FIFA Soccer 09 (Xbox 360) Cheats

FIFA Soccer 09 cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Last Gasp Goal19
[b]Score in the 89th minute
The Peterson1
[b]Play for over fifty hours
AchievementHow to unlock
Bend it like a pro (15)Score from a free kick in a match
Screamer! (10)Score from over 30 yards out in a match
On the spot (5)Score from a penalty in a match
Good head on your shoulders (10)Score with a header in a match
One goal a season (10)Score with a defender in a match
Eat my chip (10)Score by chipping the keeper in a match
On yer bike! (30)Score with a bicycle kick
In off (20)Score off the woodwork in a match
Fling yourself at it (20)Score with a diving header in a match
Like on the training field (10)Score from a corner
Wing play (10)Score from a cross
What a Beauty! (5)Score on the volley in a match
Hero (10)Save a penalty
Director in the making (10)Upload a video to EA Sports football world
[b]Giant Killer (15)Beat a five star team with a half star team
A Man Down (20)Win a game when down one man
Custom sixty four winner (50)Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams
One star winners (75)Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.
Huge investment (20)Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency
Huge return (30)Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency
Spending spree (20)Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode
The purist (100)Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games
Provider (10)Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it (co-operative achievement)
Frequent flyer (20)Win in every stadium
Real world winner (20)Win 5 Interactive League matches
Ranked winner (10)Win a Ranked Xbox LIVE Match
Manual labour (10)Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)
1st time out (10)Win an Online League match
Living legend (50)Reach legendary status for your country
Club god (40)Reach legendary status for your club
Secret Achievements-
A.Bell Fever (20)Catch the A.Bell Fever by beating the creator or someone who has already has the fever
The ol' switcheroo (5)Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other
Time you played a match? (15)Score twenty goals in the arena
Gimme five (5)Score five goals in the arena
Optimus Chung (10)Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled
[b]The Parolin Manoeuvre (10)Win a game whilst not signed in to Xbox LIVE
The Poon Sang (20)Win with 11 created players over xbox live.
The Venhola Ice (20)Win a FIFA 09 Clubs match with your club
Sparkly Clean (10)Keep a clean sheet
The Gipson Curse (10)Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player
Judas (10)Beat your favourite team with their rival
FIFA Fair Play (40)Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings)
Pictures speak a thousand words (10)Upload 5 screenshots to EA Sports football world
Duo-Hedgeidecimal (50)Enter a match with 20 people in a Fifa 09 Clubs Match.
Jonzo's Lounge (60)Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge Mode match
The Kwong (10)Score a headed goal with the shortest created player


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<font size=1>At the start of your Manager Mode season, put your fitness coach up to the highest level you can afford. Then, your players will not tire as easily, and you can use your best players for longer periods of time, helping you to win more in the process.</font>
Manager Mode know when your players get really tired they start with about 50% of stamina bar after 5 games. Here's a solution. Before your first game go to office > Staff Upgrades > Fitness and push that to maximum. It may cost a bit ( usually around £6,000,000) but it means you don't have to rotate every few games <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Manager Mode: Keeping Pace
If you're new to the manager mode or plain struggling try the following.

For your first two games play your first team. At around the third game you'll notice that your players start off with a worse stamina bar and have trouble keeping pace with sprinting and will be trailing behind when marking players.

This is where the reserves come in. When you face easy teams compared to yours, put some of your newly bought players and reserves in for a game or two. When you face the hard teams your good players will have their bar filled and able to play. Make sure to mantain a good switching feel for your team. (Goalkeepers rarely tire out, but keep your eye out for them)
Starting a Manager Mode With a Lower League Team
I know how tough it can be to begin a Manager Mode career with a lower league team, or a weaker side than the better teams in the game, like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man Utd, AC Milan etc. It's tough to get your players to improve and to keep their fitness levels high.

But what I'd suggest is, whenever you get a bit of money from winning games - upgrade your staff as much as you can. Just don't upgrade your stadium just yet. Worry about the others first.

Attack: Your attacking coach is improved and your strikers will improve more the higher your attacking coach is upgrade.

Midfield: It's the same as the attacking coach, but upgrading this staff spot will improve your midfield, obviously.

The same applies for the defending and goalkeeping coaches. It's important to improve these, but the most important staff to upgrade is most definitely the fitness coach. Once your player's fitness is high, you will never really have to rest players. When you start off as a poorer side, your fitness levels are so low that it's very tough. But once you upgrade this, it becomes a hell of a lot easier.