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Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the score given for each achievement.

10 Straight Wins (35) - Achieve 10 straight wins on Xbox Live.

10 Wins (10) - Achieve 10 wins on Xbox Live.

5 Straight Wins (20) - Achieve 5 straight wins on Xbox Live.

50 Wins (20) - Achieve 50 wins on Xbox Live.

Complete the Game (15) - Complete the game, in Arcade Game.

Flying Kim Bonus (5) - This is a secret mission. You need to unlock it first.

High Score (10) - Acquire more than 400,000 points, in Arcade Game.

Mai's Folding Fans (5) - This is a secret mission. You need to unlock it first.

Perfect Victory (5) - Defeat your opponent without sustaining any damage, in Arcade Game.

Survival (30) - Complete the game mode without losing and continues, in Arcade Game.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS (35) - Achieve 100 wins on Xbox Live.

Unlock Ryo (10) - Unlock Ryo Sakazaki by completing the game without losing , in Arcade Game.
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