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Halo Wars cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Adjudicate the Arbiter (30)Complete the Campaign on Heroic Difficulty
Detour the Great Journey (50)Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty
Momma's Boy (5)Get a Gold Medal on any mission
Crushed Colors (10)Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission
Mr. Punctual (15)Finish all missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty
Own Worst Enemy (20)Get a Gold Medal with all Debuff Skulls Active
Wall of Recognition (30)Get a Gold Medal on every Campaign Mission
Epic Grinder (40)Obtain a Lifetime Campaign Score over 1,000,000
Everything's Better with Bacon (5)Mission 1: Ram 50 Grunts with Warthogs
Endless Fun (5)Mission 2: Destroy every Methane Tank
Covenant "Hot Drop" (5)Mission 3: Kill at least 5 Covenant Units with the Bridge
The Real Winner (5)Mission 4: Save Adam
He's Got The Jack (5)Mission 5: Jack 6 Covenant Vehicles
Rhino Hugger (5)Mission 6: Successfully protect every Rhino
Micro Manager (5)Mission 7: Do not destroy any Power Node
Ramblin' Man (5)Mission 8: Use Elephants to train 100 Infantry
Sweet Naptime (5)Mission 9: Put every Colony in Hibernation Mode at the same time
The Procrastinator (5)Mission 10: Disrupt all Tractor Beams
Battened Down the Hatches (5)Mission 11: Save all the Airlocks
Handy with Tools (5)Mission 12: Repair the Power Core in less than 4 minutes
Beaming with Pride (5)Mission 13: Destroy 25 units with the Scarab
Didn't Get To Second Base (5)Mission 14: Don't claim an extra base
Thinkin' about My Doorbell (5)Mission 15: Open the Doors in order
Backscratcher (10)Complete any Campaign Mission in Co-op Mode
OMG BFF FTW (40)Complete entire Campaign in Co-op Mode
Playin' the Field (15)Win a Skirmish Game with every Leader
Gallivant around the Galaxy (25)Win a game on every Skirmish Map
Empire Builder (5)Win a game in every Skirmish Game Mode
Titan (15)Get 20,000 points in any Skirmish Game
Big Al's Scooter (10)Win a Heroic Skirmish Game against the AI in under 10 minutes
My Virtual Friends Love Me (10)Win a 3v3 Skirmish game with 2 AI Allies
Walk-Off Winner (30)Use one of the 6 Major Leader Powers to destroy an enemy's last unit
2 Bugs are Better Than 1 (10)Win a Skirmish Game with Dual Scarabs
Penny Pincher (10)Get a winning High Score with 10 or less Squads against the Heroic AI
N00b n0 M0r3 (10)Win a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE
So Lonely at the Top (20)Win and have the Highest Score in a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE
Basically Naive (10)Obtain the Recruit Rank on Xbox LIVE
Officer on Deck (30)Obtain the Lieutenant Rank on Xbox LIVE
Running the Show (50)Obtain the General Rank on Xbox LIVE
Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas (5)Collect your first Skull
Graverobber (30)Collect all Skulls
Halo Academic (15)Unlock 20 Timeline Events
Halo Historian (40)Unlock All Timeline Events
Ready for the Sequel (75)100% Completion
24 Hours of Quality (20)Play Halo Wars for at least 24 Total Hours
Secret Achievements-
Meet Sergeant Forge (10)Completed Mission 1 on any difficulty
Ice Warriors (40)Completed Act I on any difficulty
Key to Pirth (50)Completed Act II on any difficulty
Ugly is only Skin Deep (70)Completed Act III on any difficulty
No Way Home? (70)Completed Act IV on any difficulty
DLCStrategic Options
One and Done (30)Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary AIs.
Pull Hard, Pull Deep (20)Win and never trail in a Tug of War game.
Freak on a Streak (20)Gain at least 15 population from a single wave in a Reinforcement game.
Living Loving Bug (30)Get a Scarab during a Reinforcement game.


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'Gold' Rank
Get these requirements to earn gold rank in the mission.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mission 1 (Alpha Base): Over 27,000 points within 5 to 12 minutes.
Mission 2 (Relic Approach): Over 70,000 points within 15 to 30 minutes.
Mission 3 (Relic Interior): Over 45,000 points within 8 to 18 minutes.
Mission 4 (Arcadia City): Over 50,000 points within 21 to 23 minutes.
Mission 5 (Arcadia Outskirts): Over 40,000 points within 21 to 23 minutes.
Mission 6 (Dome of Light): Over 45,000 points within 15 to 30 minutes.
Mission 7 (Scarab): Over 32,000 points within 12 to 24 minutes.
Mission 8 (Anders' Signal): Over 30,000 points within 18 to 30 minutes.
Mission 9 (The Flood): Over 35,000 points within 18 to 30 minutes.
Mission 10 (Shield World): Over 55,000 points within 23 to 32 minutes.
Mission 11 (Cleansing): Over 30,000 points within 23 to 30minutes.
Mission 12 (Repairs): Over 32,000 points within 10 to 20 minutes.
Mission 13 (Beachhead): Over 40,000 points within 20 to 60 minutes.
Mission 14 (Reactor): Over 30,000 points within 15 to 30 minutes.
Mission 15 (Escape): Over 30,000 points within 20 to 33 minutes.
Black Boxes
The black boxes that can be found in each level unlock new Halo History entries, which goes toward getting the 100% achievement. There are also some unlocked by playing in different Skirmish matches.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black Box 01 - Alpha Base Under the last bridge before entering Alpha Base
Black Box 02 - Relic Approach Top left of the map, behind a Covenant shield
Black Box 03 -Relic Interior On the small ramp on the left side right at the start, before going inside the Relic
Black Box 04 - Arcadia City Just north of the starting point, right next to the skyscraper where you can save Adam
Black Box 05 - Arcadia Outskirts Go down the first ramp as you are fleeing from the Covenant, it's behind a downed Pelican
Black Box 06 - Dome of Light Far left of the map, to the left of where you transport the third Rhino tank
Black Box 07 - Scarab Far right side of the map, in a small alcove with supply crates
Black Box 08 - Ander' Signal Near the big brute fire line at the start, on a ridge to the right
Black Box 09 - The Flood Straight out from the base ramp on the other side of the map
Black Box 10 - Shield World Alongside Bravo platoon, which is the middle platoon you pick up
Black Box 11 - Cleansing Left rear of the ship, on wings that slant down...you'll need a flying unit
Black Box 12 - Repairs Left edge of Spirit of Fire, not far from the Power Core building, on the left side
Black Box 13 - Beachhead On a ledge near the second set of teleporters, near the Covenant base
Black Box 14 - Reactor Up and left at the top of the first ramp, on the edge of the ramp
Black Box 15 - Escape Directly opposite the starting point on the north edge of the map, between the Flood and the Covenant base
All Others Win on each Skirmish map and win Skirmish with each leader
Gamer Pictures
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sergeant Forge Load up HALO Wars on your profile
Professor Anders Complete the Campaign on any difficulty


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3 diferent types of playing styles
RUSHING: Building up a army andattacking immediatly as you can
BOOMING: Epanding your economy/supplies and collecting crates
TECHING: Attempting to reach a higher tech level ASAP
TURTLING:Creating a quick strong defensive position to fend of enimies

Cutter: i best at rushing because of his elephant
Forge: Economy building because of his heavy supply pads
Anders: Turtling or upgrading because her upgrade are half price
Captain Cutter
Here Is a great way to use captain Cutter:

At the start build a field armory, a barracks, a reactor, and then fill the rest of the slots with supply pads. After you get 1200 supplies, upgrade your reactor, then buy and upgrade a lot of marines and go attack the nearest rebel base. Once you destroyed the rebel base build a base and get a reactor and upgrade it. Now build 4 supply pads and finish upgrading the marines with the medic ability, ODST, reserves (in the field armory - this one is optional) and adrenaline (also in the field armory). Wait and upgrade the mac blast ability at least twice, then train as many ODSTs as you like. Now you are ready to go battle the enemy, while you are fighting remember to drop ODSTs (to do this go to the spirit of fire menu and go to drop ODSTs the fire away), use the mac blast to destroy buildings and other powerful enemies, and finish upgrading the mac blast.

Note that I'm pretty sure that if you don't use the entire mac blast shots the mac blast will reload faster.

Hope This Will Help.
Covernant base , progression
Upgrade Base
WarehouseShield generator
Cutters Typical base progression
Supply Pad
Supply pad
supply Pad
supply Pad
Vehice Depot / Air
Different Difficultys
Easy 0
Normal 33
Heroic 67
legendary 100
Experince !!
Unit / veterancy Level / XP Needed
scorpian --- 1 --- 40
scorpian --- 2 --- 100
scorpian --- 3+ --- 180

marines --- 1 --- 4
marines --- 2 --- 12
marines --- 3+ --- 24
Forge and Anders typical base progression
Supply Pad
supply Pad
Supply Pad
Supply Pad

Upgrade Base
Vehicle Depot or Air unit
Great Way To Win Multi Player Games
This game strategy can be done in this order:

1). Start building supply pads and what ever you want.

2). Continue building Infinity, vilicals. and air crafts until you enemies come and attack your base.

3). If you win the battle and your enemy is completely gone tell your army to make their way to your enemy's base.

4 Once your there It should be pretty easy to destroy the base because you just got rid of the enemy army.

Hope this helps you gameplay :-)
Hidden Skulls
There are 15 skulls hidden throughout the Halo Wars single player game. To make a skull appear, you have to do the bonus objectives where you have to kill a certain amount of enemies. Then a blip will appear on your mini-map where the skull is located.
Veterancy Levels Count
Lv Veterancy / damege inflicted /amage resisted
1 --- +15% --- +15%
2 --- +43% --- +43%
3+ --- +95% --- +95%


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Abriter Rage Glitch
When using the Abriter's rage power it is possible for him to disappear. if the enemy you are attacking makes a vulture just as you make the Abriter jump the Abriter will lunge at the vulture and disappear. he may appear at your base.

The Abriter may also lunge at nothing and will appear nearby
Unlimited Population (Hard to do without other player)
First: Get a Spartan and have him hi-jack an enemy Tank/Grizzly, while your Spartan is hi-jacking the Tank, have about 5 Flame thrower ((MUST HAVE THE NAPALM ADHERENT UPGRADE)), have the Flame throwers burn the spartan while he's getting the tank, the reason for napalm adherent is after the Spartan gets the tank, the flames burn him after he's in it... then the Spartan will die after he's in the tank and boom, free tank then just keep repeating that process on any ground vehicles.

Easter eggs

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The Arbiters Real Name
While on the main menu if you look on the bottom of the screen it says some facts such as how many achievements you have gotten. One of them says The Arbiters real name is Shirley. Note that this Arbiter is not the same one that appeared in previous Halo games.