Kung Fu Panda 2 Cheats

Kung Fu Panda 2 cheats, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Destined for Awesomeness (10)Find 100 Iron
Pretty Awesome (20)Find 300 Iron
Demolished the Dragon (90)Defeat Xiao Dan in Combat
Vanquished in the Village (30)Defeat the Gorilla Leader 2 Times
Escaped the Enemy (10)Escape your first encounter with Xiao Dan
Getting Awesomer (30)Find 600 Iron
Yeeeeeah! (10)Find 100 Gold
Ska-doosh! (20)Find 300 Gold
Ridiculously Awesome (30)Find 600 Steel
Awesome! (10)Find 100 Steel
Amazingly Awesome (20)Find 300 Steel
Tumbled from the Tower (10)Defeat the Gorilla Leader Once
Gorilla Grinder (10)Defeat 3 Gorillas
Kung Fu Power (15)Defeat 12 Gorillas
Strike with Style (25)Defeat 80 Wolves
Boundless Fists (10)Defeat 10 Wolves
Panda Pow (15)Defeat 40 Wolves
How Zen-like (25)Defeat 24 Gorillas
Helped into the Harbor (10)Defeat the Wolf Leader Once
Crushed by Master Croc (30)Defeat the Wolf Leader 3 Times
You Just Got Panda'd (25)Defeat 64 Komodos
Komodo Clobber (10)Defeat 8 Komodos
Tao of Pow (15)Defeat 32 Komodos
Shakabooie! (30)Find 600 Gold
Winning Streak (20)Win 8 Rickshaw challenges
Victory Lap (30)Max out two Rickshaw challenges
Fear the Fur (10)Win your first Rickshaw gold medal
Skadoosh! (20)Win 4 Target challenges
Paws of Power (30)Max out two Target challenges
Golden Chopsticks (10)Win your first Noodle gold medal
Happy Villagers (10)Earn 1/4 of the medals at Shantou Palace
Spirited Villagers (30)Earn 2/3 of the medals at Shantou Palace
Be the Master (10)Complete all Practice Sessions
Feedin' the Masses (20)Win 8 Noodle challenges
Truth, Justice, and Tofu (30)Max out two Noodle challenges
Throwing Gold (10)Win your first Target gold medal
Spirited at the Temple (30)Earn 2/3 of the medals in the Bamboo Forest
Happy in the Desert (10)Earn 1/4 of the medals in the Guji Desert
Happy at the Temple (10)Earn 1/4 of the medals in the Bamboo Forest
Happy Citizens (10)Earn 1/4 of the medals in Gongmen City
Spirited Citizens (30)Earn 2/3 of the medals in Gongmen City
Spirited in the Desert (30)Earn 2/3 of the medals in the Guji Desert
Bodacious Battler (20)Win 8 Combat challenges
Arena Master (30)Max out two Arenas
Fists of Gold (10)Win your first Arena gold medal
Everybody's happy! (20)Earn 2/5 of the medals overall
Everybody's totally happy! (60)Earn ALL of the medals. ALL of them.
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