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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Novice Badge (10)Complete a multiplayer match.
Mahjong Badge (10)Complete a Mahjong hand 10 times in Ranked Match mode.
Veteran Badge (10)Play 100 complete ranked matches.
Winner Badge (20)Win 100 games in Ranked Match mode.
Self-Pick Badge (20)Win a mahjong hand 100 times by self-pick in Ranked Match mode.
Trump Badge (30)Accumulated 10,000 scores in Ranked Match mode.
Victory Badge (10)Win a mahjong hand with a 4-point or 5-point category.
Triumph Badge (20)Win a mahjong hand with an 8-point category.
Top Gun Badge (10)Win a game session where other players received negative grades.
Master Badge (10)Complete a game session without discarding a tile that allows another player to win.
Legend Badge (20)Win a mahjong hand 8 times by self-pick in a single game session.
Newbie Badge (30)Complete the Tutorial.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Krunal on February 10, 2009