Mass Effect (Xbox 360) Cheats

Mass Effect cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AI Hacking Specialist (15)Use AI Hacking 75 times.
Asari Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member.
Assault Rifle Expert (15)Register 150 Assault Rifle Kills.
Barrier Mastery (15)Use biotic Barrier 75 times.
Charismatic (10)Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation.
Completionist (25)Complete the majority of the game.
Council Legion of Merit (25)Complete Virmire.
Damping Specialist (15)Use Damping Field 75 times.
Distinguished Combat Medal (25)Complete 1 Mass Effect Playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting.
Distinguished Service Medal (25)Complete Eden Prime.
Dog of War (25)Register 150 organic enemy kills.
Extreme Power Gamer (50)Reach 60th level with one character.
First Aid Specialist (15)Use medi-gel 150 times.
Geth Hunter (25)Register 250 Synthetic enemy kills.
Honorarium of Corporate Service (25)Complete Noveria.
Krogan Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the Krogan squad member.
Lift Mastery (15)Use biotic Lift 75 times.
Long Service Medal (25)Complete 2 Mass Effect Playthroughs on any setting.
Medal of Exploration (50)Land on an uncharted world.
Medal of Heroism (25)Complete Feros.
Medal of Honor (100)Complete 1 Mass Effect Playthrough on any setting.
Medal of Valor (50)Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting.
Neural Shock Specialist (15)Use Neural Shock 75 times.
Overlord Specialist (15)Use Shield Overload 75 times.
Paragon (15)Accumulate 75% of total Paragon points.
Paramour (10)Complete any romance subplot.
Pistol Expert (10)Register 150 Pistol Kills.
Power Gamer (20)Reach 50th level with one character.
Quarian Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the querian squad member.
Renegade (15)Accumulate 75% of total Renegade points.
Rich (25)Exceed 1,000,000 Credits.
Sabotage Specialist (15)Use Sabotage 75 times.
Scholar (25)Find all primary Aliens
Search and Rescue (10)Locate Dr. T'Soni in the Artemis Tau cluster.
Sentinal Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance sentinel squad member.
Shotgun Expert (15)Register 150 Shotgun Kills.
Singularity Mastery (15)Use biotic Singularity 75 times.
Sniper Expert (15)Register 150 Sniper Rifle Kills.
Soldier Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance soldier squad member.
Spectre Inductee (15)Become a Spectre.
Stasis Mastery (15)Use biotic Stasis 75 times.
Tactician (25)Complete playthrough with shield damage greater than health damage.
Throw Mastery (15)Use biotic Throw 75 times.
Turian Ally (20)Complete the majority of the game with the turian squad member.
Warp Mastery (15)Use biotic Warp 75 times.
Character Benefits for New Game Playthroughs
Meet the following requirements in a prior playthrough to receive character benefits on new characters in future playthroughs
UnlockableHow to unlock
+10% Experience BonusComplete 75% of game
+10% Hardening BonusComplete 75% of game with Ashley as a squad member
+10% Health BonusDefeat 150 Organic Beings
+10% Shield BonusDefeat 250 Synthetics
+25% Marksman Cooldown BonusEarn 150 Kills using Pistol
+5% Experience BonusAttain Level 50 with any one character
10% Reduced Cooldown for Barrier and StasisComplete 75% of game with Liara as a squad member
10% Reduced Cooldown for Lift and ThrowComplete 75% of game with Kaiden as a squad member
10% Reduced Cooldown for Overload and DampingComplete 75% of game with Garrus as a squad member
10% Reduced Cooldown for Sabotage and AI HackingComplete 75% of game with Tali as a squad member
10% Shield IncreaseShield Damage must exceed Health Damage in one playthrough
5% Increase in Weapon DamageComplete game twice on any difficulty level
Assault Rifle SkillEarn 150 kills using Assault Rifle
Barrier SkillUse Barrier at least 75 times
Decryption SkillUse Sabotage at least 75 times
Electronics SkillUse Overload 75 at least times
First Aid SkillUse 150 Medi-gels
Hacking SkillUse AI Hacking at least 75 times
Lift SkillUse Lift at least 75 times
Medicine SkillUse Neural Hacking at least 75 times
Regenerate 1 Health/secondComplete 75% of Game with Wrex as a squad member
Shielding SkillUse Dampening at least 75 times
Shotgun SkillEarn 150 Kills using Shotgun
Sniper Rifle SkillEarn 150 kills using Sniper Rifle
Spectre Grade Weapons for PurchaseEarn 1,000,000 Credits
Statis SkillUse Statis at least 75 times
Throw SkillUse Throw at least 75 times
Singularity SkillUse Singularity at least 75 times
Warp SkillUse Warp 75 Times


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Easymode for hard and insane mode.
Easiest way to beat hard and insane mode. Make a solider class for yourself, use Ashley and wrex/garrus depending on your preference of biotics or tech skills. You and Ash can just keep up immunity and never have to worry about health dropping. Get some armor mods to help with them and the med ones aswell for extra regen. Use shotguns for all characters with explosive rounds. The cooldown for the overheat is far less time then trying to kill one enemy with a few shots. Those explosive shots are instant to 2shot kills and make the game extremely easy. On top of your health never dropping and whichever skill you choose for your 3rd mate(tech/bio) Taking down Sarren on the harder difficulties is no problem.
How to get the Romance Sublot Achievement
When you have to choose between saving Kaiden and the girl, save the girl.

After you save her act really nice to her. Good comments when you have the option to speak to her.

After a small amount of time you will unlock the achievement.
How To Unlock Paramour
In order to receive the Achievement Paramour you must get through the majority of the game. Once you follow the main quest enough you will be in a mission where you have to choose to save one of you're allies. One is a girl, the other is Kaiden. Save the girl, act nice to her during dialog, and you and her will "Fall in love" and you will unlock the Achievement.
Infinite Experience
During the "UNC Geth Incursions" side-quest travel to the planet Casbin in the Hong System. Once there travel to the geth base and destroy all of the enemy geth until the geth dropship appears. Instead of destroying the ship like your supposed to, kill the shock troopers that drop down from it instead. Geth will continue to re-spawn as you kill the waves of shock troopers 1 by 1, netting you experience and credits in the process. This is a good way to max out your level early!
infinite health as a solider
First you need immunity. Then you need x2 frictionless material to place in your armor.

Now just pop immunity and there you go, by the time it's finished the cooldown will be over.

so in step form

1. get immunity. (full bar works best)

2. get 2x frictionless material and place them in your armor.

3. keep using immunity.
Keep Playing After The Credits
If you've beaten the game with a charactor you really like, and you were swearing at BioWare after you thought they screwed you over for the 3rd time (The KOTOR games are the same), then do the following:

Hit 'Start New Career' in the Main Menu, then three selections pop up 'Use Preset ID', 'Make Custom ID', and 'Use Existing ID'. Select 'Use Existing ID', and a list of all the charactors you've beaten the storyline with pop up in a menu, select one, and viola! You look the same, have the same stats (and level), and the same gear! Problem is your back at the beginning of the game, and all your 'Codex' and 'Journal' entries have vanished, and all your squadmates are reset back to default (and dead ones from the main story line are back again!), but their gear and upgrades were jammed into your inventory, so you can set'm up again. Now's the time to get some of those annoying achievements, like 'Power Gamer', 'Extreme Power Gamer' and 'Completionist'.
Lethal Sniping
Equip any good sniper rifle (powerful and accurate) with High Explosive Rounds (highest level preferably). This combination will kill nearly every normal enemy it directly hits, and severely damage enemies in their proximity, if not killing them as well. For fun, if you shoot at the enemy's feet or the ground he is standing directly on top of, he will jettison into the air. Note: High Explosive Rounds work best only with sniper rifles as they are meant to kill with one shot. If it is used with a pistol, assault rifle, or shotgun, the weapon will overheat in less than five shots (depending on the type of weapon), regardless of upgrades and decency of the gun. This will make yourself vulnerable to enemies.
Recommended Weapon Upgrades
The best weapon upgrades on any gun are Frictionless Materials X (28% heat damping, +7% damage), Kinetic Coil X (28% weapon stability, +7% damage), and Slegdehammer Rounds X (50% weapons force, + 60% poison damage, - 20 heat damping). Overall, the weapons stats you will end up with are 14% damage, +28 weapon stability, +50% weapon force, +60 poison, +8% heat damping. The poison damage also prevents shield regeneration. Also, any of the following combo of any grade is the best.

To build the most powerful weapons in the game, use the following. For pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns, use Frictionless Materials, Scram Rail, and Inferno Rounds. Once you can get the "X" level equipment, these will be the most powerful weapons in the game, but the combination should be used at any point you find these materials. For the sniper rifle, use two Frictionless Materials and High Explosive Rounds. The assault rifle will not overheat much at all, but for an assault rifle that does not overheat, you can use two Scram Rails and Snowblind Rounds. It is not as powerful as the first method, but is efficient.
Unlock Hardcore Mode with Increased Level Cap
Hardcore Mode: Complete the game once.
Increased Level Cap (51 - 60): Complete the game once


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Max Out Paragon/Renegade
On Noveria, you will do a quest for Lorik Qui'in who will ask you to break into his office and take the evidence of Anoleis' corruption. Follow through with this. As soon as you come back down the elevator, Gianna Parasini will approach you and ask you for a favor. She'll tell you to meet her in the bar area, and to talk to her BEFORE you give the evidence to Lorik.

Gianna will ask you to request Lorik to testify against Anoleis.

Go to Lorik. He will ask if you have found the evidence. Select the option to "Testify against Anoleis." Lorik will get angry about the request. You will then have the option to either charm or intimidate him. For either option you choose, you'll get 24 Paragon or Renegade points. After you're done talking to him for a moment, walk away, then come back. Talk to him again. This time, select "Matriarch Benezia". When he is done speaking, select "Another question." This will bring up "Testify against Anoleis." again. Go through this process until you get the achievement for either Paragon or Renegade.
Quick draw
When you switch or take out your weapons, you can skip the animation of you taking out your weapon by pausing right after you start to switch weapons. Saving you valuable seconds.
Weapons Never overheat (No cheating)
If you have any of the Heavy Munitions and Weaponry (More commonly called the HMWP, HMWPAR, HMWPSG, and HMWPSR) at version 10, give them 2 frictionless materials Version 10 (I haven't checked this with lower weapon upgrades or levels. I know it works if you don't go bellow 1.6 shots on the sniper rifle, but other than that I have no clue). If you put in a bullet type that doesn't add to the heat discharge, the time between slugs will let it cool off to nothing. Even on the assault rifle. I recommend the Incendiary Rounds.

If you don't know how to get these WMD's, you need to get the Rich achievement (Have more than 1000000 creds). Then go to the requisition officer on either the Normandy or the c-sec academy, but tey may only have the version 8 at first.