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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Cheats

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for XBOX360.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Go That Extra Mile (40)Drive a total distance of 1001 miles.
Insane Air (20)Jump at least 10m high with your car on a Carnage or normal Race.
Heavy Blast (30)You truly know how to deal out the heaviest hits.
Frank Malcov Award (20)Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud!
Burnin' Up (20)Burn nitro continuously for at least 10 seconds in a normal race.
Schoolmaster (15)Be the best wrecker in 50 races.
Keep on Truckin' (15)Win 15 Derbies.
Lightning Fast (15)Get the fastest lap of the race in 50 races.
Windshield Breaker (15)Get 30 Crash-Out crash bonuses.
That's a Start (10)Now that's a start! You've completed your first cup in FlatOut Mode.
On a Roll (20)Complete your first class in the FlatOut Mode.
Give Me Glory (20)Get 1 million points in the Carnage Mode.
Carnage Master (30)Complete Carnage Mode.
Carnage Wizard (40)Complete Carnage Mode with all gold.
Race Master (30)Complete FlatOut Mode.
Race Wizard (50)Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold in all cups and events.
Fragman (20)Complete all the Deathmatch Derbies in Carnage Mode with all gold.
Elite Stuntman (20)Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with all gold.
Master Stuntman (15)Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with silver or better.
Bomb Car Racer (20)Complete all Beat the Bomb's in Carnage Mode with all gold.
Derby Expert (20)Complete all derbies in FlatOut Mode with all gold.
Pro Racer (20)Complete all Time Trials in FlatOut Mode with all gold.
Holy Slammaster (15)Get 100 Slam crash bonuses.
Master Trucker (10)Win a Head On or normal race with the Truck.
Crashman Returns (30)Win all Bonus Race Single Events with the Flatmobile.
Real Habanero (60)Win Derby class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an unupgraded Chili.
Car Rental Service (40)Own at least 6 vehicles at the same time.
Used Car Salesman (35)Sell 10 cars.
Pro Tuner (25)Own a fully upgraded Street class car in FlatOut Mode.
Total Domination (30)Achieve all 4 "Top Driver" awards in one race and win the race.
Bang'n'Slam (10)Get 5 Slams in one race.
Windshield Tester (15)Get 10 Crash-Out bonuses
Hostmaster (10)Host 10 online matches.
Online Race Veteran (10)Win 10 online Races.
Online Race Pro (20)Win 25 ranked online Races.
Online Stunt Veteran (10)Win 10 online ragdoll Stunts.
Online Stunt Pro (20)Win 30 ranked online ragdoll Stunts.
Online Derby Veteran (10)Win 10 online Derbies.
Online Derby Pro (20)Win 20 ranked online Derbies.
Live Ammunition (30)Wreck 10 opponents in online races.
Live to Crash (25)Wreck 3 or more opponents in the same online race (normal or Head-On).
Live to Race Clean (25)Complete an online Race without crashing into anyone, and without ragdolling at all.
Fragmaster Live (20)Get a frag streak of 5 or more in an online Deathmatch Derby.
Secret Achievements-
Perseverance (10)Frustration! You know all about it, but still you persist, never giving up.
First Blood (15)Wreck an opponent's car in a Carnage or normal Race.
Submitted by: Arcanium on August 08, 2007

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Tips

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Master Trucker achievement tip.
Easiest way to get this achievement is to set up a normal race with 10 laps. Focus on wrecking on the other racers until they are wrecked, (Driving the opposite way helps due to the slow speed of the truck).As the truck as really good durability you shouldn't end up getting wrecked yourself. After that just complete the race course as normal.
Submitted by: jacob0057 on March 17, 2013
Quicker way to get money in FlatOut Mode.(Career mode)
Instead of grinding up some cash by trying to win races, a quicker way to get cash is to cause as much damage as you can to the racers.

All you have to do is select a race tournament and when it starts, just drive the opposite way on the track and aim for head on collisions. Keep doing this until your car gets wrecked and then just rinse and repeat for the other races.
Submitted by: jacob0057 on March 17, 2013
Top Speed Before the Timer
It is possible to get to top speed in a Time Trial before the race starts. Although not technically a glitch, you may have noticed that the timer doesn't start until you cross the line. Well, you can drive backwards as far as you want, then accelerate to top speed before the timer starts. You can also do this to destroy things on the track to get nitro.
Submitted by: raytay286 on May 18, 2011
Windshield Breaker achievement tip.
A very fast way to get this is to just drive around the race track the opposite direction to where the other racers are driving and aim for a head on collisions.
Submitted by: jacob0057 on March 17, 2013