Ninety-Nine Nights Cheats

Ninety-Nine Nights cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

Aspharr Clear (100 points): Successfully complete all of Aspharr's stages.

Dwingvatt Clear (100 points): Successfully complete all of Dwingvatt's stages.

Inphyy Clear (100 points): Successfully complete all of Inphyy's stages.

Klarrann Clear (50 points): Successfully complete all of Klarrann's stages.

Myifee Clear (50 points): Successfully complete all of Myifee's stages.

Tyurru Clear (50 points): Successfully complete all of Tyurru's stages.

Special Stage Clear (100 points): Successfully complete the special stage.

Secret Character Clear (50 points): Successfully complete all the secret character's stages.

All Stages A Rank Or Above (200 points): Successfully complete all stages with an "A" rank or greater.

All Characters Max (200 points): Raise every character to level 9 and clear all stages.
Best way to kill tyruus final boss
It is simple as anything, when you some to fight the final boss, just walk away from her but make sure she follows you. Take her all the way up to the right corner with the little nub sticking out (where you kill drakfarrio). Imphee and Aspharr will still be there and they will help you kill her so all you have to do is sit back and snipe her with your water blast.
Character Unlocking
Inphyy ~ defult
Aspharr ~ beat Inphyy's story mode
Myifee ~ beat Inphyy's story mode
Dwingvatt ~ beat Myifee's and Aspharr's story modes
Tyurru ~ beat Dwingvatt's story mode
Klarrann ~ beat Dwingvatt's story mode
ViegVark ~ beat all other characters story modes
How to Fly
To fly with Tyurru press and hold the jump button and Tyurru will temporarily fly on her key for a limited amount of time, while flying you can also attack.
Old Spark
Know which character's Orb Spark will work at certain distances. For example, Orb Sparks from Tyururu and Inphyy work better in the middle of a crowd of enemies, while Aspharr's and Myifee's Orb Sparks work best against enemies at a distance.
Ranking System
Rankings for N3 follow as such:

'S': You killed everyone, collected tons of orbs (both red and blue), used your orb sparks often, collected 'Battle Emblems', and more or less, mastered the stage. Congrats.

'A': You did well, but you could have done a little better. Kill more, collect more orbs, etc. You'll get that 'S' in time.

'B': You beat the stage, and killed a few people along the way. Now, gain a couple of levels and jump back in the deep end with both feet and kick some goblin/orc/dark elf arse!

'C': You beat the stage, and that's pretty much it. Go back through and participate in the bloodletting for goodness sake!

Hope this helps!
Tyurru final boss tip
When fighting the final boss get her to at least level 6. Don't Immediately charge the boss just keep your distance so she doesn't follow you. Make a 1 gain water bubble and push it towards her when she notices you walk back and watch her run into the ball of water. keep doing this possess and you will eventually win without loosing a single hit point.
Using Tyururu (Tip #1)
An easy to use Tyururu is by flying directly over a group of enemies and using your X and Y attacks on them from above. Once you land, immediately use the double jump again to quickly get back in the air. Repeat until all enemies are dead.
Using Tyururu (Tip #2)
Another easy way to use Tyururu is to engage an enemy, then fly away. When they start to follow you, quicly use your X attack on them before they reach your position. When they do, fly away and repeat the process. This is useful against slower and more powerful bosses, like Trolls, that Tyururu would otherwise have trouble fighting normally.