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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Clear Prologue (5)You've cleared the Prologue.
Clear Chapter One (5)You've cleared Chapter One.
Clear Chapter Two (5)You've cleared Chapter Two.
Clear Chapter Three (5)You've cleared Chapter Three.
Clear Chapter Four (5)You've cleared Chapter Four.
Clear Chapter Five (5)You've cleared Chapter Five.
Clear Chapter Six (5)You've cleared Chapter Six.
Clear Final Chapter (10)You've cleared Final Chapter.
Clear Fragment (10)You've cleared Fragment.
Naruto's Friends (5)You can now use members of Naruto's generation.
Naruto's Teachers (5)You can now use Kakashi, Yamato, Guy and Asuma.
Sand Village Friends (5)You can now use Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Chiyo.
The Legendary Sannin (5)You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.
Stealthy Akatsuki (5)You can now use all members of the Akatsuki.
Hebi on the Move (5)You can now use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.
Assassin from Tekken 6 (10)You can now use Lars.
All ninja assemble! (30)You can now use all characters.
Bell-Stealing Expert (20)You've acquired S Rank in "The Bell-Stealing Drill".
Village Guardian (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Sand and Art Blast".
At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Sakura Dances".
Unstoppable Rampage (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Forbidden Fury".
Difference in Growth (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Showdown Between Best Friends".
Fourth Hokage's Back (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Sturm und Drang".
Overflowing Hatred (20)You've acquired S Rank in "The Two Uchiha".
Overwhelming Sage (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Battle Between the Sage God".
Vision of a New Wind (20)You've acquired S Rank in "Earth Shatter".
The Unknowable Moment (100)You've seen all secret factors.
Cursed dolls exterminated! (10)You've retrieved all cursed dolls.
Oink!! (10)You've retrieved all Tonton's pearls.
Trial accomplished! (10)You've cleared the 10 trials.
Request Master (10)You've cleared all requests.
Ninja of Letters (10)You've cleared all correspondence events.
All Friends Here! (10)You've seen friendship events for everyone.
Conquered all events! (50)You've cleared all events.
Nothing escapes you (20)You've picked up 500 items.
Wealth to move nations! (30)Saved up 999999 Ryo.
Point Tycoon (30)You've saved up 999999 Storm Points.
I Love Ninja Tools! (50)You've acquired all battle items.
General Store Booming! (50)You've collected all collection items.
The First Edit (5)Edited a Ninja Info Card.
Card Collector (50)You've acquired all Ninja Info Cards.
Also Known As... (20)You've gained 50 titles.
Which name shall I use? (60)You've acquired all titles.
Message Ninja shocked! (10)You've collected all messenger birds.
Review Complete! (20)You've seen all memories.
Story Assembler (30)Collected 100% of the stories.
Thanks for all your time! (20)Your total play time is over 30 hours.
On the Path to Ninja! (30)You've won 1 time in online Ranked Match battles.
Dextrous Ninja (60)You've won 10 times in online Ranked Match battles.
A perfect Storm Master. (0)You've unlocked all achievements.


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Unlockable Ninjas
Unlocking characters typically involves earning enough Storm Points (SP).
CharacterHow to unlock
MinatoEarn 580,000 SP
LarsEarn 600,000 SP
Chiyo140 000 SP
Deidara100 000 SP
Hidan260 000 SP
Itachi400 000 SP
Jiraiya 440 000 SP
Jugo360 000 SP
Kabuto220 000 SP
Kakuzu280 000 SP
Karin340 000SP
Killer Bee540 000 SP
Kisame120 000 SP
Konan480 000 SP
Naruto (Rasen Shuriken)300 000 SP
Naruto (Sage Mode)520 000 SP
Orochimaru240 000 SP
Pain500 000 SP
Sai200 000 SP
Sasori160 000 SP
Sasuke ("Taka")560 000 SP
Sasuke (Kirin)380 000 SP
Suigetsu320 000 SP
Tobi420 000 SP
Tsunade460 000 SP
Yamato180 000 SP
Hokage NarutoAfter you beat the game you have to back to Mount Myoboku (Talk to the little frog at the entrance to the Hokage mansion) and go to the elder frogs house and pray at the shrine.
Unlockable Supports
Unlocking supports typically involves earning enough Storm Points (SP).
UnlockableHow to unlock
Asuma Support660 000 SP
Chiyo Support680 000 SP
Deidara Support810 000 SP
Hidan Support840 000 SP
Itachi Support780 000 SP
Jiraiya Support690 000 SP
Jugo Support770 000 SP
Kabuto Support720 000 SP
Kakuzu Support860 000 SP
Karin Support750 000 SP
Killer Bee Support950 000 SP
Kisame Support800 000 SP
Konan Support890 000 SP
Lars Support990 000 SP
Minato Support970 000 SP
Naruto (Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken) Support620 000 SP
Naruto (Sage Mode) Support920 000 SP
Orochimaru Support710 000 SP
Pain Support900 000 SP
Sasori Support830 000 SP
Sasuke ("Taka") Support930 000 SP
Sasuke (Chidori, Kirin) Support640 000 SP
Suigetsu Support740 000 SP
Tobi Support870 000 SP