to heaven peaks city, spawn 99% browns, and 1% blue (the blue is just in case some how one of your browns die) kill one of the innocents and position your minions on the stairs so that all 3 innocents are there. The mumblers will continue to resurect them and the innocents will be hostile to you.

I gain 1-2 life force, 40 gold, and 3 innocent kills every 3 seconds. (if you stand in one place) this way you can just go afk and let it complete its self.

I take full credit for this glitch. If you plan on using this glitch in a faq or anything of the sorts please ackowledge me.

Hope this helps the lazy people out there like me :-p

For some reason this seems like faster life force then the dungeon even, though then again maybe thats becasue I don't have to do anything :-p I started at 100 life force, and am now at 600 after about 6 minutes