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Need For Speed: Carbon (Xbox 360) Cheats

Need For Speed: Carbon cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () are the amount of points your recieve for each achievement.

12 Minute Exit (5) - Escape after a 12 minute police pursuit in Career Freeroam

Big Game Hunter (5) - Immobilize a police Rhino while in Career Freeroam

Bronze Challenge Series Champ (10) - Beat all Bronze Challenge Series Events

Canyon Craze (10) - Catch Canyon Craze by playing an Online Canyon Duel with an infected player

Car Collector (15) - Unlock 36 Cars

Career Mogul (10) - Earn 1,000,000 cash in Career Mode

Complete Career (50) - Complete Career Mode

Conqueror (75) - Complete Career Mode and own every race

Crusher (25) - Ram 100 police vehicles in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam

Drift King (10) - Score 500,000 points in a Drift event

Exotic Aficionado (25) - Fill your Career Garage with only Exotic Cars

Fast Wheels (20) - Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam

First Steps (5) - Finish an Online Ranked race or Online Challenge Series race

Gold Challenge Series Champ (30) - Beat all Gold Challenge Series Events

Head Start (25) - Check NeedforSpeed.com to learn how to get this Achievement

Hot Streak (10) - Get a 4 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

Iron Man (30) - Get a 6 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

Knockout Fever (10) - Catch Knockout Fever by playing an Online Pursuit Knockout race with an infected player

Lucky Break (10) - Get a 3 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

Moderator Challenge (30) - Beat an EA Moderator in an Online game

Muscle Head (25) - Fill your Career Garage with only Muscle Cars

Need for Speed (20) - Hit 230 Mph in a Speedtrap

Online Challenge Champ (10) - Beat 15 Challenge Series Events Online

Online Challenge Contender (5) - Beat 5 Challenge Series Events Online

Online General (25) - Play 100 games Online

Online Lieutenant (15) - Play 50 games Online

Online XP Level 1 (5) - Reach Online XP Level 1

Online XP Level 13 (10) - Reach Online XP Level 13

Online XP Level 18 (15) - Reach Online XP Level 18

Online XP Level 2 (5) - Reach Online XP Level 2

Online XP Level 23 (15) - Reach Online XP Level 23

Online XP Level 29 (20) - Reach Online XP Level 29

Online XP Level 35 (30) - Reach Online XP Level 35

Online XP Level 4 (5) - Reach Online XP Level 4

Online XP Level 42 (40) - Reach Online XP Level 42

Online XP Level 50 (60) - Reach Online XP Level 50

Online XP Level 6 (10) - Reach Online XP Level 6

Online XP Level 9 (10) - Reach Online XP Level 9

Perfect Canyon Duel (5) - Win a Canyon Duel with no collisions

Public Enemy No. 1 (10) - Disable 50 police vehicles while in Career Freeroam

Pursuit Pandemic (10) - Catch the Pursuit Pandemic by playing an Online Pursuit Tag game with an infected player

Race Week (25) - Finish an Online race during a Race Week

Reward Card Hustler (100) - Completed every Offline and Online Reward Cards

Rock Solid (20) - Get a 5 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

Showboat (25) - Cross the finish line in reverse to win a ranked Sprint race

Silver Challenge Series Champ (20) - Beat all Silver Challenge Series Events

The Carbon Plague (20) - Catch the Carbon Plague by catching all 3 other viruses

Tuner Addict (25) - Fill your Career Garage with only Tuner Cars

Urban Freeroam (10) - Win 50 Free Roam Challenges in Career Mode

Wheels of Steel (5) - Avoid 5 spike strips in a police pursuit while in Career Freeroam
Cop Pursuit System
here are the various heat level Tactics what Cops use in each level against you.

lvl x1 - Crown Victorias, Nothing but just chase you
lvl x2 - Black Crown Victorias, they put up Roadblocks and they chase you.
lvl x3 - Pontiac GTOs, just chase you and also put Roadblocks put up, as well as Light SUVs that do ram.
lvl x4 - Black Pontiac GTOs, Chase you, Spike Strips are put up along with Roadblocks, and Heavy SUVs Ram your head.
lvl x5 - C6 Chevrolet Corvettes, they chase you, and they have Nitrous, Roadblocks and Spike Strips are put up and Heavy SUVs Ram your head on.
how to not flip your car (9 times out of 10)
I have found this to work very well for me but let me state this IT DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK! But if you are about to flip just give your car a boost of nitrous and your car SHOULD BE fine BUT NOT ALWAYS!
Nitrous infinite Tip
To start off i'll give you all the cheats:

Infinite NOS/Nitrous-

Infinite Speedbreaker-

Infinite Crew charge/Crew usage in race-

The tip..
When you activate the "Infinite NOS" cheat, go and tune your car. When doing this you will come up to the NOS tuner, set the entire bar to Velocity so when you use you NOS you get an Infinite supply, aswell as a "SUPER" effect on the strength.

Hope I help on the Tip/Cheat ;D
Peace. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Scouts, Blockers, Drafters
The three types of wingman you get can greatly varie your gameplay. Depending on which car you choose (Muscle, Exotic, Tuner) you get different wingman. However, each wingman isn't the same. Blockers are great in helping you gain a lead, or keep it, without having to get your own hands dirty. They're a cruise missle and plow through your opponants. Scouts are awesome in the fact that they can find the fastest ways through a track, and if you can keep up, an easy win. Drafters are good in the fact that when you need an extra burst of speed to get away from the competition, sidle up behind them, hit Y, and instant burst of speed. Different wingman suit different styles of play. Try em all and see which ones work for you.
unlock burnout vinyl
If you have a savegame file from Burnout Revenge you can unlock this by going to the bonus section of the vinyls.
win nearly every race
when in career mode and have unlocked yumi the scout hire her change her to active so she allways races with you.
what you do is bluid her ride up and get yourself a tuner car like the clio or the nissan 350z
to keep up with her.
at the begin of every race she start to find the quickest way aroud the track and she will allways be in frist place.
don't worry if your noot in frist just as long as your team mate is in frist you will allways win the race and all the money and you will get thought the game quicker.
i did this finished the in two days and unlocked everything this is a good to be the game.


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$10 000
down,up,left,down,righ,up,x,b ONLY WORKS ONCE!!!!
Type the following code fast (not ultra fast though) in the main menu correctly and a message will pop up.

Inifinte NOS
Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, X

Inifinte SpeedBreaker
Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, X

Infinite CrewCharge
Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, X

NFS:C Vinyls Unlocked
Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, X

NFS:C Special Vinyl Unlocked
Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, X