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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) Cheats

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Miracle of Light(10)Proof of one who has used 50 EP.
Novice Artist(10)Proof of customizing the color of one of your garb. Let your true colors shine through.
Novice Craftsman(10)Proof of upgrading your first accessory. Did you find the experience thrilling?
Novice Shieldsmith(10)Proof of improving your first shield. Use it wisely to guard yourself.
Novice Stylist(10)Proof of customizing your first schema. Continue on this path to find your own style.
Novice Swordsmith(10)Proof of improving your first weapon. Did you make something worthy?
Novice Synthesist(10)Proof of synthesizing your first ability. Did it prove useful?
A Helping Hand(15)Proof of clearing 25 quests that have appeared writ on the Canvas of Prayers.
Deliverer of Salvation(15)Proof of clearing 5 side quests. It is a fine beginning, but the journey is still long.
Expert Craftsman(15)Proof of upgrading accessories 30 times.
Expert Shieldsmith(15)Proof of modifying shields 30 times.
Expert Stylist(15)Proof of obtaining 30 different garb.
Expert Swordsmith(15)Proof of modifying weapons 30 times.
Expert Synthesist(15)Proof of synthesizing abilities 30 times.
Globetrotter(15)Proof of building strong bridges to span the depths between continents, making all the world one.
Hero of Glory(15)Proof of victory over 300 foes in battle.
Hero of Might(15)Proof of victory over 100 foes in battle.
Perfect Passenger(15)Proof of riding upon all of the great monorail lines that cross this shrinking world.
Perfect Timing(15)Proof of successfully guarding against an enemy's attack with perfect timing.
Seeing Stars(15)Proof of staggering enemies 50 times with fearsome attacks. Do not ever let them rest!
Angel of Salvation(30)Proof of clearing 25 side quests. It is a great feat to lead so many souls to salvation.
Fatal Impact(30)Proof of dealing damage so great that it goes beyond all reason or expectation.
Hero of Legend(30)Proof of victory over 500 foes in battle.
Seed Collector(30)Proof of a brave warrior who has managed to claim 50 soul seeds from the Chaos.
Secret Achievements-


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Unlocking Ultimate Lair
To unlock this hidden dungeon, you must complete all main story quests and acquire 100 side quest points from missions throughout the game. The Ultimate Lair should unlock on Day 13. This 33-level dungeon is filled with Last Ones which drop great equipment, as well as the hidden boss Ereshkigal.
Zomos Farming
After unlocking the Forsaken Graveyard at the beginning of Main Quest 1-4, try to get into battles with a dragon-type enemy called Zomos. Guard against their attacks while trying to stagger them with Thunder magic. Once they are staggered, unleash your Overclock and physical attacks to beat them. Chaos Zomos can be defeated using the same strategies.

The Zomos drop 4 EP on Easy difficulty (less on higher difficulty levels) and a good deal of gil, and they can be defeated easily enough that you don't need to worry about using Overclock and/or refilling your HP if you get too badly damaged. Note that you'll eventually be left with a pink "Last One" Zomos, which if defeated will prevent any Zomos from showing up for the duration of the game.