NASCAR 08 (Xbox 360) Cheats

NASCAR 08 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () are the amount of points your recieve for each achievement.

3 Wide (10) - Earn Three Gold Medals in "The Chase" Mode.

All Or Nothing (100) - Reach 100% Game Progress.

Badge Of Honor (10) - Complete a Driver Badge.

Chase Champion (100) - Win a NEXTEL Cup in "The Chase" Mode.

Chase For The Cup (25) - Win a Championship in Season Mode using the Car of Tomorrow Series Full Schedule.

Craftsman Tools Reward (50) - Save a Craftsman Tools Car Setup at any Track.

Cross Country (100) - Drive 5,000 Total Miles.

Custom Car Creator (10) - Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.

Earn Your Stripes (25) - Earn a License in "The Chase" Mode.

Full Throttle (100) - Complete a 100% Length Race in Race Now or Season Mode.

Heavy Medal (10) - Win a Medal in "The Chase" Mode.

Independent Contractor (25) - Earn a Contract in "The Chase" Mode.

Keep On Truckin' (10) - Win a Craftsman Truck Series race.

Licensed To Drive (25) - Complete all Licenses in "The Chase" Mode.

National Hero (10) - Win a NASCAR National Series race.

Online Horsepower (25) - Win an Online Race.

Pay The Bills (100) - Complete all Contracts in "The Chase" Mode.

Play It Again, Sam. (10) - Save a Race Replay.

Sprint Reward (75) - Win a NEXTEL Cup in Season Mode using the NEXTEL Cup Series '07 Schedule.

Today Or Tomorrow? (10) - Win a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow race.

Toyota Reward (50) - Complete all Toyota Challenges.

Trade Your Setup (10) - Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.

We Don't Need No Badges! (100) - Earn all Driver Badges.

We're Talkin' About Practice (10) - Record a Lap in Toyota "Test and Tune" Mode.


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EA sports car
type in EA sports car and you get the car
Enter the password at the cheat/code section in the menu.

Race The Pack - All fantasy drivers


CHECKERED FLAG - Unlocks all chase mode cars