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Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Cheats

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth cheats, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Avengers(5)You won a battle with Captain America and Iron Man.
Bad Intentions(5)You won a battle with Super Skrull & Doctor Doom.
Breaker(5)You used your Breaker to break a Combo.
Brothers(5)You won a battle with Thor and Loki.
Combo(5)You chained two Super Attacks.
Dodge this(5)You dodged a Super Attack.
Escapist(5)You performed a Counter Kick.
Fashion(5)You changed the costume of one of your character.
Fire & Ice(5)You won a battle with Human Torch & Iceman.
Heatwave(5)You won a battle with Phoenix & Human Torch.
Here I am!(5)You won your first battle in Campaign.
Impressive feet(5)You performed a Close-Combat.
Leading Ladies(5)You won a battle with Scarlet Witch & Storm.
Need a Doctor?(5)You won a battle with Doctor Doom & Doctor Strange.
Part of me(5)You won a battle with Spider-Man & Venom.
Pioneers(5)You won a battle with Hulk & Iron Man.
Power duo(5)You won a battle in CO-OP.
Ride the lightning(5)You won a battle with Thor & Storm.
S.H.I.E.L.D(5)You won a battle with Hawkeye & Black Widow.
Skrulls(5)You won a battle with Super-Skrull and Veranke.
Super charged(5)You used your ULTRA Attack.
Symbiosis(5)You performed a 4x Combo in CO-OP.
The X-Men(5)You won a battle with Wolverine and Phoenix.
Uneasy Alliance(5)You won a battle with Wolverine & Magneto.
Counter(10)You countered a Super Attack with another Super Attack.
Tag Combo(10)You chained two Super Attacks by switching characters.
Team power(10)You fired projectiles during the ULTRA attack in CO-OP.
Speed and Power(15)You reached the FAST velocity when doing a Super Attack 5 times in a row.
Super Tag Combo(15)You chained 3 Super Attacks by switching characters twice.
Champion(20)You won a Tournament.
Experienced(20)You got 100 000 Experience points.
King of the Hill(20)You won the arcade mode once.
Maximum Combo(20)You chained 4 Super Attacks by switching characters twice.
Adamantium(30)You obtained an adamantium grade.
Earth United(30)You finished the first part of the Campaign.
Student(30)You finished the Tutorial challenges.
Army of One(50)You won a fight without changing characters in Campaign.
Fearless(50)You won a match without dodging in Campaign.
Trialist(50)You finished every Trial.
Untouchable(50)You won a fight without being hit in Campaign.
Closure(100)You finished the Campaign mode.
Completist(150)You finished all character's challenge.
Legend(200)You unlocked the highest Rank.
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