Madden NFL 08 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Madden NFL 08 cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
1 Catch by Seven Players (20)Catch one pass with seven players.
10 Catches in a Row (15)Catch ten passes in a row with one player. Max 5min Qtr.
10 Catches with One Player (15)Get 10 receptions with One Player.
100 Percent Pass Completion. (25)100 Percent Pass Completion.
100 Rec Yards with 2 Players (15)Get 100 reception yards by two players.
100 Rush Yards with One Player (15)Get 100 rush yards with One Player.
100 Rush Yards with Two Players (30)Get 100 rushing yards with two players.
150 Receiving Yards (15)Achieve 150 receiving yards with one player.
150 Rush Yards in One Qtr (25)Get 150 yards or more rushing in one quarter with one player.
2 TD Catches with One Player (10)Get 2 touchdown catches with one player.
20 Completions in a Row (25)Get 20 completions in a row with one player.
200 Kick Return Yards (20)Achieve 200 Kick Return Yards with One Player. Max 5min Qtr.
200 Pass Yards (10)Get 200 passing yards in a game.
200 Punt Return Yards (20)Get 200 punt return yards in one game with one player.
200 Receiving Yards (25)Get 200 receiving yards with one player.
200 Rush Yards (15)Rush for 200 yards or more with one player in one game.
250 Rush Yards (25)Rush for 250 yards with one player in one game.
3 2pt Conversions Passing (35)Pass for three 2 point conversions in one game.
3 2pt Conversions Rushing (35)Rush for three 2 point conversions in one game.
3 Rushing TDs (15)Get 3 rushing touchdowns with one player.
300 Pass Yards (10)Achieve 300 passing yards in one game.
4 Sacks (10)Get 4 sacks with one player in one game. Max 5min Qtr.
4 TD Passes 10)Throw 4 touchdown passes in one game.
40 Rush Attempts with One Player (15)Attempt 40 rushes with one player in one game. Max 5min Qtr.
40 Yard Field Goal (15)Kick a 40 or more yard field goal.
400 Yards on Offense (10)Achieve 400 yards of offense in one game. Max 5min Qtr.
50 Yard Field Goal (20)Kick a 50 yard or more field goal.
500 Pass Yards (30)Pass for 500 yards in one game.
60 Yard Pass (15)Complete a 60 yard pass.
60 Yard Run (15)Complete a 60 yard run.
650 Yards on Offense (30)Get 650 yards on offense. Max 5min Qtr.
7 Sacks with One Player (35)Sack the Quarterback 7 times with one player in one game.
8 Tackles with One Player (10)Get 8 tackles with one player in one game.
80 Percent Pass Completion( 15)Complete 80 percent of the attempted passes in one game.
80 Yard Run (35)Complete an 80 yard run.
90 Yard Pass (30)Complete a 90 yard pass.
Average 20 Yards Receiving (25)Average 20 yards receiving with one player in one game.
Average 20 Yards Rushing (25)Average 20 yards rushing per attempt with one player in one game.
Complete 25 Passes (30)Complete 25 passes in one game.
Deflect 4 Passes (20)Deflect 4 or more passes with one player.
Force 3 Fumbles (10)Force 3 fumbles with one player.
Intercept 2 Passes (20)Get 2 interceptions with one player.
Intercept 3 Passes (20)Get 3 interceptions in one game.
Intercept 5 Passes (35)Intercept 5 total passes in one game.
No Dropped Passes 20)Don't drop a pass for an entire game. Min 5min Qtr.
No Sacks Allowed (20)Don't allow a sack for an entire game. Min 5min Qtr.
Recover 2 Fumbles (25)Recover 2 fumbles in one game with one player.
Score 84 Points (35)Score 84 or more points in one game. Max 5min Qtr.


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Always have first pick in draft
Start a franchise with the trade deadline off. Sim or play the season to Week 17. Find out which team has the worst record. Trade your first draft pick for their first pick, and they will always accept. Note: You can also do this with second through seventh draft picks.
Easy achievements and Ring Builder points
Create a team using the Create-A-Team Builder. Use the "Fantasy Team" selection under the "Team Info" option to create your team. Select all Hall of Fame players for your team's positions. This will give your team a 99 overall rating. Save your created team, then start a new franchise. At the team selection screen, press Y to load your created team. Select your created team, then begin your franchise with them. Sim the games until it is time to play your first pre-season game. At the selection screen, choose the "Supersim" option. After the coin toss, press B to play the game. Play the opening kickoff or kickoff return, then pause the game. Select the "Supersim" option. Then, press Y and choose the option to sim the entire game. After the game is over, depending on how well your Hall of Fame created team played, you will be awarded with Ring Builder points and Gamerscore points for completed achievements during the simulated game. Repeat this process as much as desired. Note: You must participate in at least one play in the game or you will not be given credit for actually playing the game
Easy TD's
Off the line, without speed burst, instantly juke right then left. The CB will be fooled. Speed burst, run a 45 degree angle to the center of the field, and call for the ball. The CB should either be far away or behind you, and you will usually catch it for an easy touchdown. The following also works for large gains. Instead of right then left, do left then right, and catch the ball running up the line.

eazy way to get achevments
First u have to get a profile on frangize mode then super sim the first game u have and that would be ur preseason game then push the Y button then go to end game then wait until the game is over then u should have 24 achevments on ur gamer profile or even more.oh and make sure ur quarter time is 15 mins.=]


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Three Players On One Team
In order to get three controllers aligned to the same team, do the following. Keep in mind that the 2nd player has to be using a wireless controller.

With all three controllers on, choose the same side with controllers one and two. During gameplay, press start on controller one and enter the menu. Turn the second controller off. Then, with the first controller, head to settings and controller setup. Slide the third controller to the same side. Go back to the start menu, and just before resuming gameplay, turn controller two back on (there should be a rumble on the second controller). Changes will come into effect after the first play.