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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Stat Attax Novice (5)Win a game of Stat Attax.
General Knowledge (10)Win an 80 question multi-team game of Mega Quiz.
Predator (10)Play all episodes in the Predators vs. Prey series.
Top of the Class (5)Score 10 out of 10 in any episode.
You're a Card (10)Unlock 10 new Stat Attax cards.
Amazing (15)Play all episodes in the Amazing Planet series.
Family Time (15)Play Quiz Mode with multiple players.
Dangerous (15)Play all episodes in the Dangerous Encounters series.
Long One (10)Complete a long quiz in any series.
Fish Face (15)Play all episodes in the Aquatic Life series.
Decrypted (5)Use a cryptic clue to help you find a hidden episode.
Fast Finger (5)In a team that only has one player, correctly answer a Quiz Mode question within 3 seconds.
Full House (15)Win a game of Stat Attax without losing a single card.
Lots of Pieces (15)Complete any Level 6 jigsaw.
What Competition (15)Win 15 multi-team games in Quiz Mode.
My First Puzzle (5)Complete any puzzle.
4 Sliders (20)Complete a slider in each series.
Amazing Squares (20)Find all of the square puzzles in Amazing Planet.
Tie Breaker (15)Win a tie breaker in a game of Stat Attax.
That's Easy (20)Score 2,500 points in any 40 question quiz at easy level.
Team Work (20)Score 2,700 points in any 40 question quiz when there are multiple players on the same team.
Jigsaw Friends (40)Complete any 5 jigsaws with a friend.
Stat Attacker (25)Win 25 games of Stat Attax.
Mega Score (30)Score 3,200 points in a 80 question quiz of Hard Mega Quiz.
Square Hunter (50)Find all of the hidden Square Puzzles.
Missing Pieces (50)Collect all of the missing jigsaw pieces.
Perfect 30 (30)Score 10 out of 10 in 30 episodes.
The Big 50 (50)Score 10 out of 10 in 50 episodes without retrying.
Brain Box (30)Win 30 multiplayer quizzes.
Not Puzzled (35)Complete 35 different puzzles.
Easy or What (25)Score 10 out of 10 on your first attempt in any episode.
Top Stat Attacker (40)Win 50 games of Stat Attax.
Common Knowledge (25)Win 10 multi-team games in Quiz Mode.
You're Good (30)Win 25 multi-team games in Quiz Mode.
Quiz Master (50)Win 50 multi-team games in Quiz Mode.
Puzzle Genius (60)Complete all puzzles.
Quiz Genius (55)You are at the top of each leaderboard.
Nat Geo Researcher (100)Complete Quest Mode with a score of 100%.
Secret Achievements-
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