Madden NFL 06 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Madden NFL 06 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Achievements for Gamerscore
Enter History Book - 10 pts
Activate RS Card - 10 pts
Win a Franchise Game - 100 pts
Four Sacks in One Game - 100 pts
Win the Super Bowl - 100 pts
Pass for 350 Yards - 100 pts
Rush for 200 Yards - 100 pts
Get a First Down - 20 pts
Score a Touchdown - 30 pts
Complete an Offline Game - 30 pts
Complete 30 Years of Franchise - 400 pts
Easier Mini Camp
If you are having trouble with some of the mini camps then you just have to edit the players stats. Look at the guy you are doing the drill with and the guys you are doing it against. Then write down there stats. Now make the guy you use really good and the guys your against really bad. You may have to take the stats for the backups down too because i think they will use them if they end up better then the guys you just edited. After you are done just replace the players stats back to normal.
Easy Sacks
This way is very easy and it will never really backfire on you. You have your defensive line. Take a guy from one side. I usually take the Right End and move him over outside of the Left End. It works either way if you wanna move the Left End. Anyway now if there is no Tight End you can just get right in there and disrupt or sack the QB. Even if there is a Tight End on that side he is way easier to plow over than the lineman that you line up against at the start. The only way this will backfire is if they run the ball to the side that you just left open. Then there is one less guy to make a tackle and the CPU can get more yards or even a touchdown but if you have good DB's and LB's you should be fine.
More TD's
This is quite rare and difficult but it works.

If you throw a touchdown pass and your reciever catches it right on the goal line and it is ruled a touchdown it will put a touchdown in your stats. If the other coach challenges the touchdown and it is called back and put on the inches line to the goal you will still have thrown and caught a touchdown. It also works for a run that is called back. So you can get 2 TD's for your stats but only 1 TD on the scoreboard.


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Movie Answers: NFL Superstar Mode
The answers for the scenes are:

Scene 1: Answer 3
Scene 2: Answer 2
Scene 3: Answer 2
Scene 4: Answer 1