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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Confringo! (10)Defeated 100 enemy wizards with Confringo
Protego! (20)Used Protego against 100 spells
Expelliarmus! (20)Successfully dispelled 100 Protego shields with Expelliarmus
Petrificus Totalus! (15)Successfully paralysed 100 enemy wizards using Petrificus Totalus
Full of Character (40)Found all characters
Listen Up (40)Found all Music Tracks
Complete Collection (50)Collected 100% of all items
A Good Start (10)Defeated 100 enemy wizards, in the Main Story OR Challenges
Getting There ... (20)Defeated 500 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges
Hogwarts Defender (20)Defeated 1000 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges
Having a Blast (5)Triggered 5 explosive reactions
Care of the Castle (20)Escaped Voldemort with minimal damage to Hogwarts
First Rung (10)Completed your first challenge
Not a Scratch (5)Completed a level without being defeated
Up to the Challenge (30)Completed all challenges
Shining Example (50)Completed all challenges at Gold standard
A Good Offence (10)Defeated 10 enemy wizards before they cast a spell
Back to You ... (10)Defeated 10 enemy wizards with Protego deflections
That Showed Them ... (10)Defeated 4 enemy wizards with a Confringo cast
Stopped in Their Tracks (10)Defeated 5 enemy wizards with one Impedimenta cast
Now You See Me (10)Apparated over 100 metres
Strategic Spell-casting (10)Defeated 50 enemy wizards using more than one spell
The Best Defence ... (10)Used Protego to defeat 20 enemy wizards at close range
Secret Achievements-
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