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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
Pit Boss Achievement (00:01:23)
by Overlord73 Nov 04 2009
Back in the Saddle (00:04:56)
by Deathman451 May 22 2011
AchievementHow to unlock
Back in the Saddle (15)Help train the local militia.
Danger Close (15)Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad.
Cold Shoulder (15)Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base.
Tag 'em and bag 'em (15)Find Rojas in the Favelas.
Royale with Cheese (15)Defend Burger Town.
Soap on a Rope (15)Storm the gulag.
Desperate Times (15)Execute the plan to help the Americans.
Whiskey Hotel (15)Take back Whiskey Hotel.
The Pawn (15)Assault Makarov's safe house.
Out of the Frying Pan… (15)Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.
For the Record (35)Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.
The Price of War (90)Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty.
First Day of School (25)Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' on Veteran Difficulty.
Black Diamond (25)Complete 'Cliffhanger' on Veteran Difficulty.
Turistas (25)Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran Difficulty.
Red Dawn (25)Complete 'Wolverines!' and 'Exodus' on Veteran Difficulty.
Prisoner #627 (25)Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' and 'The Gulag' on Veteran Difficulty.
Ends Justify the Means (25)Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty
Homecoming (25)Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', and 'Whiskey Hotel' on Veteran Difficulty.
Queen takes Rook (25)Complete 'Loose Ends' and 'The Enemy of My Enemy' on Veteran Difficulty.
Off the Grid (25)Complete 'Just Like Old Times' and 'Endgame' on Veteran Difficulty.
Pit Boss (10)Run The Pit in 'S.S.D.D' and finish with a final time under 30 seconds.
Ghost (10)Plant the C4 in 'Cliffhanger' without alerting or injuring anyone in the blizzard.
Colonel Sanderson (10)Kill 7 chickens in under 10 seconds in 'The Hornet's Nest'.
Gold Star (20)Earn 1 star in Special Ops.
Hotel Bravo (20)Earn 4 stars in Special Ops.
Charlie On Our Six (20)Earn 8 stars in Special Ops.
It Goes to Eleven (20)Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions.
Operational Asset (20)Earn all 3 stars in at least 5 different Special Op missions.
Blackjack (20)Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.
Honor Roll (20)Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.
Operative (30)Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions.
Specialist (30)Earn 30 stars in Special Ops.
Professional (30)Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions.
Star 69 (90)Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.
Downed but Not Out (10)Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops.
I'm the Juggernaut… (10)Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.
Ten plus foot-mobiles (10)Kill at least 10 enemies with one Predator missile in Single Player or Special Ops.
Unnecessary Roughness (10)Use a riot shield to beat down an enemy in Single Player or Special Ops.
Knock-knock (10)Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops.
Some Like it Hot (10)Kill 6 enemies in a row using a thermal weapon in Single Player or Special Ops.
Two Birds with One Stone (10)Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops.
The Road Less Traveled (10)Collect 22 enemy intel items.
Leave No Stone Unturned (10)Collect 45 enemy intel items.
Drive By (10)Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops.
The Harder They Fall (10)Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet in Single Player or Special Ops.
Desperado (10)Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops.
Look Ma Two Hands (10)Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops.
No Rest For the Wary (10)Knife an enemy without him ever knowing you were there in Single Player or Special Ops.
Three-some (10)Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot from a grenade launcher in Single Player or Special Ops.


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Unlockable Levels
How to unlock secret levels.
UnlockableHow to unlock
MuseumComplete the Campaign on any difficulty.
Unlockable Weapons
A Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Unlock list
UnlockableHow to unlock
Painkiller - DeathstreakReach Level 6
Throwing Knife - EquipmentReach Level 7
Scar H - AssaultReach Level 8
Hardline - Perk 2Reach Level 9
Tactical Insertion - EquipmentReach Level 11
Vector - Sub MachineReach Level 12
Scavenger - Perk 1Reach Level 13
Thumper x2 - LauncherReach Level 14
MG4 - Machine GunReach Level 16
Scrambler - Perk 3Reach Level 17
AA12 - ShotgunReach Level 18
Blast Shield - EquipmentReach Level 19
TAR 21 -AssaultReach Level 20
Bling - Perk 1Reach Level 21
G18 - Machine PistolReach Level 22
P90 - Sub MachineReach Level 24
Cold Blooded - Perk 2Reach Level 25
.44 Magnum - HanndgunReach Level 26
Martyrdom - Death StreakReach Level 27
AK-47 - AssaultReach Level 70
FAL - AssaultReach Level 28
Ninja - Perk 3Reach Level 29
Stinger - LauncherReach Level 30
Claymore - EquipmentReach Level 31
AUG HBAR - Machine GunReach Level 32
Danger Close - Perk 2Reach Level 33
Striker - ShotgunReach Level 34
WA2000 - SniperReach Level 36
SitRep - Perk 3Reach Level 37
M93 RAFFICA - Machine PistolReach Level 38
Final Stand - Death StreakReach Level 39
M16A4 - AssaultReach Level 40
Last Stand - Perk 3Reach Level 41
Ranger - ShotugunReach Level 42
C4 - EquipmentReach Level 43
Mini Uzi - Sub MachineReach Level 44
One Man Army - Perk 1Reach Level 45
M9 - HandgunReach Level 46
ACR - AssaultReach Level 48
Javelin - LauncherReach Level 50
M240 - Machine GunReach Level 52
M1014 - ShotugunReach Level 54
M21 EBR - SniperReach Level 56
TMP - Machine PistolReach Level 58
F2000 - AssaultReach Level 60
Desert Eagle - HandgunReach Level 62
RPG-7 x2 - LauncherReach Level 65
Model 1887 - ShotgunReach Level 67
Ak 47Reach Level 70


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"Free" Care package
If you have any type of box to drop, plant a claymore they're first, then drop it ontop. If you die, the guy who tries to steal the box will get blown up. You'll both be even for kills, but at least yours was wicked. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
crane on highrise
On highrise go to the H with the helicopter on it. Look to the left, you will see a crane that right beside a building with a ladder. Go to that building and climb the ladder and look to the left you will see a floating platform. Jump on to the platform then walk over to the crane,once you areat the farthest point,press the a button. You with climb up on to the crane,this spot is great for snipers. You can walk anywere you like on the crane. There are many more places to go while you are on the crane such as if you look to the left, you will see platform jump on to it and there you are!
Top O' Highrise
There is actually a way tobget on top of one of the buldings on Highrise.

When leaving the Attacker building on Highrise, head to the right side of the building. Once you get to the edge, you should immediately notice a platform hanging askew on the side of the building. You can actually jump on to the side railing of this platform and climb up it like a ladder. What you do is you must get on the edge of the building and run and jump to the side railing BUT YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY LET GO OF THE CONTROL STICK ONCE YOU HIT THE RAIL OR YOU WILL FALL.
Once you've got ahold of it, climb on up to the top. Now you should notice a ledge that runs along the length of the building. Follow this ledge to the other side where there will be another platform you can jump up on and from there get to the roof. You'll be extremely exposed while doing this so do it quickly and stealthily.
Once you've made it you will be rewarded with the greatest vantage point in the entire game. Enjoy!


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Dog house on salvage map
There is a dog house in the salvage map from the stimulus package.To get into that dog house go prone and crawl in through the dog door.once you are in you can't stand up any further that crouched.when you are in just wait for people to run past.
Looking dead
if you want to look dead you have to lay down on the ground and keep swithching weapons. Your guy may twich a couple time.

Easter eggs

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Easter eggs spartan helmat on estate
The helmat is on top of the house on estate you have to set down a care package on the padio to get on top of the house and when you get on top
of the house go to the middle of the roof and keep squating and you will
fall in the attic go to the top left corner and it will be setting there.