Get Fit With Mel B (Xbox 360) Cheats

Get Fit With Mel B cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
20 Run (10)Do 20 good reps in a row.
25 Levels Up (50)Raise your fitness level by 25.
499... 500 (20)Complete 500 reps.
60 Min Burn (20)Complete a 60 minutes aerobics with a score over 90%.
99... 100 (10)Complete 100 reps.
999... 1000 (30)Complete 1000 reps.
Abs of Steel (20)Do 1000 long-arm crunches.
Amateur (20)Reach level 70 in any category.
Athlete (20)Complete 20 advanced cardio workouts.
Bring it on (10)Raise your fitness level by 10.
Dance Off (10)Complete a dance workout.
Driven (50)Exercise every day for two weeks.
Drop and give me 1000 (20)Do 1000 press-ups.
Fat Burner (10)Complete a cardio workout.
Feel the Burn (10)Complete your first workout.
First Gold (20)Win a gold medal in any workout.
Fit Crowd (10)Complete a fitness workout.
Fit Ness Monster (20)Complete 20 fitness workouts.
Flash Dancer (20)Collect over 350 stars in a dance aerobics workout.
What's for Lunch? (5)Follow the set menu every day for a week.
Flexible (15)Reach level 70 in any three categories.
Front Runner (10)Complete an advanced cardio workout.
Full House (70)Win a gold medal for all challenges.
Hat Trick (50)Reach level 80 in any three categories.
Just a Snack (10)Burn off a chocolate bar,
Last Dance (20)Complete 20 dance workouts.
My Aerobics (5)Create a custom aerobics workout.
My Workout (5)Create a custom fitness workout.
Newcomer (10)Reach level 60 in any category.
One Large Pepperoni (20)Burn off a pizza.
Party Season (20)Burn off a Christmas dinner.
Perfect 10 (10)Do 10 perfect reps in a row.
Perfectionist (40)Reach level 100 in any category.
Practice Makes Perfect (20)Practice 5 different exercises.
Professional (30)Reach level 90 in any category.
Semi-Professional (20)Reach level 80 in any category.
Sweat Dreams (20)Complete 20 cardio workouts.
The Triple (100)Reach level 100 in any three categories.
Triathlon (70)Reach level 90 in any three categories.
Ultimate Warrior (20)Complete 20 combat workouts.
Warrior (10)Complete a combat workout.