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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Cheats

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood cheats, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Alone in the Dark(5)Being afraid of the dark is for sissies anyway
Dominos(5)You made it safely past the Stone Pillars of Black Rock Canyon
Flipping boxes(5)Up you go
Lost and Found(5)You found the first piece of the lost Amulet
What are You Looking At?(5)You destroyed 5 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes. That'll teach him.
Burn, Baby, Burn(10)You took care of that pesky Beast once and for all!
By the Skin of your Teeth(10)You escaped the Beast - again!
He is The One(10)Huh, time really DOES slow down when you're in danger
Just getting started(10)You used the magic marker 25 times
Ludicrous Speed(10)And just in time for tea! (Reached the old lady in under 5 minutes)
Master of Branches(10)You drew 200 branches
Master of Vines(10)You drew 200 vines
Master of Water(10)You drew 200 water streams
No Peeking!(10)You destroyed half of Mustacho's Evil Eyes.
There You Are!(10)I found my little brother!
What's That Smell?(10)You lit 15 enemies on fire. Oh the things One does for brotherly love
Can't Touch This(15)You completed a level without dying
Deadshot(15)It's all in the fingers and fiery balls of death
For Whom the Bell Tolls(15)Time Marches On (Rang a bell)
Guts and Glory(15)You made 5 Critters explode and survived it.
Hold on Tight(15)You tamed the Spikester! ...Lucky you
Hot Potato(15)What goes around, comes around. Right in your face.
Some Assembly Required(15)You found and assembled half of the lost Amulet
Kingdom of the Blind(20)No Evil is safe from you and your Grabby Hands
Tree of Life(20)You found and assembled the entire Amulet for the Old Lady!
Trust me(20)You stole back your kid brother like a boss!
Clever Boy(25)One Sea of Sand, 2 Earth Pillars, 3 drawings - piece of cake
Completionist(25)You did it. You did it all. We salute you!
No Stranger to Danger(25)You defeated Mustacho without dying even once!
Your Brother's Keeper(25)You defeated Mustacho and saved your brother!
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