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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Xbox 360) Cheats

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () are the amount of points your recieve for each achievement.

Bespin - undefeated. (20) - Complete Bespin without dying.

Bounty Hunter missions complete. (40) - Complete all of the Bounty Hunter Missions.

Carkoon - undefeated. (20) - Complete Carkoon without dying.

Cloud City Trap - undefeated. (20) - Complete Cloud City Trap without dying.

Dagobah - undefeated. (20) - Complete Dagobah without dying.

Death Star Escape - undefeated. (20) - Complete Death Star Escape without dying.

Death Star II - undefeated. (20) - Complete Death Star II without dying.

Echo Base - undefeated. (20) - Complete Echo Base without dying.

Endor - undefeated. (20) - Complete Endor without dying.

Episode IV complete. (50) - Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode V complete. (50) - Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode VI complete. (50) - Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Facon Flight - undefeated. (20) - Complete Facon Flight without dying.

Game 100% complete. (180) - Complete everything in the game.

Game 20% complete. (20) - Complete 20% of the game.

Game 40% complete. (40) - Complete 40% of the game.

Game 60% complete. (60) - Complete 60% of the game.

Game 80% complete. (80) - Complete 80% of the game.

Hoth Battle - undefeated. (20) - Complete Hoth Battle without dying.

Jabba's Palace - undefeated. (20) - Complete Jabba's Palace without dying.

Jedi Destiny - undefeated. (20) - Complete Jedi Destiny without dying.

Jundland Wastes - undefeated. (20) - Complete Jundland Wastes without dying.

LEGO City complete. (50) - Complete the LEGO City level.

Mos Eisley - undefeated. (20) - Complete Mos Eisley without dying.

Rebel Attack - undefeated. (20) - Complete Rebel Attack without dying.

Rescue the Princess - undefeated. (20) - Complete Rescue the Princess without dying.

Secret Plans - undefeated. (20) - Complete Secret Plans without dying.

Secret Plans level complete. (20) - Complete the first level of the game.

Speeder Showdown - undefeated. (20) - Complete Speeder Showdown without dying.
Droids can drive Landspeeders
First go to Episode IV.Then go to chapter 2.Go near the end.Next build the back of the Landspeeder.Drive it.Then jump off and turn into a droid.It will sink in the mud.And when it comes back to life.It will drive the Landspeeder!
Have you grown?
In level one of chapter 4 (IV) if you go there in free play, there's a room that looks huge but when you enter it it shrinks!!!

P.S.-Legos Rool
How to get IG-88 and the three ghosts
You have to beat all of the levels.(True jedis and minikits do not count)
Level with lots of studs
If your looking to get lots and lots of studs for extras,characters, and things like that, then you would probably want to play the very first level : Secret Plans.

If you want to make the maximum amount of studs here, then you'll need to be in free play, with someone who knows dark force and light force moves (such as the emperor and darth vader{if you don't want to waste time since you unlock them near the end of the game, just look up the code for the emperor and buy him for 275 000 studs} And with them, you don't need stormtroopers to get through stormtrooper doors) If you can't get them, then you'll need someone who knows the force (such as ben kenobi) and a bounty hunter (such as greedo or boba fett). If you have them, then just go through the whole level blowing up anything you can and using the force everywhere to get studs.

At the end of the level (in free play), if you go through the whole level, you should end up with 200 000-250 000 studs.

Hope this helps.
Santa Claus Clothes
When at the menu where you can enter codes:



This will enable the hat and beard for use in Free Play customized characters.


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play as spider
first go to Jabba's palace in episode VI,(this only works in free play) then ride a spider, and where the big hole you drop down to fall to your death is, keep falling off the edge untill the spider falls off when you're dead and when you come back alive, your a spider! press y to get out


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A lot of money
Go to episode IV: a new hope.Got to the level mos eisely spaceport.Then go to the double score zone with the huge gate guarding it.This score has a landspeeder car wash.Anyways,go to the parking lot with the silver sign.There should be a jawa in the lot.Drive th landspeeder to the end of the lot.DO NOT KILL THE JAWA!When you drive the landspeeder to the end of the lot,the jawa should walk over to the landspeeder,look at it and then they leave ALOT of studs behind.
character unlockables (passwords)
JAW499 Unlock Jawa
NAH118 Unlock Greedo
YDV451 Unlock Sandtrooper
PEJ821 Unlock Tusken Raider
UCK868 Beach Trooper
BEN917 Ben Kenobi's ghost
VHY832 Bespin Guard
WTY721 Bib Fortuna
HLP221 Boba Fett
BNC332 Death Star Trooper
TTT289 Ewok
YZF999 Gamorean Guard
NFX582 Gonk Droid
SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
YWM840 Han Solo with hood
NXL973 IG-88
MMM111 Imperial Guard
BBV889 Imperial Officer
VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
CVT125 Imperial Spy
UUB319 Lobot
SGE549 Palace Guard
CYG336 Rebel Pilot
EKU849 Rebel Trooper from Hoth
GBU888 Skiff Guard
NYU989 Snowtrooper
PTR345 Stormtrooper
HHY382 The Emperor
HDY739 TIE Fighter
NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828 TIE Interceptor
UGN694 Ugnaught