Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360) Cheats

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () are the amount of points your recieve for each achievement.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (30) - Unlock Nick Fury.

Battle Hardened (15) - Win 20 Arcade Mode Levels

Battle Tested (5) - Won 1 Arcade Mode Level

Blue Screen of Death ( 15) - Defeat M.O.D.O.K.

Comic God (15) - Answered 20 Trivia questions correctly in a row.

Deathbird's Defeat (15) - Defeat Deathbird.

Defeated Grey Gargoyle (15) - Defeat Grey Gargoyle.

Doomed Ending (45) - Defeat Dr. Doom.

Dragon Slayer (15) - Defeat Fin Fang Foom.

Dressed for Success (45) - Unlock all outfits for every hero.

Excelsior! (50) - Beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in Hard Mode.

Fall to Death (10) - Throw 5 enemies off a ledge.

Fledgling Superhero (5) - Defeated 10 enemies.

Game Over (15) - Defeat Arcade.

Giant Relief (15) - Defeat Ymir.

Golden Age of Comics (30) - Attained Gold on all Comic Missions.

Good Samaritan (20) - Completed Skrull Cityscape level without defeating a single enemy

I Have a Friend (5) - Completed a level with at least 1 other player.

Legendary Superhero (15) - Defeated 100 enemies.

Mad Skillz (10) - Win 3 Arcade Mode levels consecutively.

Mandarin's Downfall (45) - Defeat Mandarin.

Marvel Geek (5) - Answer 15 Trivia questions correctly

Marvel Master (10) - Answered 150 Trivia questions correctly.

Melee Master (15) - Performed 50 Finishing Moves.

Mephisto's Defeat (45) - Defeat Mephisto.

Pugilist (5) - Performed 5 Finishing Moves.

Scared of Heights (20) - Threw 50 Enemies off a ledge

Scarlet Swashbuckler (30) - Unlock Daredevil.

Son of a Devil (15) - Defeat Blackheart.

Super Hero Team (15) - Completed 25 levels with at least 1 other player

Surfs Up (30) - Unlock Silver Surfer.

Swimming with the Fish (15) - Defeat Kraken

Teamwork (5) - Completed 1 level with 3 other players.

Teh Mast3r (25) - Won 15 Arcade Mode levels consecutively.

The Destroyer (25) - Win 100 Arcade Mode Levels

The Executioner's Blade (15) - Defeat Executioner and Enchantress.

The Power Cosmic (45) - Defeat Galactus.

The Trickster (45) - Defeat Loki.

The Ultimate Superhero (50) - Defeat 4000 enemies

Titanic Victory (15) - Defeat Titannus.

Touch of Death (30) - Perform 200 finishing moves.

Ultimate Team Alliance (15) - Completed 25 levels with 3 other players.

Underwater Battle (15) - Defeat Tigershark and Attuma.

Wakandan Royalty (30) - Unlock Black Panther.

Warrior's Path (15) - Defeat Gladiator.

Widowmaker Achievement (30) - Throw 500 enemies off a ledge
Easy Way to Beat Fin Fang Foom
This can be especially useful on Hard difficulty. Use Deadpool for this. When Fin Fang Foom finishes his two main attacks. Pree Y twice to teleport towards him. Get close enough when you start the teleport so you land behind im. From here, his attacks can't hit you. You can keep attack him from this position until he flies off and you need to hit him with the AA gun.
Hard mode
To unlock Hard mode simply complete the game on normal mode.
Team Bonuses
Using certain characters will unlock bonuses

Agents of SHIELD Captain America, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Wolverine

Agile Warriors : 10% Reduced Energy Cost Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Elektra, Deadpool

Air Force Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Storm, Thor

Alternate Identities Ironman - War Machine, Ghost Rider – Western, Spider-Woman - Secret Wars, Ms. Marvel – Ventura, Thor - Beta Ray Bill

Assassins Blade, Deadpool, Elektra, Wolverine

Avengers : +5% damage Captain America, Thor,
Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel

Bad to the Bone Blade, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Wolverine

Bruisers : +15 Striking Thing, Captain America, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel

Classic Avengers Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor

Dark Past Blade, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman

Defenders Dr. Strange, Iceman, Luke Cage, Silver Surfer

Double Date Black Panther, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Storm

Fantastic Four : 20 Health per KO Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Women, Human Torch, Thing

Femme Fatale : +5% Damage Ms. Marvel, Storm, Invisible Woman, Elektra, Spider-Woman

Flashback Iceman in Snowy Form, Captain America in WW2, Daredevil in Original, Ghost Rider in Original, Iron Man in Classic, Orig. Ms. Marvel, Classic Wolverine

Martial Artists Black Panther, Captain America, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Nick Fury

Marvel Knights Black Panther, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Moon Knight

Marvel Royalty Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Thor, Storm

Natural Forces : 5% Dmg inflicted as Health Gain Thor, Strom, Human Torch, Ice Man

Natural Leaders Captain America, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Storm

New Avengers : +5% All Resistances Captain America, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman

New Fantastic Four Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine

Power Platoon : 20 Energy per KO Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Thor

Raven Ultimates: +6 body,strike, and focus
Deadpool, Colossus, Moon Knight, Thing
Scorchers Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Thor

Supernaturals Blade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Thor

Think Tanks: +15% Max Health Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, Iron Man

Weapons Specialists Blade, Captain America, Deadpool, Elektra, Nick Fury

X-Men Colossus, Iceman, Storm, Wolverine
Unlockable characters
Black Panther Collect Black Panther Action Figures throughout various acts

Blade Play Crane Game in Murder World

Daredevil Collect Daredevil Action Figures throughout various acts

Dr. Strange Rescue him from Mandrin in Act 1

Ghostrider Rescue him from Mephisto in Act 2

Nick Fury Complete the game on easy or normal mode

Silver Surfer Complete all Comic Book Missions
Updated Achievements
Here is a list of the new achievements released that increase the achievement count to 1,250:

Gamma Garb - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for the Hulk.

Archer Apparel - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye.

Optic Outfits - 20 -Unlocked all the outfits for Cyclops.

Teleport Threads - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler

Doom's Duds - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Doom.

Magnetic Regalia - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Magneto.

Symbiote Skins - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Venom.

Creed's Cloth - 20 - Unlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth.

Mutant Love - 20 - Cyclops has spoken with Jean.

Doppelgänger - 25 - Doom has spoken with himself.

Wrong Claws - 25 - Sabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine.

Fleeting Allies - 20 - Magneto has spoken to Xavier.
Vision's Trivia Answers
In Stark Tower, Vision has a trivia game that will reward you with XP for each correct answer and leads to unlocking two seperate (secret) achievements.

Here are the answers:

Headquarters for Fantastic Four - Baxter Building

Peter Parker works as a photographer for - Daily Bugle

Thor has 2 war goats to pull his chariot - Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher

Before becoming Radioactive Man, Chen Lu was - A nuclear physicist

SHIELD's highest ranking agent is - Nick Fury

Captain America was frozen in which war - World War 2

The Vampire Hunter Blade is - Half Vampire

Before turning to a life of crime, Mysterio was - Special Effects Artist

Dr Doom went to the same college as - Reed Richards

The Black Widow's previous occupation before becoming a Russian spy - Ballerina

Ghost Rider is known as - The Spirit of Vengeance

Deadpool joined the Weapon X program because - he had incurable cancer

Who paid Mac Gargan to become the Scorpion - J. Jonah Jameson

What did Dr. Pym discover that allowed him to change size - Pym Particles

Who here was not a member of the Howling Commandos - Jasper Sitwell

What vehicle is the Avengers primary mode of transport - The Quinjet

Which inhumnan did Johnny Storm date - Crystal

Iceman is a member of which team - The X-Men

Which Super Hero is romatically interested in Sue Storm - Namor

What was Dum Dum Dugan before he joined the military - a circus strongman

What is the name of Tony Stark's building that the team uses as a headquarters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Stark Tower

Wyatt Wingfoot is a member of what tribe of Native Americans - Keewazi

What was Wolverine's name when he was a Horseman of Apocalypse - Death

Daredevil and Elektra first met at which school - Columbia University

Weasel's real name is - Jack Hammer

Edwin Jarvis is the butler to - Tony Stark

Captain Leonard McKenzie was the father of - Namor

The Vision is an android created by - Ultron

Fin Fang Foom is an alien from - Maklu IV

How many rings of power does Mandarin possess - 10

Spider-Man was talked into creating the Spider-Mobile by the advertising firm of - Carter Lombardo

When just a child living on the street, Storm attempted to - pick the pocket of Prof X

The Thing has how many fingers on both hands, including his thumbs - 8

Silver Surfer's surfboard is composed of - the same material as his body

Nick Fury has a brother who became the villain - Scorpio

Ms. Marvel has never been known as - Rogue

In college, Mr. Fantastic roomed with - Ben Grimm

Bullseye killed Elektra with - her own sai

Bucky was - Captain America's sidekick

What does the K in MODOK stand for - killing

Jarvis was at one time a member of - The Royal Air Force

When she worked for Hydra, Spider-Woman's first mission was - Kill Nick Fury

Wyatt Wingfoot was a college roommate of - Johnny Storm

Weasel worked closely with - Deadpool

Namor's cousin Namorita is - a clone

Namor is half Atlantean and half - human

Dr. Doom was expelled from college because - he caused an explosion with an experiment

The Grey Gargoyle is able to - turn his victims to stone with a touch

Attuma believes he is destined to rule Atlantis because - it was written in the Atlantean Chronicles

Mandarin lives in - The Valley of Spirits


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Every Cheat Code
These are straight from the strategy guide. Enjoy!


(Enter in Start Menu OR Hero Management Menu)

Silver Surfer: Down, Left, Left, Up, right, Up, Down, Left, Start

Daredevil: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Start

Unlock All Powers: Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start

Unlock All Costumes: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Start

All Character Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Start


(Enter in Comic Book Mission)

The Courses: Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down


(Enter in Review Menu)

All Comics: Left, Right, Right, Left, Up Up, Right

All Concept Art: Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, Down

All Cinematics: Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up

All Wallpapers: Up Down, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down


(Enter In-game)

Filler: Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down, Down, Up

God Mode: Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right

Touch of Death: Left, Right, Down, Down, Right, Left

Super Speed: Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right


(Enter at Team Menu)

100k Credits: Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left

Level 99: Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right
Unlock Daredevil
Go to the hero selection screen (via a SHIELD Access point) and enter the following with the D-Pad:

left left right right up down up down

This will unlock the Man Without Fear for team usage.

It will also unlock his comic training level (accessed via the training console in Stark Tower) where you must defend Elektra against Bullseye... after fighting in the dark through a horde of Doombots.

In this comic level, I was able to unlock both the Marvel Knights and original Yellow uniforms.