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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360) Cheats

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Escaped the Imperial Sewers (50)Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning
Closed an Oblivion Gate (50)Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest
Located the Shrine of Dagon (50)Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest
Delivered Daedric Artifact (50)Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest
Destroyed the Great Gate (50)Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest
Champion of Cyrodiil (110)Completed the Main Questline
Murderer, Dark Brotherhood (10)Join the Dark Brotherhood
Slayer, Dark Brotherhood (10)Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Eliminator, Dark Brotherhood (10)Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Assassin, Dark Brotherhood (10)Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Silencer, Dark Brotherhood (10)Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Speaker, Dark Brotherhood (10)Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood
Listener, Dark Brotherhood (50)Completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline
Pit Dog, Arena (10)Joined the Arena in the Imperial City
Brawler, Arena (10)Reached Brawler rank in the Arena
Bloodletter, Arena (10)Reached Bloodletter rank in the Arena
Myrmidon, Arena (10)Reached Myrmidon rank in the Arena
Warrior, Arena (10)Reached Warrior rank in the Arena
Gladiator, Arena (10)Reached Gladiator rank in the Arena
Hero, Arena (10)Reached Hero rank in the Arena
Champion, Arena (10)Reached Champion rank in the Arena
Grand Champion, Arena (50)Completed the Arena Questline
Pickpocket, Thieves Guild (10)Joined the Thieves Guild
Footpad, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Footpad rank in the Thieves Guild
Bandit, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Bandit rank in the Thieves Guild
Prowler, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Prowler rank in the Thieves Guild
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild
Shadowfoot, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Shadowfoot rank in the Thieves Guild
Master Thief, Thieves Guild (10)Reached Master Thief rank in the Thieves Guild
Guildmaster, Thieves Guild (50)Completed the Thieves Guild Questline
Associate, Mages Guild (10)Joined the Mages Guild
Apprentice, Mages Guild (10)Reached Apprentice rank in the Mages Guild
Journeyman, Mages Guild (10)Reached Journeyman rank in the Mages Guild
Evoker, Mages Guild (10)Reached Evoker rank in the Mages Guild
Conjurer, Mages Guild (10)Reached Conjurer rank in the Mages Guild
Magician, Mages Guild (10)Reached Magician rank in the Mages Guild
Warlock, Mages Guild (10)Reached Warlock rank in the Mages Guild
Wizard, Mages Guild (10)Reached Wizard rank in the Mages Guild
Master-Wizard, Mages Guild (10)Reached Master-Wizard rank in the Mages Guild
Arch-Mage, Mages Guild (50)Completed the Mages Guild Questline
Associate, Fighters Guild (10)Joined the Fighters Guild
Apprentice, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild
Journeyman, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild
Swordsman, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Swordsman rank in the Fighters Guild
Protector, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Protector rank in the Fighters Guild
Defender, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Defender rank in the Fighters Guild
Warder, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Warder rank in the Fighters Guild
Guardian, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Guardian rank in the Fighters Guild
Champion, Fighters Guild (10)Reached Champion rank in the Fighters Guild
Master, Fighters Guild (50)Completed the Fighters Guild Questline


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hidden skingrad treasure
first get rosthorn hall and go to the top floor and go to the desk area and find a scroll in the wall that doesnt connect to the ceiling and then go to the basement and find one of those y shaped pillars and activeate the hourglass(wich only appears when you get the scroll) and........
UnlockableHow to unlock
flawless diamondactivate hourglass
flawless emeraldsame as top
flawless rubysame as top
all of those precous stonessame as top
ring of the gray (ring worth a fortune)same as top


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"Telekinesis" without using a spell
I know this might not be super important, but when you try to put things into display cases or other places you'll find this useful. Look in your inventory for the item you want to drop. Press and hold LB. It might say you don't have enough space to drop the item. In that case, just face an empty place (or the cealing in some cases). If you keep LB held down you will control the item like a telekinesis spell. I use this to decorate my houses with cool items.
Good luck!
A better way to get into the thieves guild without going to jail
Instead of going to jail look for a poster of the Grayfox in the Imperielcity . After that go to the waterfront and talk to the poor and ask about the Grayfox. Then say you want to join then wait tell the crack of dawn [12.00].Then look around for a guy with a torch. Tell him you want to join thats what I did.
A custom spell that may be good for thieves.
First, you need access to the Arcane University so you can have access to the altar of Spellmaking and the altar of Enchanting. You also need the following spells, and you must be able to cast them. Chameleon, night-eye and Detect Life. Next, go to the altar of Spellmaking in the Arch-Mages quarters. Make the following effects of the spell.
Chameleon 25% for 20 Seconds on self
Night-eye for 20 seconds on self
Detect Life 60 feet for 20 seconds on self.
You can name the spell whatever you like, I named mine "Aid of The Fox"

EDIT: You do not need to complete the Mages Guild questline to access an alter of enchantment or alter of spellmaking. The alter of spellmaking is in the first building after going through the gate on the left side of the tower. And the alter of enchantment is in the room when you get your staff when you finish the staff quest. You only have to complete the recommendations and report to Raminus.
A good way to start your game.
I'm going to go over a good way to start out the game once you leave the sewers. It doesn't involve any cheating or cheap tricks. So you don't have to feel guilty about it.

Anyway, when you first leave the sewer, go to the market district of the Imperial City. Then sell all of the stuff you collected that you don't want for your character. Then, buy an appropriate set of weapons/armor to fit your characters specialties.

After you have all of that taken care of, leave the city to the East. Then, on your map, find the words "The Nibenay Basin". Right to the left of the "N", place a marker. Then just follow your compass to it, killing things along the way, and stopping at any caves you see. Once you get there, loot the place, being sure to get the three (four?) Varla stones. Those along value 1000 gold.

Once you clear it out, leave and either travel by foot or fast travel back to the market district. Sell everything for the highest price. At this point, you should be around level 2-3, and you'll have a decent amount of starting gold. If you want to go further, you can buy the shack in the Imperial City Water Front so you have a place to place other loot.

Doing this will give you a nice boost for the beginning.
A Little Glitch
This is sort of random, but on the Daedric Quest of Sanguine, when I cast the "spell" all my stuff disappeared like it should. When I got out of the city, I got my quest items back, and when I got back to the shrine my other stuff too. But, my Ring of Vipereye, which I was wearing when I cast the spell was now unequipable. Also, when I tried to pay off my fine to Skiriva, I couldn't for some reason (by the way I didn't try Armand). I loaded my last save and found out that I had to take the ring off before I cast the spell too be able to wear it afterward. I was also able to pay off the bounty with Armand. The ring was enchanted, and a quest item. I don't know if this is only a problem with the Ring of Vipereye, or any enchanted and/or quest items. So, I recommend unequiping everything on you just to be safe.
Acrobatics Training
Thee master trainer is called (supposedly) Aerin whos supposed to have taken up residence at a camp in the northeastern cyrodiil. speak to the dog trainer Ganredhel in cheydinal for the location. surprise. Aerin isnt there. In fact, there is no Aerin in the game. Torbern is here, and hes a master acrobatics trainer. you dont need to do anything for him to teach you. pretty much the easiest trainer in the game.
Acrobatics: How to Get to Level 50 Before you Start the Game
It is possible to get to level 50 (or higher) in Acrobatics before you get out of the tutorial cave.

'Of course,' you may think, 'that's easy. You just jump a lot.' But here's how to do it in less then fifteen minutes.

At most corners in the cave, if you look in the corners you will see that the ground curves up and the ceiling curves down. If you go stand in the corner and jump, it will look like your character is vibrating. Each times you vibrate, it counts as a jump.

In other words, you can get around five jumps in the time it would take you to do one if you use this tip. If anyone is looking for an example, go to the large, open, brightly lit room with pillars and stairs leading down into it on both sides. On the side of the room where you enter, if you turn left and look at the hole in the wall you will see a treasure chest. The corner I used is right next to that.
Alchemy Training
Talk to Ardalie at the bravil mages guild, who will point you to Sinderion who works out of the cellar of skingrads west wealk in. for him to train you, you must give him two wines. tamika and surilie brothers wines from the year 399. give them to him, and he will train you
Alteration Training
Talk to arhragar at the chorrol mages guild. he will point you to Tooth in the sea. for him to train your, talk to him before 1 pm. you must be underwater with him for three hours. remain close by the trainer. how do you stay underwater? get something with a water breathing enchantment
Armor/Block+Ilusion+Conjuration Leveling
Ok, summon a creature that casts magic (such as a LICH) then hit it 3 times, it will turn hostile, then use or make a spell that makes spell reflect on the foe, the use a really weak destruction spell on the foe and it will hit you and the foe, so when it dies, summon it again, this is really helpful since the Armor goes up by the number of times your hit, not by the amount of damage. And for block, just block after casting the spell.
Armorer Skill
A very easy way to get up armorer skill involves that you join a few guilds(or are able to steal easily). In the guilds, there are some fancy looking wepons in the display case, but only in the mages and fighters guilds. The fancy wepons....are actually plastic. Yes, I'm talking about replicas here. Equip all of the replica stuff you can grab(or steal) and go to the sewers. Don't go in, just look around the beach. When you spot a mud crab, run at it and turn the difficulty all the way up. Let it break your armor, and break your wepon by smacking the crab a few times. Equip all of the wepons and armor replicas that aren't broke after the original ones break. After it breaks all of the wepons and armor, kill the crab. Now use some repair hammers to fix everything that broke. Repeat this, and watch your armorer skill shoot up.
Armorer Training
Talk to rohssan in a fighting chance shop in the imperial city. He will point you to GinWulm. Hes a smith at the best defense in the market district. You have to read the book \"the armorers challenge\" for him to train you. get it on top of a bookshelf on the second floor of the cheydinhal fighters guild. read the book, and he will train you
Arrow Duplication
First you need two types of arrows. I suggest Glass and Silver. You will need more than one of the first type and only one of the type you are tiring to duplicate. Take your bow and equip the first type of arrow and pull back and hold the arrow in the ready position. With it still pulled go into your inventory and select the equipped arrows. It will come up with a message at the top, disregard the message. Next select the type of arrow you want copied and it should be copied by the amount of the first arrow. So if you used 50 silver arrows and copied them into Glass arrows, you should now have 50 glass arrows. BUT BE CARFUL THIS GLITCH HAS SOME ANNOYING BACKFIRES...IT MAY FREEZE THE SYSTEM. I suggest you do it near a container and when you copy the arrows drop the copied and now equipped arrows into the container to avoid freezing the 360. You can now sell and make more copies.

This only works with the store bought original game, if you have connected to Xbox Live or have the Game of the Year Edition this will not work.
Athletics Training
Talk to Hauls Faster who sleeps at the focsle in anvil. he will point you to Rusia Bradus who lives next to the abandoned house. for her to train you, you must have discovered at least 30 locations. once you have, talk to her for training
Avoid Vampirism and Other Diseases
If you don't want to get Vampirism or other diseases, carry around a couple mandrake roots. The roots cure diseases and are commonly sold in alchemy shops (like the Main Ingredient in Imperial City Market District) for only one or two gold pieces. Even if you're a novice alchemist, you can still use it effectivly, since cure disease is it's first effect. When you get Vampire disease, it'll say something like "you've contracted Porphyric Hemophilia." If you don't want it, just eat a mandrake root. If you just fought a bunch of vampires, you could've missed seeing this, so check your active effects and it'll clearly tell you if you have it. If you don't have any mandrake root on hand, pray at a chapel or buy some root. But DON'T wait 3 days and then sleep, or you'll be a vampire until you do this really tedious quest to get cured for good.
Awesome sword makes game easy
You will need, Access to the arcane university and a grand soul gem (containing grand soul)
,a sword you that does average- high damage and a drain health spell.
Go to the alter of enchanting (arcane university) with weapon, soul gem, and as much cash as your willing to spend. interact with alter and choose the drain health effect, put up length and magnitude as much as you can afford or are allowed to (by game)
then create it.
hope this helps have fun.
Ayleid Wells
there are 35 of these. when activated, each restores 400 points of lost magicka and fortifies it by an additional 50 points for 5 minutes. you can activate them once per day
Battleaxe of Hatred
A fighting chance in market district. -5 strength willpower and endurance
Beat the Serpint Wake Quest early
At the start of the game, head to anvil and talk to the elvin women on the docks. She will tell you her crew was murdered and she needs a crystal ball she left on bourd. All you have to do is at night(like around midnight) walk in the ships front door and get the gosts atention then run right back out and on the dock. The elven women should atack and since shes invincable and very strong she will kick the gosts buts. Just repeat with every floor of the ship and soon it will be empty. dont forget to trake the echtoplasm from the dead gosts(and if the girl gets nocked unconsious pickpocket her)and loot the empty ship. Good luck and happy hunting.
Beating the 7 Dark brotherhood Members
Ìf you wish to beat the Dark brotherhood 7 members then here's how. When attacking them hold sneak and get a x6 damage sneak attack in, then hold block and tap a to yield, repeat until dead without taking Damage!!!

Note : Does not Work on the Orc
Birthright of Astalon
Gilded Carafe in market district. +5 agility +50 magica.
Note: This is only available if you have a mechantile skill of 50 or above.
Black Horse Courier
There are 19 issues of the paper. 6 are available at the beginning of the game, and 13 new ones become available only after you complete certain Daedric Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous and Theives Guild quests
Black Soul gems
To get black soul gems all you have to do is get a soul gem any type will do and find a dark altar by going to one of four necromancer bases it's easy to go to dark fissure if you got far enough in the Mages Guild to do this if not its south of Cheydinal north of boethias shrine anyway put your soul gem in the altar when light is shining on it and cast a soul trap spell on the altar open the altar to find a black soul gem!!! Its magic
Blade Training
talk to rhano at the anvil fighters guild. he will point you to alix lencolia. you must have a fame or infamy over over 20. once you do, speak to him and he will train you
Block Training
talk to lum gro baroth at the chorrol fighters guild. he will point you to andragil. for her to train you, you must survive a 45 second beating with her warhammer without responding in kind. you have to unequip all weapons. once you do, she will train you
Blunt Training
Talk to Christophe Marane at the brina cross inn. he will point you to Metrick. You have to kill over 50 people for her to train you. not very hard, but it seems a little odd. make sure you have, and talk to her again. then she will train you
Boots of Swift Merchant
Northern goods and Trade in chorrol. +10 mercantile and speechcraft +5 speed 30% weekness to poison
Bow of Infliction
Archers Paradox in bravil. -15 marksman -5 agility on target
Can't sleep or rest
Sometimes in the game you might be told that you can't rest or sleep because an enemy is nearby when clearly there isn't. All you need to do is save your game and load it right back up and it should fix the problem.
Captain Kordans Saber
March Rider in Cheydinhal. abosrb 10 agility and endurance and blade
Cast Spells Faster
To cast spells faster than normal, block (L) while tapping the cast button (RB). You will kind of jerk around, but you will be able to cast self and target spells much faster (touch spells aren't really affected much, but they are already fast).

NOTE: You must actually be blocking, you can't just hold with a bow or your fists sheathed. So something actually has to come up whether it be a shield or a weapon or your fists.
Chronicle of Sacrifice Scroll
This is found at Mach-Na's Books in Cheydinhal. It drains all eight of your attributes by 50 points while doing 100 points of fire damage to targets within 20 feet. An interesting scroll, but very harmful to you
Circlet of Omnipotence
You must do the quest, Lifting the Vale to do this. Concealed around the cale are 4 containers three have keys, one has a ring (circlet of omnipotence) you must search around for the keys to unlock the 4th container. The circlet boosts your agility endurance speed strength and willpower by 3. yes, ALL of those are boosted by 3
Clam Diving
There are more then 300 clams that dot the world. In each there is a 75% chance of finding a pearl. Where? all over the place, found in clusters of three or more. There is one spot with 4. Lake Rumare northeast of Sinkhole Cave, north of the imperial city
Conjuration Training
Talk to alberic in the chorrol mages guild. he points you to Seran. For him to teach you, you must summon a faded wrath. you can buy this spell from arhragar at the chorrol mages guild. summon it, and he will train you
Your level and the beasts you will encounter

1 rat
2 wolf
6 timber wolf
9 black bear
12 mountain lion
16 brown bear

1 stunted scamp
5 scamp
5 clannfear runt
7 flame atronach
11 cannfear
13 frost atronach
14 daedroth
16 spider daedra
17 storm atronach
20 xivilai

1 churl
6 caituff
9 kynval
12 kynreeve
15 kynmarcher
19 markynaz
22 valkynaz

1 goblin
6 skirmisher
8 berserker
13 shaman
18 warlord

1 imp
6 troll
9 will of the wisp
10 spriggan
12 minotaur
15 land dreugh
16 ogre
18 minotaur lord

1 skeleton
1 zombie
1 ghost
6 skeleton guardian
8 headless zombie
9 ancient ghost
10 skeleton hero
12 faded wraith
14 dread zombie
15 skeleton champion
16 wraith
17 nether lich
21 gloom wraith
23 lich
Daedric Quests (Boethia)
You can get the location of boethias shrin southeast of the city from bora gra uzgash (who runs borbas goods and stores in cheydinhal) you need to be at level 20 to do this quest. also, you must offer him a deadra heart (found on a dreamora or Xivilai) he then sends you into oblivion to fight 9 races. On their bodies are the best arrows in the game. After you kill them all, boethia will award you with the goldbrand sword (one of the best in the game)
Daedric Quests (Clavicus Vile)
No one tells you where to find this shrine, but as its just southwest of the imperial city, elclosed by a norhern loop of the combined gold and red ring roads, you dont relaly need that kind of help. To activate the shrine, you need to offer 500 gold. He will then send you on a quest to kill umbra (yes yes, you get the umbra sword here) you can either keep the sword, or give it to vile to get the Masque. which is a full helmet with a face molded on the front. it raises your personality by 20 points
Daedric Quests (Hermaues Mora)
once you complete all the other daedric quests, you recieve the locaton of this shrine from a messenger. Mora makes you get the souls of one of every race. once you do, he gives you the ultimate skill book. read it, and you will be offered a chance to follow the path of steel, shadow, or spirit. these correspond to combat stealth and mage stat sets. choose which one, and certain skill will rise 10 points (and you attributes too!)
Daedric Quests (Hircine)
You hear about Hircines shrine from Ontus Vanin in the thieves guild, who lives in the southwest cornor of the imperial citys talos plaza. To activate the shrine, you need to be at level 20. you must also provide a bear, wolf, or lion pelt. You must then go and kill a unicorn (which he tells you the location of). its guarded by three minotaurs. once you bring hircine back the unicorn horn, you get Saviors Hide, a light armor with a strong resist magic enchantment
Daedric Quests (items)
Azura - Auras star
Boethia - Goldbrand
Clavicus Vile - Masque of Clavicus Vile
Hermaeus Mora - Oghama Infinium
Hircine - Saviors Hide
Malacath - Volendrung
Mephala - Ebony Blade
*bleep* - Ring of Khajiiti
Molag Bal - Mace of Molag Bal
Namira - Ring of Nimira
Nocturnal - Skeleton Key
Peryite - Spell Breaker
Sanguine - Sanguine Rose
Sheogorath - Wabbajack
Vaermina - Skull of Corruption
Daedric Quests (levels)
to do these quests, you must be at the following levels

Azura - 2
Boethia - 20
Clavicus Vile - 20
Hermaeus Mora - 20
Hircine - 17
Malacath - 10
Mephala - 15
*bleep* - 10
Molag Bal - 17
Namira - 5
Nocturnal 10-
Peryite - 10
Sanguine - 8
Sheogorath - 2
Vaermina - 5
Daedric Quests (Malacath)
You pick up the location of malacaths shrine from the hunter Pinarus Inventius who lives at the west end of anvil. you have to give troll fat before malacath will talk to you. he sends you on a quest to kill the slave drivers of ogres. after your done freeing the ogres, malacath will give you the great hammer Volendrung, which has paralyze and drain health enchantments
Daedric Quests (Mephala)
You get the location of Mephalas shrine from Ontus Vanin in the imperial city talos plaza istrict. you must be at level 15 to begin this quest. make an offering of nightshade and he will tell you to go on a quest for him. complete it, and mephala will give you a very nice Ebony Blade, which has silence and aborb health enchantments
Daedric Quests (Molag Bal)
no one tells you about the molag bal shrine west of the imperial city. if you head straight west out the bridge from the talos plaza district you hit breakneck cave and then the ayleid ruin narfinsel. head southeast at narfinsel to find the shrine in a clearing in the woods. you need a mountain lion pelt. once you activate the shrine you get a distasteful mission. once you finish it, you get the mace of molag bal
Daedric Quests (Nocturnal)
You are given the location of the shrine by Alves Uvenim in the leyawiin mages guild. she requires no offering. but you do need to be at level 10 or higher to begin. you have to get back her \"eye\" that was stolen. once you do, she gives you the skeleton key (an umbreakable lockpick that boosts your secuity skill by 40 points)
Daedric Quests (Peryite)
No one mentions the site on the southeast bank of the silverfish river eash of the imperial bridge inn. no offering is needed but you need to have reached at least level 10. you must do a simple quest for him (or her?) and you get the shield of Spell Breaker (which has strong reflect enchantments)
Daedric Quests (Sheogorath)
no one gives you the lacation of sheogoraths shrine. its near the Esweyer border a little less than halfway bewteen bravil and leyawiin. follow the road south and southeast out of bravil. he makes you do a simple quest and gives you the wabbajack as a reward (this turns any creature into another creature, not humans)
Daedric Quests (Vaermina)
Ontus Vanin in Talos Plaza can clue you in to the lacation of Vaerminas shrine. you need to offer her a black soul gem. once you complete the quest that she gives you, you recieve the skull of coruption (a staff that makes an evil clone of the target, its quite fun, really)
Deadric Quests (*bleep*)
no one tells you that this shrine is west of skingrad. its close to the city and will pop up on your radar. at the shrine, speak to Basil ernarde to lean that *bleep* hates the undead (this means to give her an offering of bonemeal or ectoplasm. she will make you wipe out a band of necromancers in howling cave. if you do this, she will give you the ring of khajiiti, which has a chameleon and fortify speed enchantment
Deadric quests (Azura)
to find azura you need to read the mook, modern heretics. you can also reach this quest by the other quest \"blook of the daedra. to activate the shrine, you need to offer glow dust at dawn or dusk. thats 5am - 7 am or 5pm-7pm. after activating the shrine, she will send you on a mission. when its done, she gives you azuras star a reusable soul gem)
Deadric Quests (Sanguine)
Go to Fadus Calidius of the Skingrad Fighters Guild to find the location of sanguine. you need to bring him a flask of cyrodiilic brandy. after you do, he tells you to go off and cast a spell (that turns people naked) at countess caro of leyawiin. shes holding a dinner party. once you do, sanguine rewards you with a deadra summoning staff called the sanguine rose
Destruction Training
talk to marc gulitte at the anvil mages guild. they point you to bralsa andaren. you have to bring her 20 bear pelts in order for her to train you. bring them to her, and the training is all yours
Document of Puerile Banter
This is found at First Edition in the Imperial City Market District. It forifies your endurance and willpower by 50 points for five minutes but drains your personality and speechcraft by 50 points for 2.5 minutes
Doomstones (Birthsign)
There are 21 ancient monuments known as doomstones. there are two types. birthsign and heaven. when activated between 6pm and 6am, you recieve a new spell or power
Doomstones (Heaven)
Each of the birthsign stones strips you of any doomstone powers youve acquited from other birthsign stones and gives you new ones. The Heaven stones let you keep all the powers you have aquired from heaven stones
Dorian money cheat after updates
First things first, I discovered this while thinking to myself how it's less expensive for them to create patches that only patch certain instances in which things could occur.
The twist is that since they only patch the instance of body searching Dorian while he's dead not to kill him.
Instead you use parylize and search his body while he's parylized since parylizing recreates the same sort of body search using a different method.
Bribing him to increase the amount of gold on him works to the extent of how much he can hold based on your character level. The higher your level the more he can hold, the higher he holds the faster you can keep gaining infinite gold.
NOTE: Don't select "Take all" just select what you want from his inventory and the gold.
happy gaming!
Double Blessing
just go on the roofs in the temple district and jump onto the temples broken walls. jump on to the statue of the dragon and activate the blessings. then jump outside and go inside the temple to get the blessing again
You can only get the sword if you have Battlehorn Castle. You have to go to the east wing of the castle. From there you go into the basement and go to the training area. Go into the back room where the bow and arrow target it. Go behind the target and there will be a candle on the right wall. You can pull the candle by pressing the a button. A secret entrance will then open up. Follow it all the way down and it will lead into a room with a mage and a skeleton. You only need to kill the skeleton because he has the Dragonsword. But if you want the mages staff kill him too. And a bonus, in the water at the bottom floor of the room, there is a chest, i'm not exactly sure where it is but it's under the water and it has some items in it. It was different for me the couple I did so I'mnot sure what you will get. Enjoy. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
If you get this Sword (from SI Only) at 6 pm - 6 am it's Duskfang, 6 am - 6 pm it's dawnfang. Dawnfang does fire damage, Duskfang does Frost damage.
Easier Dorian money cheat
First off go to dorians house in the imperial city with about 2000 or 3000 gold. Find dorian, and paintbrush the door thats INSIDE his house so the guards cant get you. You should bribe dorian, then set the gameplay slider to as hard as it can go. then, hit him, then yeild(Block + A button) hit him, yeild. Do that about 5 times. that should lower his disposition more so you can bribe him more, thus getting more money from his corpse. Repeat!
NOTE: dont hit the take all button)
Easy Alteration training
First you must by a unlock door, chest etc. Then go to an unlocked door. Cast the spell over and over again.
When you run out of magicka sleep for one hour. Continue this until you see fit.

Happy Training <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Destruction, Armourer and Restoration
Firstly, you must either be able to get into the Arcane University or Froscrag Spire.

Ok, so make a spell that does some form on damage on self. Make the damage a small amount, to keep magicka cost low. Once made, just keep casting that, then when you need to either rest or cast restore health spells or drink potions. If you're standing on your bed you can rest often to restore your magicka. Also once your armour starts to get badly damaged then just repair it with repair hammers
Easy Experience
In the Leyawiin quest "Whom Gods Annoy," you get a staff that creates four little Everscamps that follow you around. They aren't hostile and will respawn if you kill them. If you attack one, that one will respond by attacking you back really weakly with its hands. You can get marksman, blade, blunt, hand-to-hand, and magic exp by attacking them. If you injury one, it will attack you and hit you with weak attacks so you can get block, light armor, heavy armor, and armorer exp(blocking a mud crab or storm atronach gets the same amount of exp just fyi). You can only do this when the quest is still active, so take advantage of it.
Easy Level up (conjuration)
conjure a skamp over and over and over again. this is actually quicker then you may think
Easy Level up (destruction)
create a spell that does 1 damage to self for 1 second. keep using this over and over
Easy level up (illusion, mysticism)
creat a spell that uses a little amount of magica. it must be cast on self. keep using it over and over
Ok, first off you need at least a mortar and pestel, 2 things that you can alchemize, and your character has to have alchemy as a main skill.

So all you have to do is use the item dupe cheat on the 2 things that can be alchemized so you have the same number of them (like 80 apples and 80 pumpkins or something like that). Now just alchemize them until it says 'you should rest and meditate on what you've learned.'

*ALSO*- When you're a high lvl (like 25+) it gets annoying on how long it takes to lvl up stuff (unless you use one of the leveling cheats), so an easy way to lvl up like lets say blade, is to go a npc that teaches blade and learn 5 lvls from them. Then use the alchemy cheat gain a level in like 1 minute, rest, lvl up, then go back to the trainer. Keep doing that and you'll be a master in no time! (you will probably have to find the master trainers first though.)

There you have it! A quick lvl up cheat for any skill!
Easy lvl Blunt, Blade, Hand to Hand
when you start a new game and you get through the dungeon and the king dies the guard Baurus will be there then try to pick pocket him then stay in sneak and hold the guard button then constantly spam your attack (while still in sneak) and press (A) button rapidly so that everytime you attack you can have him back off if you constantly do this your skill will raise in no time and he never dies
Easy Magic (Any Kind) Leveling
2 level up ALMOST ANY KIND of Magic, you'll need access 2 a spell-makin alter

Alteration: Make a "Shield" spell-Duration: 1, Magnitude: 3 (lowest)

Conjuration: Make a Spell "Summon Skeleton"-Duration: 3

Destruction: Any Kind (Normal, Forst, Fire, Lightnin) Duration: 1 Magnitude: 3, On Self

Mystisism: Detect Life-Duration: 1 Distance: Lowest, On Self

Illusion: Starlight-Duration: 1 Distance: Lowest

Just keep casting these spells over and over again constantly 2 lvl up really fast, it hardly takes and Magicka and you get the same amount of exp.
Easy Money
All you have to do is enter the Duplicate Item Glitch & sell the item(s) you Duplicate to a Local Merchant. You can repeat this process over & over again without Going to Jail or "Killing Dorian". For example I did the Duplicate Item Glitch with my Weak Healing Potion at the Very Beginning of the Game & made well over 100,000 Gold in less than an hour.
easy money
Do the Order of Vertious Blood and DON'T kill Roderik(or what ever his name is and you'll be able to give them vampire dust for 250 each. Use the duplication glitch until about 5k of vampire dust. When that has been done take thecontroller and go watch T.V. or something just making sure the controller doesn't shut off.While doing that you continuously get money.
Make sure you drop about a 1000 vampire dust so you can dupe more.
Easy robbery
Another easy way to rob something from a store is to use telekinisis (is that how you spell it?). Buy the remote manipulation spell at mostly any mages guild hall. Then go into a shop and use the telekinisis on an object (left trigger pulls towards you, and right trigger away; pull both to drop it.) Then move it to another part of the room. Dash over their and go into sneak-mode to make sure they can't see you. There should be a moment when they can't and that's when you take the item. You can also try to sneak into a shadowy corner and use tele. to bring the object to you, but you must be a pretty good sneaker. This is also useful for stealing from people who are guarding something. The person is watching an object. You sneak up behind them and use tele. to bring the object to you. The person won't notice as long as they don't see or hear you.
Easy security level up
get the skeleton key from the daedric shrine. find a very hard lock. damage your security skill with a spell or something. keep autoatempting. enjoy
Easy Theiving
First, go to the Imperial City Waterfront and go to where most of the theive members are which will be to the right, the last door. Look at ur map and you will see "Abanded Shack". Once in there, there should be someone sleeping, if there is not wait an hour or two. But you cannot let someone else see you and pickpocket the sleeping person if he/she catches you he/she would say "i dont care" or "take anything you want" keep pickpocketing until you have the level you desire.
Easy Theiving without Death!
In the theives guild, you may be put on a task that has death consequences?
No problem!!!! Invest in a good invisibility spell, GhostWalk perhaps?
Find evry fort and more, without having to battle off any creatures. Very handy for level 24 peepz. Im scared to walk to anvil!!!
Easy Way to level up skills
All you have to do is go to Peryite's Shrine. You should see a group of people just standing there. You can attack them all you want and they won't die (unless you complete the quest that frees them) and you gain experience. Of the four people standing there, the Argorian is the best to attack because his cornered on a rock, so he won't move anywhere.
Easy way to rob a shop (for bretons, high elves and other magic types) without getting caught.
You will need an unlocking spell for this. You can get that when choosing your specialties. Find a shop you want to rob. Save the game (NOT AUTOSAVE!). Go in the shop at midday. Pickpocket the owner of the the shop and steal their shop key. If you fail just load the last autosave and you'll be in the shop. Go outside and wait for 12 hours. If you can't, load the save from before and do it all again. After you have waited, go inside the locked shop. There shouldn't be anyone in there. Take what you want. Then there should be two other rooms. Use your unlocking spell to go in them and take what you want from there. Then you can go.

Note:I did this in Market District, Imperial City in shops: Slash 'n' Smash, The Gilded Carafe, and The Mystic Emporium.
to enchant your own items, you must first become the head mage in the mages guild quest. go to your tower, and there is an enchanting alter. you can use your soul gems to creat items. keep in mind, you must be able to conjure a spell that has the desired effect in order to be able to use the effect in enchanting
enemies nearby
sometimes when your traveling with an important character and you are walking (not fast traveling) you don't want to have them killed by enemies. so you don't need a detect life spell to see if there are enemies. just push the < wait button. if it comes up with "you cannot wait when enemies are nearby" that means there is an enemie. sometimes you can't see it like if it's off the side of the road.
Ever casting spells
Get into the arcane university, and create a spell like this:
Fortify Magicka 100 for 3 secs on Self
Restore Health X for 1 secs on Self/Target
Make X a number which keeps the magicka well below 49. If you are lvl 25 at Restoration, X should be 14. This spell lets you any character fully heal themself.
Extremely Easy Leveling For ALL Offensive Skills
OK, you need 2 have access 2 the Arcane University or Frostcrag Spire (Extra Content),but i used Arcane, it would help 2 be a mage and Lvl 100 Conjuration (I did). Okay, use the Spell-Making Alter and make a spell for summon (anything that has good Durability, but Zombie is Best, because it is INCREDIBLY WEAK and it can last for a while if u use the weakest weapon or spell in that class, if u have lvl 100 Blade or Destruction, like me) for 120 seconds if you can. Then, go 2 secluded little area and constantly summon the Zombie and slay it with your skills (after 3 hits it WILL attack, but that ain't a problem, especially if you want 2 lvl Armour or Block).if that secluded little spot happens 2 be your house, then when your out of Mana or Health mop up the blood and sleep, your health will be restored, then repeat the process. Your skills should be max in no time.
(Note: This is easier if you change the diffuculty in the options menu 2 your preferences)
Fast way to master heavy and light armor.
Ok you'll need a couple of health potions, armor and a rat.

Armor rating increase every hit, not how much damage the hit does. So getting hit 20 times by a rat is the same as getting hit by a Minotaur Lord 20.

Ok knowing that find a cave with a rat in it. Make sure your wearing your armor. Then go to the options screen the go to game play and put the slider all the way to easy. Let the rat hit you over and over without killing it. When ever your health gets low ( which shouldn't be often because with the slider that lower it only does a tiny amount of damage ) drink a health potion. After about half an hour your armor rating should be full

Fin Gleam
How to get the Fingleam:
On the far side of the black island near Anvil, the Fin Gleam is at the bottom of the Ocean. Use a potion or spell for water breather, then dive in. It should be a little bit farther North than South, though not more north than the actual island. It is next to a skelliton.
Finding Your Horse If It Vanishes
Alright so your out in the world and you get off your horse to go to a Oblivion gate, quest or something and your horse is left behind and then when you come back or fast travel your horse is gone.

1. Go back and check around where you where at the time, 90% it wandered off just a few feet and you missed it.

2. If it's not there save a different save file and try and reload your game.

3. Fast travel to city stables. Sometimes the game doesn't tell you if it moves your horse. So check.

4. If its Shadowmere has disappeared and is UNARMORED she will go back to Fort Farragut. This could take a while though.

5. If you still can't find your horse. Buy a new one, and move on. I have found that it will show up at a stable somewhere along the way.

*However only one horse will travel with you so either kill the other horse you got or just remember what stable it's at if you want it later that way you can go back and get it or change out horses if your sick of looking at the other.
Fines for cmininal acts
Crime and their fine

Trespassing: 5
Pickpocketing: 25 or value of theft
Attack: 40 per level of target
Steal a horse: 250
Theft: valcue of theft, minimum of 10
Murder: 1000
Fixing Long Loading Times
Something the game data that is cached on the xbox 360 hard drive will become fragmented (on rare occasions keep in mind) and cause really exaggerated load times for the game. To dump the cache data just reboot the console and immediately hold down the A-button (or any button) while the game is loading — release the button once the "Bethesda Software" logo appears. This will dump the cache data, but also for you safe of mind this WILL NOT affect your saved game data. Also if this does not help it is most likely because you xbox 360 is in a very small place and isn't getting enough air to vent its self out which goes the same for the power plug.
Flaming Weapons
What you need: 1 Soul Gem (filled), Access to the Altar of Enchanting, Ring or Amulet, disengrate weapon, (Skingrad Mages Guild, Vigge the Cautious)

Steps: 1.Access the Altar of Enchanting
2.Place your Soul Gem in the Soul Gem slot.
3.Select the Disentigrate Weapon effect.
4.Put your ring or amulet in the item slot.
5.Name it whatever you darn well please.
6.Push the X button to create it.
7.Equip the ring FIRST then your weapon SECOND.
NOTE:If you equip the ring after equipping your weapon then you will do a little bit of damage to your weapon, no biggie. Have fun! Works better in 3rd person. Also even though it's a constant effect it only damages your weapon when it's equiped.(the ring) This sadly makes fighting hard but it's good for playing around with. Try doing some power attacks with it.
Fort Surprise
Go to fort coldcorn in the great forest northwest of the inperial city and easty of chorrol. go to the upper level of the tower. there is a note that says "the sword leads the way. Half a mile. its just past the big rock on the right" sure enough, there is a fine steel longsword pointing in that direction. Follow it, and you will find an enchanted dagger and a "note of bounty"
Free Daedric Weapons with a weight of 0.
This will take a little preparation, but it is possible to get Daedric weapons with no weight(or sell value) for free. All you have to do is buy a spell for the bound weapon you would like to keep, and make sure that you can cast it, then find any bound weapon spell of a higher level than the one you would like to have(if you arent sure which weapon is higher, just look at the price in mana/second and compare them.) Then, go to a spellmaking altar, and create a spell with both bound items at a one second interval. Once you have the spell, cast it, and quickly go into your inventory. You will see that the more powerful weapon is automatically equiped, and the other one is just sitting in your inventory. Drop the weapon that you want to keep before the spell wears off, then pick it up after the second is done. You will be able to keep this bound weapon permanently, and it will have a weight of 0. I have not tried enchanting a weapon that I have done this with yet, but I will try it next time I play with my higher level character.
Free Iron Arrows
Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.
Free Sigil Stones
If you downloaded the extra wizards tower for the elder scrolls oblivion, go into the tower and go up one floor into the living quarters and save it on the teleport pad facing the golden door to outside(it should on its own with auto save) go to the xbox hard drive and DELETE the wizards tower information. when u load say yes even though u did not have the content and get ready. you will see the inside of a house. run at it while jumping and u will teleport into the house. leave the house and u will be in a test area with houses. outside near the fire there is a MACE OF DOOM the best weapon in the game with a lot of charge, designers took it out of the game due to its power. you can explore the other houses and get things like every sigil stone at once. when you go into the oblivion house go to the top grab the sigil stone and get back outside fast because the slower you are the more stones u get and will cause u to be over cumbered and not move and ur stuck. so it fast and u will get about 3 to 5 of each sigil stone. now teleport to any city and save you can now reload your wizards tower information (content) and continue the game. i recommend you take everthing out of the wizards tower that u want/need so it doesnt dissapper with the content.
Free Staffs
Ok, in te Imperial city, go to Rindirs staffs.Once your in, walk forward and you should see a counter with 2 staffs and a robe in it. You cant picklock it open, so what do you do? You use a fire spell on it. yes, just launch a fireball and viola! behid the counter, there are 2 teleknisis staffs. It doesnt even say thier stolen! so, have fun with your 2 new staffs that cost 586 gold each!
Frostcrag Spire Test Area
When you go into Frostcrag Spire go to the teleport pads that lead you to the Living Area, go to the portal on the right side and stand on it. Then save the game. Go to your Xbox 360 HD and delete the Frostcrag Spire Download. When you load your file it will say "You are loading a file that is missing data". Click yes then load the game. You will be floating. If you look around you will see a house. Run forward while pressing jump rapidly at the same time until you teleport into the building. Once you exit the building go to a fireplace outside you will see a weapon called "The Mace of Doom". Developers intended for it not to be in the game because of it's power but you now hold control of it. Go into a building where you see a sigil stone at the top. Approach the top until you are in front of the sigil stone take the sigil stone and get out as quickly as humanly possible. You will obtain 2-4 of each of every sigil stone if you get out very quick. Once outside teleport to any city. Congratulations! You now have multiple copies of every sigil stone and the Mace of Doom!
Fun with chairs
Well this isn't useful and you dont have anything to gain from it but its pretty fun (to me atleast) to stack up a bunch of items on a chair or bench then sit down in the chair. The items go launching all over the place and its pretty cool. I sometimes see how many item i can stack by getting a big basket on the chair and trying to fit as many items as possible inside and around it. Then I stack plates and bowls on the top and whatever is able to fit on top of that. Then sit down and items go launching all over the place knocking stuff off shelves and just tearing up the room.
Fun with corpses
In many dungeons there are gates that go up and down using levers. Kill a bandit or animal or something and drag the body under the gate. Pull the lever and the gate will fall down and skewer the body. Pull the lever again and the gate will lift the body up and it will fall when the gate retracts into the ceiling. It really quite funny, but it doesn't work on living things.
Get away with crime
make a seduction spell as high as you can, and only make it last for a few seconds. as the guards are fighting you, cast this spell at one of them, block and talk. he will remove the bounty and everything.
Get conjuration up fast
To get conjuration up fast get/make alot of magic restore potions then buy any summon weapon spell. Then click the spell so the bound dagger apears then draw your weapon or fists that you had equipped by pressing X and keep doing this, then once your magicka runs out click your potions and just repeat to rapidly level the skill.
Get into the thieves guild the very easy way
Just go to the waterfront district and go to Garden of Dareloth at midnight and armand and the two others will stand there. when you are talking with armand persuade him and ask about the Gray Fox then you can start the contest.
Get Money Fast, Easily, and Legit (the way the game wants you to)
People constantly ask "howe do i get munnys??" and most people would suggest some sort of glitch. But the way the game really wants you to do it is by going into a dungeon and collecting loot. And by that I don't mean only picking the gold out of treasure chests, I mean taking fallen enemies' armor and weapons. After level 20, most any piece of armor or weapon has a base value of at least 1000, so you can sell them and get 100,000 Gold easily. Make sure you have a good encumbrance level so you can carry lots of loot!
Get rid of vampirism easy
You need the deepscorn hollow download for this. simply go there and when you enter turn to the room to the left of the lobby, there should be a pool of water and a stone in the center. get the purgeblood salts ingriedent in the corner of the room and activate the stone. your vampirism will be cured.
Getting Athetlics Up Easily
Equip an item or spell that allows you to breath under water. Simply swim around (since you gain the skill faster underwater) until you get to the level you want.
Getting Conjuration up quickly
Go to Oblivion and find a Magicka Essence. Simply use conjuration spells over and over, wait for the MR to recharge, and continue.
Getting Light Armor Skill up easily
Go into the sewers and find several rats. Make sure you have light armor on you, and let them attack you. Since they do next to no damage, it takes several hundred hits to kill you, simply heal when neccesary while letting the bastards do your job.
Giant Slaugterfish
When you are doing the mission "Arrow of Extriction" go to the wizard's grotto. Take your first right and keep taking rights. When you get to the pit of water, dive down as far as you can.(Use buoyancy of water-breathing ring) Go though the hole and you will see the giant slaughterfish. He is hard to beat. Have fun.
1. Buy 1 iron arrow + 30+ steel arrows + any item you want to multiply (not too rare)

2. Unequip all weapons + only equip the iron arrow

3. Punch + whilst in mid-punch/attach + access your journal

4. Equip the steel arrows twice + drop the item you want to multiply

5. Exit your journal and your item will multiply!

If this does not work it is likely the item you want to multiply is too rare.
Easy and fast way to make money.
GLITCH - swimming through the air
[watch the Oblivion swimming glitch by ShinobiGarth]
Heres a glitch i found, and i havent seen anyone else saying they found it. i doubt if im the only one who found this but no one else mentioned it that i know of.

anyway, its during the Dark Brotherhood mission "Permanent Retirement". you are supposed to kill Adamus Phillida, he is a retired Legion officer. anyway you go to the city he lives in (they will tell you once you get the mission, i forgot it), and during the afternoon you will see him swimming in a pond.

well, if you wait by the pond (Auto Wait of course) till just after 9 PM which is when he usually gets out (make sure its just a few minutes after 9), you should see him swimming away in mid air! he will be in his Legion armor, following the guard who protects him, and swimming in MID AIR! he will continue doing this until you talk to him, as far as i can figure out.

BTW, this was done without any of the mods or expansions or any of the DLC turned on. the game version was patched when i did this however.

here's a video i made of it:
Oblivion swimming glitch
God Mode
If you have a Breton or an Orc then get these items:

Amulet of Axes, Escutcheon of Chorrol, Ring of the Iron Fist, Mundane Ring.
You will have 101% Reflect Damage and 100% Magicka Resist.

Note: All of these items except the Escutcheon of Chorrol are random loot for level 20+ characters. The Escutcheon of Chorrol can be obtained by completing the Jemane brothers quest at level 25+ or completing some quests that come after that.
Gold Mines
there are 8 veins of gold in the entire game. They are in Desolate Mine and Abandoned mine. When you activate one of the veins you have a 75% chance of extracting a gold nugget.
gold tip
For those who get confused on what to duplicate(without the june patch) including me, and those who knows it takes time to sell all 100 of your duped items, then all you have to do is complete mazoga the orc quest and find a black bow. next, you dupe the bow and poof!!!! lots of bows to turn into the count of lewayiin. oh, the upside about this is, unlike the shadowbanish wine quest, were she gives 1000 gold for each 6 you bring in, they can be duped. so have fun with it!
Good money
All you have to do is complete the thieves guild and get the cowl and just go round stealing things wearing it and then removing it and yielding to the guards for no fine, also use it when killing.
Grand Champion At Level One
When you are in the arena run out of the gate as quick as you can to the first pillar on the right jump up on top of the pillar (I usually jump up then jump up onto the fence beside it) If you have a bow or just magic that can shoot you can easily defeat enemy's they cannot attack you while u are up there.

Note: Enemy's With Bows can attack you but if u just stay on the ground and hide behind a pillar and pop out every once and a while you will beat marksman opponents very easily. I am level 5 and am currently a Hero And i have done this in every fight and have not lost yet
Grand Champion in Arena Easily, or, just Grand Champion of the Game at low levels.
When you make a character, get a character with a main skills of Destruction, Restoration, and Heavy Armor, or get them to Apprentice. And you should be a High Elf, or Breton. You should have Cold touch, and you should buy the Restorative spell that heals 25. You also start out with absorb 5 health. Now, with those, you can destroy ANYTHING. Here is a little walkthrough that is great for arena.

First, with all the spells listed above, Choose Heavy Rainment(Not the light). Now, use Cold touch on any Imperial City guard about 2-3 times, and resist arrest. Collect his helmet and sheild(I suggest the Imperial Horsemen) Then Yield to a guard, and go to jail. Now complete the main quest till you get into the Blades. With a sigil stone, use it on the Akaviri Katana, and then you have a Sword with Disintegrate armor. Enter the arena with the Sword, the sheild, the helmet, and the Rainment. Use Cold Touch on every opponent, and when you are low on Magicka, Use your sword. When ever you are low on health, Use the Restorative spell.

You can use this method above on ANYTHING. Cold Touch is my Best friend now. Only using 19 magicka, and dealing 15 damage each time. Level 7 Grand Champion High Elf Elven Ranger. Woohoo! I never died too.
Grand soul level
There are 2 things you can conjure with a grand soul level. A Xixili and a lich (not nether lich, just lich) kill these to fill your grand soul gems
Guard/Enemy Off Duty
When there is any guard or enemy that is chasing you, there are a lot of places that you can get a glitch off of using the enemy and the object itself. Here is the list of steps that you do to do this:

1. Find an enemy/guard, anyone who is trying to slay you, and piss them off to where they try to kill you.

2. Find an object that you can jump to that you, and ONLY you have access to (example. House top, tall rocks, places that they can't get you from)

3. Equip any arrows and a bow and start sniping them with the bow until they're dead.

*if they shoot any arrows at you, wait til you hear the swooping sound of the arrow, and scoot over so that it doesn't hit you*

Ideal glitch for, getting away with things, robbery, neeeded possesions, etc. whatever you want. I have killed almost every guard in Imperial City with this glitch.
Guild Specializaations
Cheydinhal - Alteration
Bruma - All
Bravil - Illusion
Anvil - Restoration
Chorrol - Conjuration
Skingrad - Destruction
Leyawiin - Mysticism
hand to hand training
talk to davela hlaren who runs the imperial bridge in. he directs you to cecia. you have to, bearhanded, smack him around for 30 seconds and reduce his health by 40% to prevent him from \"getting bored\". if you can do this, he will train you
Hatreds Heart (bow)
to get this, go the an oblivion gate. If there is a tower that is half sunken in lava, your at the right one. Go behind it, and into a cave. The cave leads you to inside the citidel. Go to the top and you will find hatreds heart (bow) and 13 hatreds soul (arrow) which soul traps
Having Trouble Picking a Horse?
Warrior (Melee)
White Horse (powerful)

Noob (Noob)
Bay Horse/ Paint (Noobish)

Black Horse (speed)

Chestnut (some good speed)
Heavy armor training
first, go talk to varnado. he will tell you were to find Pranal. to get pranal to teach you his skills, you need to bring him a silver pitcher and 4 silver glasses. these can be found (and stolen) from large houses
Helpful Allies
In many quests, unkillable characters will follow you around. If you get them to follow you, then do other quests, they'll come along and fight for you, and if they get killed, they will wake back up soon. The best people I've found for this are the Jemaine twins who used leveled blade and blunt weapons (get them in the reclaim Weatherleah quest) and Martin and Jauffre when you take them to cloud ruler temple. Also guild people like Modryn Orewn and Maglir can follow you. This means you could amass an army of powerful, invinicible people!
Helping Your Horsie
Go to the Arcance University and make yourself a spell with a "Fortify Speed 100 Points for x Seconds on Touch." You can then use this spell on your horse to make it super-fast. Make x as long as you want the spell to last, provided you have enough Magicka to cast the spell.(you will need a Restoration skill of 100 to do this (you can lower the level, but that means less Speed boost and less duration))

Go to the Arcance University and make yourself a spell with a "Water Walking for x Seconds on Touch." Cast it on your horse, and now you can ride right over the water (because we all know how slow horses swim). Make x as long as you want the spell to last, provided you have enough Magicka to cast the spell. (you will need an Alteration skill of 25-100 depending on the duration of the effect (Water Walking is a quite cheap effect itself))

Go to the Arcane University and make yourself a spell with an "Invisibility for x Seconds on Touch." Cast is on your horsie, and your horse will be invisible! I suggest you make yourself an Invisibility spell too, because otherwise, people will see you (mounting the horse will not cancel the invisibility). (you will need an Illusion skill of about 50-100, depending on the duration of the effect (Invisibility is a quite costly effect) (make sure it doesn't cost too much Magicka, as you'll need to cast two spells here)

And those are cool things to do with your horse. You can also fortify its Strength to make it a fighter or any other stat, but those are the most useful.
Here are the cities and what horse you will get from them (and price)

Anvil: white horse $4000
Bravil: Bay horse $1000
Bruma: Paint hourse $500
Chydinhal: Black Horse $5000
Chorrol: Chestnut horse $2500
Imperial City: none
Leyawiin: Paint horse $500
Skingrad: Bay horse $1000
How to avoid getting caught by guards (chameleon)
I decided to do some stealing in the nearest house (any house but no picklocking the door). I couldnt wait so that meant the guards were after me, i went outside the house and ran around, guards chasing me. You need to be able to cast a chameleon spell 25+ seconds on yourself,when you are invisible sit on a bench/chair/stand away from guard/talk to a NPC but dont go near the guard because they will know you are there. The guard will stand still for about 2 seconds then go back to whatever he was doing guarding gate/patrolling. You can use this "chameleon trick" anytime but if you have more than 1 guard following you, it is advised to get further away from the guards when casting the spell. If any problems arise please do a RE: How to avoid getting caught by guards(chameleon - and what the problem is.(Mods might alright have it down).

**NOTE**: This might not work if you are bad at sneaking :S The guards will figure out you are there.
How to defeat Mannimarco, the King of Worms (the easy way)
Mannimarco has tough spells, that make him near invinsible (I couldn't even hurt him, my weapons and spells went right through him). I figured he was some immortal guy. Most guides say to quickly run in and thrash before he can cast a spell, but I came up with an easier solution.
If he casts his spells that make him invinsible before you can attack, jump in the water. He'll jump in right after you. Now go to the underwater cave (make sure you have the bouyancy spell to keep you breathing underwater; you should have gotten that spell in the Mage's Guild quest at Skingrad). Stay in the cave and let him thrash at you with his knife (it's not strong and you can heal any minor wounds he inflicts [he can't cast target spells on you underwater]). Soon, he'll begin to choke and will die from drowning.
I assume this can be applied to other fights with humans, but only if you have a cave in water. And it's quite amusing to see such a powerful wizard fall prey to the water.
How to raise your armorer fast
You need shivering isles for this to work.
Find the amulet of disintegration. Equip it and it will destroy your armor and then repair.
I've seen a lot of complicated cheats and divergents from the original, here's a few.
First, raising the sneak skill is easy. Hack or sneak through the dungeon Vilverin, across from the sewers, until you reach a chamber with six buttons. Press none, and then go to the corner to the right. Apply some scotch or masking tape to the movement control, pressing it forward. Check occasionally, as the novice/apprentice/etc. screens show up.

Next, item duplication, which is done by, if you don't have the patch, equipping a bow and X number of arrows, with X however many items you want to duplicate. Then, simply nock an arrow, press (B), try to unequip the arrows (error message here), and drop the item.

Another useful trick I've picked up is, though this should be pretty obvious, spell power-leveling. All you have to do is get a low-magicka cost spell from the desired school, then just cast it until you have no Magicka left, then rest, and repeat.

The last glitch I've read/discovered is the lockpick glitch. If you flip up the first tumbler, then when you slide the pick to the second one, press (X) halfway. It opens the lock 50% of the time.

(Also, if you drop paintbrushes they stay static and can thus be used as a staircase.)
Illusion Training
first, you must talk to Carahil at the anvil mages guild. Then, he will tell you where to find Martina Floria. She wants 10 welkynd stones to train you. These can be found in ruins all over the place.
Imperial City Jeweler Glitch
Any jewelry that is sold to the jeweler in the imperial city market district is transfered directly to his personal inventory,thus you can pickpocket and retreve the items he just bought. Then you can sell to your fence (if you are involved in the theives guild) or you can keep the item for personal use.
Imperial Dragon Armor
beat the main quest. in 2 weeks, go to the imperial armory. then you will get the armor similar to what martin had. looks pretty good and it has nice enchantments
Independent thevory
If you join the thieves guild, you need to sell a certain amount of stuff to get missions. Here are the amount of money you need to sell to get missions.

Pickpocket= 50= Untaxing the Poor
Footpad= 100= The Elven Maiden
Bandit= 200= Ahdarji's Heirloom
Prowler= 300= Misdirection
Cat Burglar= 400= Lost Histories
500= Taking Care of Lex
Shadowfoot= 600= Turning a Blind Eye
700= Arrow of Extrication
Master Thief= 800= Boots of Springheel Jak
1,000= The Ultimate Heist
Item Duplication
1)Equip ANY set of arrows.

2)Draw your bow back,while its drawn back press B to go to your inventory screen.

3)Click on the arrows you have equipped with A and then on any other set of arrows you own and press A twice.

4)Now find an item you wish to clone and drop it.
Join Dark Brotherhood
To join the Dark Brotherhood you must kill any random person. After doing so, sleep in any bed.After you do this you will be awakened by one of the members of the black hand and he will give you a task to complete. If you finish the task correctly you will be an official member of the Dark Brotherhood.

Keep the boots of Springheel Jak
On the last Theives Guild quest, when you jump down the flue to the "Old Way" don't be wearing your boot of Springheel Jak. If you have moderate health you should survive. Even if you're hurt a lot, it doesn't matter because there aren't any/many enemies nearby, so you can just wait an hour to restore health.
Keeping a summoned monsters weapon
When you summon a monster, he usually has a nice weapon, like the skeletons, they can have Dwarven weapons or even Silver, to keep the weapon they have as your own, you must be a Journeyman in Blade,giving you a sideways power attack with a chance of disarming. Simply summon your creature, and repeatedly use the sideways power attack until you disarm him, pick up his weapon, but be warned, the weapon is considered stolen. If you're a member of the Thieves Guild, selling it to a fence then buying it back makes the weapon clean. Also the weapons can sometimes be enchanted! This is a great way to make money! Have Fun!! Also, the chance of disarming is slim, so just keep trying.
Level sneak up fast
Go to the anvil mages guild ( you have to be in the mages guild ) go to the secound floor pick the door it should be average go in there wait until around 9 there should be a guy who sleeps there he sleeps forever when hes asleep crouch andwalk in a corner make sure your eyes transparent.

also if you want you can make something hold down the left analoge stick to make it walk without you touching it

works every time
Leveling up
To create a awesome character at the beginning of the game(in the prison) you should level up your skills to really high levels before you choose your stats with Baurus! I got too level 24 as soon as I found a bed(it helps to have alchemy in your major skills too).
Light Armor Training
Speak to Luciana Galena in the southern section of Bravil. She will give you the location of J\'Bari who would like a new elven cuirass in exchange for is services. This is easy to find on random people on the road
Light the Dragonfires!
In this main quest, DO NOT stop to kill everyone. they just keep coming. Instead, run to the temple of the one, and inside. Martin will follow you so you dont need to worry about him
Lots of money
To get a lot of money duplicate and sell base necklace of the sea and repeat this and after a while you have a lot of money.
This guy moves around fast. If you find him, speak to him. he has a number of interesting topics. Colovian fur helms, companions, crossbows, dragons fighting and more he doesn't lie at all in fact, just offers his opinion on the subject. These are all things that people wanted them to implement, but Bethesda put M'aiq the Liar to explain why they didn't put these things in.
Mana gain for non mages
For all those people that are either playing with either a warrior, thief, or just have low magic the easiest way to gain magic is to purchase Strong Intelligence potions. You can drink 4 at once and it will add 160 magic to your original magic amount. I used this in order to get the 100% chameleon since i didn't have the magic power available.
Mantle of the Woodsman
main indrediant in market district +5 speed and alchemy -5 strength and endurance
Marksman training
talk to Reman Broder in a house in the southwest corner of Skingrad. He will tell you wear to find Alawen. You can only really find her at night, so wait at her camp. You need an elven bow in order for her to teach you. Go the the market district to get one of these
Master armor skills easy with only one set of armor
Works with any version of the game (patched or not). Equip any armor of the type you want to raise, and make sure you have a 1-handed weapon and shield of the same type equipped too. If the shield is equipped with a weapon, the shield does not take damage, thus making the game believe that your armor still has 100 durability. This makes it so much easier when trying to get master light and heavy armor.
Max Magic Skills
First off equip as spell That belongs to whichever "School of Magic" you want to increase
(it dosen't matter which spell you choose just as long as it dose not do damage). Now find someone
or some thing (It must be a corect target Ex: a
lock for opening spells; a person for charm
spells) in a city and cast the spell as many
times as you can. Once you are out of magika wait
an hour and your magic will be full again! plus as a bounus the autosave (if you have it on) will kick in. Do this as many times as you want and
soon your magic skills will be maxed
Mercantile Training
first, go and talk to Margarte in a house east of leyawiins great chapel of zenithar. she will tell you where to find Palonirya. You need at least 10,000 gold in order for her to train you. dont worry, she wont take it, you just need it in your inventory
Money AND EVERY guild advancement!!!
Money= you can get this from honest labour or just cold hearted easiness,
invest in a good GhostWalk invisibility spell and make sure you can cast it. Steal evry good thing in any house(Theives Guild advancement)and kill every mark(Dark Brotherhood advancement) and then just go into forts and fight!

Good, Happy Killing!= You need to have joind the Dark Brotherhood and have GhostWalk for this, you can sneak into any house and easily slaughter any mark and get the bonus, keep every bonus until u complete the questline, the GhostWalk spell is truly an asset when doing the quest where you must kill Valen Dreth, so as not to be killed by any guard.

Clean, Pure Stealing!= As i have said, GhostWalk is the major spell, here! You can steal everything and nobody can see you except for maybe the high-way men.

Happy Spell Casting WITHOUT the nasty consequences!= GhostWalk again, peoples! Use the spell to have quick access to the forts and caves you must journey to. This also helps when you reach the Warlord so as they cannot see you. If you need to go into the caves and the forts, complete the nirnroot quest and buy a few 300 second night-eye potions so you can see all the way through!

Gladly Hunting in the caves!= Fighters Guild tasks are easy really. Just travel to the assigned location and bam! Knock them over the head with a sword! But to make every quest in this guild easy, keep GhostWalk and a few night-eye potions off Sinderion in Skingrad. These missions are easier with the spell.

Blood Hunting, No biggie!= GhostWalk. What?!? its how i advance.

PS: GhostWALK is the major spell here, this is just an easy an dreliable way 2 complete the game. Also it makes exploring the realm of Oblivion easier for people at level 24. The spell is offered at a mages guild. I just forgbot where though. You can find the spell of the redgaurd or the nord who is useless. This spell is not cheap!!! if you can cast it, then invest in it and then you can be rich and earn more then 100,000 septims. This is MY method for rich fame. Alhough i was origionly good and got my 40,000 richness of making alchemical potions at expert level. So try to be the grand champion of the arena and THEN try this method. if you can afford the spell this method is very handy.
Hpe i helped u pplz!<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
first you go to the arena and save the game befor you bet on a match then you bet on 1 and go see if you win if you do save the game over the first saved 1 and if you bet on a team that does not win just simply reload the game
More money from Cure Vampirism quest
Ok this is pretty simple. First get 5 cloves of nightshade and 6 cloves of garlic (before the quest for some reason it i got a crapload of it all after the quest and it took forever getting it during the ques. Next become a vampire and start up the quest(Be sure it all leads to count Hassildor of Skingrad they made it seem like there were a few ways to cure vampirism. When your done with the quest talk to count hassildor after he's done griefing for his wife then ask about a reward (i did all this weeks after is wife died and everytime i got out of jial hed appear next to me even in the sun burning saying "please....go"). He will give you a reward of 2500 gold after that do it again XD. keep doing this till u have as much as your petty heart desires. Oh and if u get to him through a quest he still gives you 2500 but get to him in his room or something and hell give u 5000. i got way over 2 million doing this.
Mysticism Training
first, speak to ita Rienus in the bravil mages guild. She will tell you were to find Dagail. In order for her to teach you, you need to get through the main quest. after that, she will train you
Nice enchanted item
If you want to enchant a weapon, but you're nervous about always recharging it, stop worring! First, buy soul trap from pretty much any mages guild spell-seller (the simpler, the better). Then make sure you're an apprentice of mysticism (do this by spamming the spell "minor life detection"; buyable at Edgar's Discount Spells, Imp. City Market Dis.) Then, do the Azura quest (must be level 2, located at the shrine north, north east of Lake Arrius, which is north, north west of Cheydinhal). You will get Azura's Star as a reward (a re-useable non-black grand soul gem.) Next, use your soul trap spell on something with a grand soul, like a minotaur lord, or orge, or a person, if you have a black sould gem (you could also find a full grand soul gem somewhere in your travels or buy one at some mages guild halls). At the Arcane University (must be mage's guild apprentice) go the Chironasium and use an alter. Select your weapon, your grand soul, and then your enchantments. Whatever enchantment you choose, also add soul trap for 1 sec on target. This means that anything you kill with the weapon will go straight to Azura's Star and can re-charge your weapon. I personally have a Daedric Longsword (the Incinerator of Akatosh) with fire damage 15 for 1 sec and soul trap for 1 sec. It's awesome, and I've never ran out of charge! Even if you do run out of charge, you can still use the weapon afterwards and it can still do its base damage, even on ghosts. If you run out of charge in a dungeon, it might be worth carring around an iron dagger with soul trap for 30 sec. That way, you can wack 'em with the dagger, then finish 'em with your drained, enchanted weapon. Then, recharge your drained weapon, and carry on. Good hunting!
No more evil vamps. ;)
Dont wanna become a vamp but wanna do all the quests?!?!? Well, before you kill seridur OR even enter the memorial cave, steal yourself a shiny dagger, not broken and great! Enhance it with something if you want to. It has to be SILVER, else this won't work! Go invisible, with a long long lasting night eye or a torch. Then sneak... Go behind a vampire and slay it. The vampire will fall onto the floor, and heavily armoured vampires are easy to kill.
Order of the virtuous blood
speak to seridur in the imperial city to become a vampire hunter. after completing the quest, you get 250 gold for each vampire dust you find
Permanent Effect of Boots of Springheel Jak
First you must have completed the Thieves Guild quests without destroying the Boots of Springheel Jak. In order to do that you must simply survive a small fall near the end of the last quest with the boots unequipped.

After that go to the Shrine of Sanguine and get the quest there. Follow what the quest tells you to do and when you cast the spell, guards will try and arrest you. Get arrested. (Don't worry, all your equipment is in a chest at the Shrine of Sanguine, so you shouldn't lose anything.)

After you serve your time, you should have the Boots of Springheel Jak in your inventory. If you try to equip them, it will say "You can not equip this enchanted item at this time." But if you check your Active Effects page under Fortify Acrobatics, it should say that you still have the boost from the boots. You can also feel free to equip any other boots as well.

SJ edit:Players have stated that the boots must be equipped at the time of being arrested
Permenant Bound Armor
It is crucial that you are an expert in armorer. Now get a few repair hammers, spells that summon bound armor(all if you want or only light or heavy armor spells, I only kept the heavy) and access to a spellmaking altar. Now make a spell that summons all armor at once for a few secs(or make a few spells that summon each piece of armor.) Now summon all of the armor that you can and repair armor past 100% effectiveness and it becomes yours! you now have awesome weightless daedric armor.

SJ Edit: Thanks to Swk3000 for mentioning the below:

He forgot to mention that you have to drop the Bound Armor and wait for the spell to expire before you can keep the stuff.
Popular Nirnroot Location
Fast travel to Anvil Lighthouse. Turn behind you and go to the little rock behind the lighthouse, and you'll find your first Nirnroot. Now, search along the shore to the Northwest. Continue along here right until you can't go any further, making sure to search along the beaches of any islands out in the sea that you find. I managed to pick up 12 Nirnroots from this. Very profitable.
Quick and easy kills in the Arena
If you have pretty high sneak and marksman skills, simply stand at the gate in sneak mode (chameleon scrolls help) with a nice enchanted bow and arrows. The opponents know you're there until they reach the middle where they stop. Take aim and shoot at them. Sometimes the opponent may walk forward and spot you but if not it's an easy fight - 3 hits to kill most with good weapons and skills.

*NOTE* Only works with single enemies and the chameleon scroll must be equipped before the gate lowers.
And don't take to long to hit them or they'll run towards you and see you.
Quicksilver Boots
Divine Elegance in Imperial City Market District. +10 agility and speed -5 heavy and light armor
read all directions before doing this please

this is a really easy glitch.

1)go to weynon priory
2)go to the horse stables
3)you should see a man named eronor or something
4)attack him
5)notice he will not ackknowledge you attacked him
6)since he is from a quest, he will go unconcious
7)repeat this process with magic,blades,fists,anything
8)also,you can use the pickpocket trick, and as soon as he's about to get up as your in sneak mode make sure no one is looking and pickpocket him as soon as hes about to get up.
9)but then you can repeat this and will have NO BOUNTY AT ALL. i got to like level 11 with this in at least a day.

NOTE: you can't let anyone see you when you do this,or else you can get a bounty or even get attacked. if this happens and they attack, LT+ A and you will yeild and they will forgive you.

and also if you make the difficulty as hard as possible (move bar to the right) then you will probably get the levels easier.

and something funny happens sometimes. go in sneak mode and hit him and he'll go flying like 5 feet its hilarious!
Replica Weapons
If you see a weapon and are planning to steal it, always check to see if it is a Replica, IE Glass Dagger Replica, don't even bother taking it, as it will break in one hit, you could always use it to train armorer though...
Restoration Training
Talk to Marz in bravils great chapel of mara. she will tell you where to find Oleta. You need to remove the oblivion gate outside the walls of kvatch. close the gate and she will teach you restoration
Renestones are similar in their rough appearance to doomstones but for the green runic script that appears down the side of most. there are 24 rulestones there are three types. hestra, reman, and sidre ashak. the hestra stones give you gauntlets and either a dagger or mace. the reman stones give you a cuirass and a longsword or ax. the sidri ashak give you a helmet and bow
Scroll of Annal of the Fire Nexus
This scroll is found at Southern Books in Leyawiin. It does the same thing as the Stormrider Scroll, except with fire
Secret Chest
In the begining of the game when cash is hard to come by,and you need a place to stash your loot but cant afford a house,iv got a special treat for you. Go to Anvil's docking yard and walk over to the pier with no ship on it (closest to the lighthouse and door to Anvil)and jump in the water. Swim around next to the wall and you should find a chest(i think its even got 100 bucks in it). Since its under water nobody can reach it and all your stuff will be safe if you decide to toss some in it. But after i tossed in more than i could carry in a million trips back and forth i noticed that it started to slow down the game when i wanted to take some out or put some in. But its a good quick fix,merry christmass
See Underwater
When you're swimming, go into first person mode and look exactly along the water level. You should see half above it and half below it. However, the water won't look murky, but like bright, ordinary land. You will still have to hold you're breath, but you will be able to see fish, chests, clams, topography, and dropped items easily.
Seeing your outline at 100% Chameleon
If you are using clothing, you can add another item with chameleon, exit the item screen, go back and take it off. Or you can cast a Chameleon spell, when it expires, you will be able to see your outline, but you will still be at 100% Chameleon.
Shimmering Isles Achievements
Aspirant, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Aspirant Rank in the Court of Madness

Citizen, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Citizen Rank in the Court of Madness

Madman, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Madman Rank in the Court of Madness

Honored Madman, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Honored Madman Rank in the Court of Madness
Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles 30

Reached Duke of Dementia Rank in the Court of Madness
Duke Mania, Shivering Isles 30

Reached Duke of Mania Rank in the Court of Madness

Regent, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Regent Rank in the Court of Madness

Defender, Shivering Isles 20
Reached Defender of the Realm Rank in the Court of Madness

Madgod, Shivering Isles 50
Stopped the Greymarch
Sigil Stone Enchantments
The left is your level, the right is the level of the sigil stone.

1-4 Descendant (weakest)
5-8 Subjacent
9-12 Latent
13-15 Ascendant
17+ Transcendent (strongest)


These are the sigil stone enchantments you can put onto your armor

fortify agility
resist disease
fortify fatigue
fortify health
fortify intelligence
fortify magicka
forticy speed
fortify strength
fortify willpower
spell absorption
fortify blade
fortify blunt
fire shield
resist fire
frost shield
resist frost
water walking
night eye
resist shock
shock shield
resist magic
detect life
These are all the effects of sigil stones you can put onto your weapons

absorb agility
absorb endurance
absorb fatigue
absorb health
absorb magicka
absorb speed
absorb strength
damage fatigue
damage health
damage magicka
disintegrate armor
disintegrate weapon
fire damage
frost damage
shock damage
soul trap
turn undead
Silver arrows easy
Join the arena in Imperial City and do missions until you fight this Dark Elf w/ bow. He also has a sword, so save your game right before you fight him. Stay away from him and go down into where the yellow team door is. If you wait, he will shoot silver arrows at you. Dodge them and let them hit the door and they will get stuck. If you get too close, he pulls out a sword, so you will need to reload the save if this happens. Kill him when you have enough arrows. It doesn't take too long.
Silver mines
you find silver in no less then 16 mines in cyrodiil. simply select a silver vein and you have a 75% chance of getting a silver nugget
Sins? No probz
Normally, being evil means no alter nonsense or praying to little mother mara.
But if your like me, you may have been through a good phase but slipped up and actually liked it!
The blood-rush and money! But you might still want healing? Well keep going to the arena and keep fame above infamy, lol, it works!!!

Hope i kept more than just me from being a vampire!!
Sithis Shrine and blessings
First You must buy the deepscorn hollow and in the game the Ichor of Sithis which will activate the shrine in deepscorn. This shrine will give you blessings depending upon your infamy level.

If your infamy is 0 the shrine will tell you to "Recant your honorable nature" and not give you a blessing, if it is 1 to 20 it gives you call of sithis curing disease, fortifying health, and restoring attributes, over 20 and under 50 gives you increased fortify health and adds Agility and sneak boost to everything else, 50 to 90 increases the fortify health, agility, and sneak boost, and over 90 increases them yet again with a powerful chameleon enchantment along with everything else. sometimes it can be good to be bad
Skill Up Ideas
use the duplication code for rice and another food (like flour). make sure you are standing next to a vendor that you can sell potions too. go crazy making the potions and then sell them all to the guy. good way to make money AND increase you skills

conjure a skamp over and over and over again. this is actually quicker then you may think

create a spell that does 1 damage to self for 1 second. keep using this over and over

go to the sewer. see a rat. stand there. for a long time. keep a heal spell handy. your skill will go up in no time

create a spell that uses a little amount of magica. it must be cast on self. keep using it over and over

Go to the Arena, fight 3 minotaur lords. equip a rusty iron bow and iron arrows. wait in the passage before the gate. they cant hurt you there. open fire and watch your skill raise

to to a corner inside a house. push the sneak down. take a rubber band (outside of game) and put it on the controler so its pusing against the corner. make sure your in sneak. go to sleep (outside the game) and when you wake up your sneak skill will be at level 100

Speechcraft training
Talk to Varon Vamori in bravil. He will tell you were to find Tandilwe. Talk to her, and she will send you on a mission to talk to ALL the beggars in the game. do this, and she will train you
Stealing From Blind NPCs
I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability and pick it up before they see you. Done.
Store Items In Shadowmere
In order to do this, you must have done the Dark Brotherhood quests up to the part where you get Shadowmere.

If you've noticed, you can store your items and weapons/armour on the corpses of dead creatures/humans. Shadowmere is capable of becoming knocked out, but the game counts it as a death. While Shadowmere is 'dead', you can store items that are useless or just dead weight and store it with Shadowmere, then Shadowmere will rise again and you will have a horse AND more room without losing your items.
Stormrider Scroll
Renoits books in chorrol. 100% resist shock on self, 100 shock damage 25ft of target
super easy sneak lvl up! and beat the arena in 10 min.
on the main menu go to options then game play put diffuculty all the way to the left.Start a new game then in the begining be a theif.when ur done with the beginning go to the arena sighn up for a fight then take a claymor then start the battle you will be able to be the grand champion.

I did this and became the grand champion in 10 min on lvl 1!

ok sneak skill.After you are grand champion walk out of the blood works there will be an adoring fan that runs up to you let him follow you then go someware where no one can see you DON'T KILL HIM!!!! insted sneak and pick pocket him take his stuff if u want. he wont't notice. keep looking at him press A than B A B A B A B A B A B A B contenue doing that and after about 12 times you will gain lvls. Do this until your sneak lvl is at the lvl u like.ENJOY!!!
The areana master
To become the champion defeat 4 fights. Then on your fifth things get a little harder so jump around the spikes that are around the areana and you can annoy most apponents to death and shoot spells of fire and shoot arrows in relitevly safety.
The Coolest Item
There is a great power in Cyrodiil. No, it's not the Oblivion Gates. No, it's not the Elder Scrolls. And no, it's not you either. There is an item with a unique, inexhaustible power. It's ubiquitous and easily over looked. What is this wondrous object, you ask? It's a paint brush, ladies and gentlemen, yes a paint brush.

Just open some crates in Imperial Market District and you'll find some paint brushes. Take two. Go anywhere, and then go into your inventory and drop one paint brush. It will hover immoveable in front of you. Jump onto it (This can take some practice). Crouch and drop the other paint brush in front of you. Stand up then jump onto it. Crouch, turn around and pick up the first brush. Repeat, and you can climb to the top of the White Gold Tower if you have the patience. I recommend saving after each successful jump, so you don't slip on the 100th jump and waste a bunch of time.

You can also use paint brushes to make barricades around you, an enemy, or any NPC (NPCs are too dumb to jump over a brush, but you're not, right?). There're also very useful in the arena. Drop a bunch of brushes across the entrance to the tunnel, and melee enemies will run pointlessly against the barricade while you pug them with arrows and/or blast them with magic.

Uses for paint brushes are only limited by your creativity. Enjoy!
The Fin gleam
original:The Fin Gleam is a glass helm that can be obtained at any level. It has night eye, detect life, and water breathing on it.

In order to get it you have to travel to anvil then swim over to the small island to the north west. Once on the island go to the middle of it and drop off of the west side of it. Swim down to the bottom of the ocean there and next to a pile of rocks there will be a skeleton and the Fin Gleam.

Edit:The fin gleam helm is not in the north west.

The Fin Gleam helm, which is actually really close to the small island by Anvil. The helm is located in between the "B" in "Abecean Sea" on the map and the small island. Just swim from the island almost straight down in the direction towards the "B" and you should come across a glowing helm that is lying on top of a skeleton at the sea bottom. Just use the map, position your arrow on the map in such a way that it touches the island as it appears in the screenshot, and look around. You should be able to find it.

screenshot : http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/1487/screenshot107sj.jpg

credit goes to lickthmonkeys Xd for the correction
The invisible man- foolproof
When I tried "shadow hide you"'s trick for an invisible armor i realized IT WASN"T REALLY ARMOR!!

SO here's my best procedure for an ultimate armor.

During the mission that lets you into the Order of the Blood (the vampire hunters in the imperial city) when you find the final target vampire, Kill him and take ALL his armor. All five pieces. Helm, Cuirass, greaves, gauntlets, and boots. This armor is (USUALLY) made of glass, and very light and protective (plus it looks cooler than mithril armor)

I do not recommend using heavy armor like the daedric armors. They just weigh you down, and you don't need that. After all, after this nothing will hit you!

once you have all these armor bits, get an additional item for the final enchantment. Any jewellery will do, even a shield will suffice because it won't serve any real purpose after you are done.

Get enough gold and grand soul gems to enchant all these items. Now, go to the arcane university and enchant all the items with the 20% chameleon and then equip them. In this way you don't have to worry about relying on the glitch to allow your 100% chameleon to render you invisible. Instead you will have 120% and NOTHING will see you or be able to retaliate.

Note: I advise staying in first person mode because you can easily fall into lava or traps or other location pitfalls not since you cannot see yourself

Happy hunting!
The purification quest
You have to be a vampire for this to work:

When Taleandril is sleeping feed on her she will get up and shoot at you with her arrows, for some reason none of them will hurt you (i have tryed this 3 times now and it has worked every time)
The Stormrider Scroll
This scroll can be found at Renoits Books in the city of Chorrol. It gives you 100% resistance to shock damage for 5 seconds, and 100 points of damage 25 feet from the caster. A nice spell for sticky situations
The Super Hero Sequence
This is a sequence for a super strong and fast char

-Access to enchanting items
-know how to dupe

When you escape from the prison after character creation, go directly to the arena

wait till 9 am and fight untill champion then do the Orcs quest and gain the extra skills before you challange him to become grand champion

so now your done with the arena - just check in with them for new matches with creatures

go to talos plaza in the impirial city and go to dorians house

bribe him with out maxing his disposition making it go to 0 - 69 back and forth untill your new earned gold is all gone

now KILL DORIAN! how ever you do it - do it swift and silent... >

anyways - now you can loot his body for all the gold u bribed him with..again...and again...and again! OMG FREE GOLD?!?! MUhahahahahahah!

so yeah - now u got a boatload of gold and can buy all the cheap whine you want or pay off any crime you commit!

so now you have to join the mages guild and do the 7 missions for reccomendations to gain access to the enchanting alters

find a grand soul gem from one of the mages and go trap something in it

now this is where time is consumed
**I suggest having a few hours to do this**

Hopefully you found a blank ring of some kind and bought all the spells from the mages during the missions for recommendations

Dupe a bunch of rings and soulgems

Enchant the rings as follows
-a fortify attribute
-short name *e.g str1 str2

make a bunch of rings fortifying attributes or skills +10
WITH DIFFERENT NAMES like *str1 str2 str3

when your done drop your arrows untill u have 2 left

dupe all the rings you made so you have 2 of each

now equip ONE of the rings you made and punch the ground like your duping - click the arrows and dupe the ring your DONT have on so it drops both of them

now its like you have them on but you actually dont! ( I usually leave them on the ground till im done)

do this for every ring you enchanted and your stats and skills will be uber high! depending on what enchantments you put on the rings
(doing this with night-eye or detect-life or light can be verry annyoing!)

**you can undo this buy equiping the ring again and taking it off**

I just swam east of bravil and dropped them at the bottom of the lake lol

so now your char should be uber strong and fast!

then after that i dont really care what you do!
go do what super-human people would do
The Ultimate Armor
This is just a great tip if you want an ultimate character as far as equipment:

1. Enchant each piece of your armor with 20 % Chameleon, which adds up to 5 pieces of armor up to 100% chameleon.(With 100% Chameleon enemies do not see you at all.)

2. Enchant your rings, your amulet, and shield with a certain Sigil of Transcendent.(You find these in oblivion gates.) Find the Sigil of Transcendent that gives 50 pts of Magicka bonus on armor. Duplicate that stone and enchant your rings, amulet, and shield with it.(If you do not know how to duplicate then find the cheat on the internet, it's everywhere.) Giving you a 200 pts of magicka bonus total. The reason I say put magicka bonus on is for creating powerful spells in spellmaking.

3. At last, in Chorrol there is a scroll that does 100 lightning damage in 25 ft. radius. Duplicate that and set it to your hot keys. You'll be set forever!

Now have a good time!
To increase any skill that includes a weopon.
Ask around and you will get a quest called "for whom the gods annoy" Visit her and get the scoop. Later in the quest you will get a daedric staff. It is a prankster staff Four scamps will follow you. Turn up your difficulty and kill away. They will not attack back and will re-spawn every 15-20 seconds. You can keep it as long as you want and i find it very fun to have scamps follow you around although they will not attack.
Training by Watching
[Blade and Block]
At cloud ruler temple, plagius and fortis are practicing from 5 am to 8 pm. stand close to them for a few minutes and your blade and block skill will both raise by 2

[Hand to Hand]
Go to a small pavilion north of the Arena, where Branwen and Saliith practice hand to hand from 6:00am to 1:00am. stand close to them for about a minute, and your hand to hand skill will increase by 5
Two Imperial Guards Fight to the Death
Just after you beat the main storyline head over to the north side of Bruma, outside the walls. It is just by Cloud Ruler Temple, if that helps.

Walk around the edges of the walls and eventually you will see two Imperial Guards equipped with bows fighting each other. One kills the other (depends), then walks over and loots his body.

Just a easter egg I found =]
unlimited level up blunt and blade weapons
When in Cheyyindal, there is a woman with a Daedric staff that makes those imps follow you. Well, she will give it to you but you have to put it back on the shrine. Well, when you have it, kill them all you want and they just keep coming back. I leveled up 10 levels in about 5 hours of doing it. Pretty easy I thought!
Vampire (Feeding)
if you are a vampire and are looking to feed, the easiest way is to wait until 12 at night, use hunters eye and find the nearest beggar sleeping. make sure no guards are close though, because feeding is a crime
VERY Easy Money
Alrighty then! A very simple way to get money!
1. Go to the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City.
2. Find the house owned by a Redguard named Dorian.
3. Bribe him. Don't FILL his disposition.
4. Attack him. DO NOT KILL!
5. Yield so he understands it was an honest mistake (even though it wasn't)
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 a couple more times, maybe 5 or 6 times.
8. Once he's dead, continue taking his gold-it never disappears! We did the bribing thing so he'd have more and it would take a shorter amount of time. Anyways, take as much gold as you want. It's freeee!

If you would like to, you can take his clothing and other stuff, but that's not important.


Once you have your desired gold (I've actually gotten to 1,000,000), leave the house. If a guard comes up to you forcing you to go to jail, pay a fine, or resist arrest, just pay the fine.
I mean c'mon! You're rich now! Now, go buy Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad! Quick, quick, before Shum gro-Yarug dies! He died in one of my games!
*Dry look*

Have fun! And happy cheating!


SJ Edit: Has been reported that several players have been able to only take the gold once, this may have something to do with the alleged 1.2 patch fixing the glitch
Weapon Availability
Your level and the weapons you can obtain

1 Iron
2 Steel
4 Silver
6 Dwarven
9 Elven
12 Glass
16 Ebony
20 Daedric

note magical weapons are available 2 levels higher then their equivalents
Wear 3 rings
I found that this works in combination with the copy items cheat.

If you get the Ring of Omnipotence, this one works best for that ring. Haven't had it work for the other rings though. Unequip your weapon, have 10 arrows equipped, punch, then drop arrows(press 'A' button), then drop the ring to mutiply it. Then put on 1 of the rings, then mutiply the rings again with the 10 arrows, as before.
All the stat bonuses remain permanent to your character, and you can wear two more rings, for a total of 3 rings.
Where to buy homes
ANVIL (Benirus Manor)
Price: 5,000
Furnishings: n/a (already furnished)
Total cost: 5,000
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Lich tomb in the basement, 2nd floor balcony

SKINGRAD (Rosethorn Hall)
Price: 25,000
Furnishings: (Colovian Traders)
Desirability factor: 10/10
Extras: Maid, hidden treasure, 2nd floor balcony

Price: 10,000
Furnishings: (Novaroma)
Desirability factor: 9/10
Extras: None

Price: Free*
Desirability factor: 8/10
Extras: Altar of Enchanting, Altar of Spellmaking, alchemical table & garden,
portals to all Mages Guilds
When there is an undestructible quest character, (person indicated by a crown, not the crosshair with their lifebar) just make sure that there are no
guards around first. Sneak behind him while in stealth mode, make sure the eye is transparent, and equip your bow and arrow or a strong sword,
and power charge, attack them, so that they fall down in the unconcious state. Wait in stealth mode next to them, and just as soon as they've awaken (they should still be on the ground) use the pickpocket option, and QUICKLY pick pocket them before they get up off the ground. BUT, make sure to only pickpocket them ONCE or Twice at the max in every attempt. When they get up, you can talk to them, and they won't get mad, and they'll talk to you like they just met you. Repeat the pickpocket cheat I just gave, but remember to only pickpocket them once or twice while they're still on the floor, because taking more than 2 items may result in them knowing you pickpocketed them and causing the guards to arrive.

P.S. the guards or anyone lawful will not know what you've done.


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De-steal your stolen equipment
It only works on part of your stolen goodies, but still...

OK, so first, you need at least two of everything that you want stolen status taken off of & they all items must be 100% repaired so that they stack in your inventory.[You cannot have an unstolen piece of the same equipment in your inventory, either.]
[This will not work if they don't stack!]
SO, you will equip one of all the stolen equipment, then the equipment will unstack in your inventory. This should glitch your inventory into un-stealing the unequipped weapon. Now, you must drop the unequipped items, THEN the stolen equipped items. Then pick all of the items back up (do this in sneak mode or your house so as not to get arrested for re-stealing your dropped stolen goods.) Now, the unequipped items you dropped should register as non-stolen items.
Sadly, the equipped items will remain stolen.

But hey, you can now get better merchant deals on some of your "stolen" goods
Duplicate glitch
Works with Game of the year edition and works with all patches.

You must have 2 of the same scroll

Step 1 - Go to your inventory.

Step 2 - Highlight 2 of the same scroll.

Step 3 - Press A twice on 2 of the same scrolls.

Step 4 - Drop the item you wish to duplicate.
Exit Jail Cell At The Beginning
When you first start the game you'll be in a jail cell. Walk up to the cell doors (the bars) and wait for the guards to come. Crouch and stand right in the middle of the two doors and if you aim towards the guards and move around a little bit it will say pickpocket guard and when you do make sure they catch you then they will open the doors and you can leave your cell.

You will not be able to leave the dungeons though when you click on the wooden door to leave nothing happens. You can easily master your sneak, destruction, blade, block, and hand to hand. The guards cannot die so you can attack them as much as you want but they will attack back so turn the difficulty down. And by holding LT(block) and pressing A they will always forgive you.
Floating Weapon
First you need a scroll or spell for a conjoured weapon. Second, you need a horse. Any will do. Cast your spell then hop on the horse. It will say 'Can't unequip this weapon.' Check your inventory. Just to be sure, hop on your horse and hop off a second time. Pull the right trigger. Your fists should come up with the weapon in hand. Go and punch stuff and your weapon will 'float' between your two hands. Be sure to save before testing! Will crash 360 if tried to switch to a different weapon!
Free Guard Armor & Weapons
OK this glitch is complicated but fun at the same time.

First you need to make and acquire some items. These items would be Sanguine's Rose, (from Sanguine Shrine quest), Wabbajak, (from Sheogorath's Shrine quest), (Wabbajak optional) and Azure's Star, (from Azura Shrine quest). Next you need to know or create a creature conjuration spell (not too powerful, like any of the Novice or Apprentice spells will do just nicely and make them last for about 20 sec.). After that you need to have access to the Arcane University tower or the Spellmaking and Enchantment Alters in the outer part of the University and either make your spell and/or a weapon (it doesn't matter but sword is recommended) and put on it a Soul Trap, Shock, Fire, and Frost damage. We're almost finished, next you need to be in a city any will do but the most fun is in the Market District of the Imperial City.

Save your game if you can't live with the guilt of what your about to do or what you just set free, but if you can deal with then don't (but still saving is the better choice.). OK this is where all the stuff you made and acquired comes in handy.

First Summon a Zombie, Ghost, or Scamp it doesn't matter but anyways after doing so use Sanguine's Rose on your creature to summon another creature (summoning could range from Scamp to a Xivlai) which the guards will always take notice to (to have even more fun with this if you have Wabbajak then use it on your summoned creature for added results). After that just sit back and let the newly summoned creature do its thing.

Now you may be wondering what the point is to this insanely long and blood soaked glitch well its simple really when they die you can loot their bodies for their armor, clothes, weapons, ingredients (a.k.a. beard or venison), keys, or gold. The best part is that if the creature doesn't kill the guards then sometime they will kill each other and I mean that they will chase each other to their bed so long as their not breathing anymore!!!

Note: This glitch will always work so long as you do not interfere or say you or your creature hurt or killed a guard then you're out of luck because they think you're the enemy now.

Note: Lastly you may do this in every city but keep this in mind…if you do this then it will get pretty quite around the cities. LOL
free iron arrows
some times at the arena there will be a blue team combatnt shooting arrows at the target and you can take them and it doesnt count as stealing (you do not have to be the grand champion) i dont know what it comes under so i just chose this one.
free jail roam and teleporting guard glitch
OK first go to the jail tell the jailer you would like to visit some one thin when he unlocks the door tell him again thin he will walk away when he gets to the stairs he will teleport to his desk and you can roam the jail cells
get away with murder and get away with picking locks
When you compleat the theives guild quest line you'll get the grey cowl. Find an unsuspecting citizen (with no crown and no gaurds by him) and equipt the cowl. kill the person and quickly and unequiped the cowl. The gaurds will not come after you.Pick a lock with the cowl on and when you get inside a building take off the cowl. (THIS DOSE NOT WORK ON GAURDS!!!!!) i hope this helps if you don't like someone and you wanna assassinate 'em =)
Permanent bound weapons (alternate)
This is another way of keeping any bound weapon you get. Summon a weapon of your choice, either through spell or stone like the Reman stone I used when I discovered this. After getting your item of choice get into a fight with a human character that fights with melee weapons. If they disarm you find the weapon that you had. You will notice it will now not act like a normal bound weapon if you pick it back up. Drop it again for the remainder of the spell. It should remain on the ground. Pick it up for your permanent bound weapon.

Note: I found this on the Game of the Year addition with the DLC disc loaded. Not sure if this is applicable with other DLC and patches loaded.
Saliith's Imaginary Friend
I was doing my normally thing walking around town using my newly made riot spell. I used it on Branwen and Saliith (The boxers) near the arena. Saliith wasn't affected he ran off. Bran wen was attacked by 3 gaurds she was killed. I came back later and talked to Saliith. (Who was boxing the air).
He said he was training with Branwen and he was too busy to talk as if Branwen was there!
Soul Gems Glitch
To do this have a soul gem to fill. Summon and kill a scamp to fill the soul gem. Now keep summoning and killing scamps and more soul gems will appear in your inventory filled.

This might work with other summon creatures too.

Easter eggs

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City-Swimmer Failed Pickpocket
If you ever find City-Swimmer in Bravil, crouch and follow her around the town. At some point she'll try to pick-pocket someone. Unfortunately she fails and gets caught. Then the guards start chasing her and, eventually, kill her.
Easy Sneak Lv.Up
First go to jail, then crouch near a wall. Your Sneak Level will increase. This may take a while ,so you may want to get a rubber band and put it on your controller's thumb stick ...(in real life)... so that your corrector's sneaking forward. Remember wireless controllers turn off after so long/

SJ Edit: Thanks to XamountofX for spotting an alternate method to doing this, which can be found below

It was partially correct, when you first start out in the dungeon you crouch asap and go behind the table. facing the table walk up onto the table into the corner of the wall where your not moving but your character is still trying to sneak forward. the guards do not come at all until you get off the table. i raised my sneak lvl to journeyman before deciding to jump off the table. you might want to tie off the thumb stick and do something else if you plan on going that far with it.
(You have to be in the mages guild)
do the recemendaion for the chorol mages guild.what you have to do is see this girl.she wants this book called 'fingers of the mountain'.go to the guy that will send the recemendaion.tell his she is looking for a book,get the book but GIVE the book to the girl (sorry don't know her name)she will tell you to met her at the grey mere (I think thats what its called)the next day.she will tell you that she found something in the book.she will give you a list of things to do.you have to get a aield stone (I think that how you spell it)and you have to HAVE A SHOCK POWER then go back to the place where you got the book then shock the broken pillar then BAM you get a very weak but helpfull power

hope it helps :-)


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"The" sneak cheat
Become grand champion of the arena in the Imperial City. Get the fan, tell him to follow you. Find a discreet place and steadily pickpocket him. He'll never in anyway try to stop you. Doing this you can quickly and easily raise your sneak skill. (Sorry about how straight forward this cheat is but i've typed it about a million times now)
. Scroll Duping

There is a cool glitch in oblivion which allows you to get many of the same type of items!

First get £ of one scroll and a different scroll E.G. (3)Flare and water breathing
First equip one, then equip the stacked one then drop the item you want duped.
You now have 3 of that item, Enjoy!
100% Chameleon
This cheat works with both Xbox360 and PC.

This is a very useful cheat if you're trying to do anything, particularily the Dark Brotherhood and the Theives Guild quest lines. It will help you murder undetected, even if you do it in broad daylight, you can also steal peoples items from right under their noses! But you cannot pickpocket undetected.

First of all, you will need the following things :

1. Access to the Arch-Mage's quarters in the Mage Guild.

2. 5 Grand Soul Gems, Soul Level : Grand

3. 5 clothing items (Shirt, Shoes, Pants, Jewlery and rings)

4. Enough Coins to make an enchantment (8,000 septims at least)

5. The Chameleon Spell (You can get this from Ida in the Bravil Mages guild, you have to have at least 50 illusion to perform this spell, it gives you chameleon 25%)

Steps :

1. Go to the Arch-Mages quarters, and use the altar of enchantment.

2. Enchant your clothing/jewlery with chameleon and give it a name. DO NOT ENCHANT IT WITH ANYTHING ELSE (If the chameleon enchantment doesn't come up, you're level is too low or you don't have enough magicka)

3. Repeat steps 1+2 for 5 pieces of clothing (20%+20%+20%+20%+20%=100%) And You will have full chameleon! If you can still see a faint outline of yourself, that means you have less than 100%, you're not supposed to see yourself at all

NOTE : Make sure you're wearing ALL the 5 pieces of clothing/jewlery if you want to be full chameleon, or else it won't work.


Email me @ : Tawingo8@hotmail.com with suggestions
100k in 10 Minutes, Plus Mercantile XP
First, you will need 50 arrows of any kind, a Spelldrinker Amulet (Obtained from Arcane University Quest, can't remember which one.), and 10 minutes of your time. Head over to the Imperial City Market District, and find some shop called "Divine Elegance". The money she is able to sell you is 1200, and when you cut the Amulet's price in half, you get 1200. Swing with your weapon or your firsts, and when your halfway through with you attack, go to your inventory. Press A on the arrows twice. It should say "You cannot change weapons while attacking." Drop the Amulet, and 50 of them will spawn. Pick up every one, Then sell it back to her, leaving 1 left. Repeat for 10 minutes, and you will soon have 100,000 septims. Also, I became a Master of Mercantile from it, so it's good XP.
Azura's Star Money! 500k + Mercantile xp in 10-20 min.
First you have to have:
Azura's Star
to go to bruma
know the duplication with a bow and arrow
50 arrows [recommended]

Go to Nord Winds, (in Bruma) and go to the merchant, but before you go 2 the merchant, you need to duplicate the azura's star, they should be 980 gp ea, so keep it up, and you can have 500k nad a level 79 mercantile, like me!
Clavicus Vile (keeping umbra)
unless you have xbox live, and patches download automatically, do not keep umbra. you game will freeze. (if you have to dog in your bag) in the beginning of the quest, after you are done talking to clavicus, quick go to any city ASAP. then you might not have the dog. good luck
Complete Arena in 20min. / Hand to Hand/Weapon lv.Up
First start the Arena. Get an arena battle, and when you walk through the arena door you should be in a hallway leading up to a gate. walk up to the gate and make a 180 degree turn, so you are facing the hallway. to the left of the hallway opening there is a little ledge. Jump up there and you will learn that there is no barrier for the wall so you can walk through it. (once on the ledge walk as far to the right as you can) Once you walk through the wall try and get on the hallway's invisible celling and wait for your opponent to come into the hallway. Now look to your right there should be a little ledge/step at level with the ground. equip your weapon of choice (including fist)and attack. Since you are behind the wall they cannot attack you, and also will not block allowing easy levels. And before you battle the Gray Prince talk to him and get his quest.


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Daedric Quests (Namira)
Again no one tells you about the namira shrine east southeast of bruma. you have to get drunk in order to activate the shrine. drink a few rounds of wine and your set. you have to help her \"forgotten\" in a quest after you activate the shrine. do this, and she will give you a ring of namira with a very nice reflect damage and reflect spell enchantment

SJ Edit: several players have mentioned that you need to lower your personality to 20 points or below, which is where getting "drunk" comes in, as the effects of the wine lowers personality


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Dorian House glitch
In Dorian's house in Talos Plaza walk into the wall on the upper-right of the room Dorian is in. You should fall down into abyss and then drop in the place right next to the wall. Try it and push Dorian while he's dead. His dead body will flop.
duplicate arrows quickly
to quickly dupe arrows you drop all of your arrows except for one arrow.equip the arrow in your inventory then pick up the other arrows. then you draw back your bow and go into your inventory press A on your arrows that you are using and drop the arrows that you are not using and it comes out as how ever many arrows you had equiped.
Easy and lawfull way to kill somebody
First, you must have acess to an enchanting altar. Then get a "mage's hood" (The ones battlemages wear)You can also use any other item with 0 weight,Create it so it does fire damage (Or any other painfull thing) on self. Then, sneak up to the person you would like to kill, and pickpocket. Press LT and put the hood into the NPC's inventory. Follow them around (If you want to hood back)untill they either:
a) Walk through a door which has a loading screen.
b) Falls asleep.

They will then light themselves on fire (or whatever its enchantment is) and walk around normally. You can even talk to them and they will have a smile on there face! After a bit of hiliariousness, they will fall over dead. You can loot them with no penalty.

This is a good way for low levels to get good armor. Just go into the guard barracks when guards are sleeping, give them it, wake them up, and when they fall back asleep...you know what happens. Free guard armor!
easy potion glitch
Join the mages guild and visit every guild. If you are a member you can take everything from the tables you see without without getting bounty the mages wont care. (FUNNY thing) Im not quite sure which city was it but i found 8 skooma bottles from 1 closet...


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Easy way to get into the Thieves Guild (Note: Just the Entry part)
This is already pretty simple, but I found a way to fake it even simplier and you woun\'t loose as many stat points.

Just run into the Armor Store in the Imperial Market Place and steal a quill (Yes the dinky little feather pen) and run away!

The gaurds will chase you or just confront you (Depends) and you should only have a fine from 1-5 gold. Meaning Jail is more like a time out.

And now just wait for the creepy hag to sneak up on you.

However you can just go to the Garden of Derloth in the Waterfront at Midnight and speak to Armand who is there and you can enter. You don't need to go to jail, ask a hobo, or anything else.
First you need at least 75 in Acrobatics. Next go to the Castle Skingrad Courtyard.Now go to the south set of stares there, walk up to the top step then jump on the railing to the left or the steps. run up the railing and jump on the roof. Turn to the left and then walk to the edge of the roof. Now jump onto the other piece of roofing, and then walk to the edge that piece of roof and jump onto the area of roof that is higher up than all the others. Now you should be in the Northeast of the courtyard, now walk along on the roof and go on the area of roof that is farthest north. Now, go to the edge of the roof to the north (not facing the town) now jump off the edge of the roof onto a pathway now go through the door way. Viola you are there now you can explore this except there is only a woman in the bed. You can fast travel out if you go through the door when you've finished exploring - no need to go to a previous save.


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Floating Objects Anytime Near Frostcrag Spire (New Content Required)
Go to Frostcrag Spire and stand by your front door and go south a bit 'til you're on the edge of the cliff. While you're here drop or multiply anything so that it falls down the cliff. Now after about 3 minutes go and try to find what you dropped. If done correctly the object you dropped should be floating somewhere close to the bottom of the mountain (somehow mine always float when they get inside the "v" shaped crevice closest to the bottom).
free steel arrows
when you are doing your initiation to the dark brotherhood there is a guard outside the inn of ill omen practicing with a bow. all you do is wait for him to stop shooting and look on the ground by the target. don't grab the ones that he shot and hit the target with or he will get mad. he has really bad aim so you get 5-8 arrows every time. steel arrows do 4 damage + bow damage
Get away with any crime for free
make a spell that makes people like you. set it to 100 for about 5 seconds. cast it on a guard, he will get rid of your fine and stuff. for free.
Glitched City
You need the super fast horse cheat for this on preferably shadowmere so it doesnt die from the fall.

Starting from Fort Farragut head south west (walking slowly on your horse because its not far) until you reach the paved road then run like hell. If you have done it right you should have landed in Cheydinal (glitched).

Completely pointless but fairly funny. Happy Gaming
How to beat the vampires in Springheel jak quest at low level
First make sure its night out then go into the crypt in Jakben's house. Make sure the vampires are chasing you and then go back into the basement. wait until they follow you then go into the normal floor of the house. once there wait until they come to you then go outside into the city. Run around with the vampires chasing you until the guards come. the guards will start attacking the vampires and you can loot their stuff once their dead. you can repeat this with jakben as well to get the boots.
How to find a monster called the Uderfryte Matron
Go north of Cheydinhal to find Aerin's Camp(If your a master acrobatic than it is alot easier). When at Aerin's Camp travel northeast and look for a male body. Search the body and take the letter from his daughter. The letter will tell you about "the Horror of Dive Rock". To get to Dive Rock, keep heading up the cliff(use your compass to find and head for the crag-shaped icon). When you get to Dive Rock, read Angar's journal. Head southeast to find Angar's body. The Uderfryte Matron is close. Look around the Uderfryte Matron only has about 500 health. Don't worry fire deals 200% and it is completely resistant to frost.
How to kill any one on any level easy
If you know your going to die from multiple attackers simple press start go to options and change the difficulty setting. Don't worry you can change the setting at any time.
Infinite Money Glitch
Find a person that you can sell to outside. There is an Orc (orge, whatever it is) in the camp of the destroyed castle city (I believe it was Kvatch). Anyway, get an item you want to sell. An expensive item, but not too much for her to buy (get your mercantile skill up to invest in her shop and to increase the money she carries). Then bribe her or sweet-talk her into raising her buying price. Now hotkey the item you want to sell (it must be equippable). Get on your horse and attempt to change weapons to the item you're selling. It will tell you that you cannot change weapons while attacking. Then talk to the merchant and just sell your weapon over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, etc... It won't disappear. The game thinks the item is not equipped, so you can sell it, but at the same time, it thinks it is equipped, so it stays with you. LOSTA CASH!!
Invincible armor
ok what you need is 6 greater or grand soul gems
any type of armor(full set)and 2 unenchanted rings for example I used elven armor you also need frostcrag spire or access into the Arcane University
in the Frostcrag Spire case buy magetallow candles fro Aurielinwae.
now go to the altar of enchanting and Add Item
(place armor part or ring) then add effect Chameleon it should say 17% or more do that to the full set and boom youre invincible
(except for falling to your death).
Join Thieves guild
To join the thieves guild the easy way, just put all your stolen goods in one place (a house preferably) and go to a shop and steal a ton of stuff until your caught. After serving your time a dark elf should approach you with a note inviting you to join.
Little but still nice sneak glitch
When you start the game in the dungeon instantly go crouching and go behind the table. Once there just move around and you should get around 3-5 sneaking lvs till the guards arrive.
Master Alchemist
Most people hate this skill because you never can seem to find what you want. Well I'm going to change that. This is what i did:
1. Buy Carin bolete cap and lady's smock leave for "The main Ingridient
2. Use the item dupe trick on these two items
3. Use mortal and pester and put both ingredients in
4.make potions until you have one of each item
5. sell potions or use them for your own reasons
In about 1 hour you will be a Master Alchemist

This trick works for all alchemy levels novice and up

The dupe trick might freeze your game up so always save right before you do it.

This trick may not work for everyone considering that in June the makers fixed the item dupe glitch so some people can't do this trick

But for the rest of you when you become a master you will be able to make potions with 1 ingredient
Max Out Your Attributes and Increase Your Level
Once all your major skills hit 100, and you cannot level up any further, is there anything you can do to still max your attributes? Yes there is. Simply commit a crime, I'd suggest murder, because the longer your prison sentence, the faster this will go for you. Go on a little killing spree if you wish and talk with a guard. Go to jail, go to sleep, and when you leave jail, you will find some of your skills have been lowered, if you're lucky, some of those skills may be your majors. Take note, that even when your majors go down, you still retain your current level and attributes. Keep repeating this process until you get your majors down by a total of 10. Then simply level them back up again to increase your level, as well as your attributes. You can keep doing this as often as you'd like until you get your attributes to the desired level. Enjoy!


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Permenent Enchantment Effect
This involves:

1) More than scroll of one type
2) Any enchanted ring (It works for some necklaces)
3) Use of the duplication glitch

This glitch works best if you are with the mages guild and have access to the Arcane Uni. First, use the duplication glitch on any enchanted ring, e.g. use some scrolls of the same type, pick up the 2 rings, now equip one (You can't equip two of the same type), use the duplication glitch on the unequipped ring and pick them all up, go to you inventory and you will find out that the equipped ring has been unequipped but when you try to equip it, it says that you can't at this time.
So the game thinks you still have the ring equipped but when you go to the status effects in the magic options, you find that the effect of the ring is still there, now the effect is permanent and you can equip a new set of rings.

You can use this on as many different 'Named' enchanted rings as you want, it works on some necklaces too but not all.


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Post-Patch Drop Glitch
Get 2 or more of a scroll (example:2 Burdening Touch) and go to the inventory and push A twice on the scroll and the drop any item u want to duplicate(DO NOT DROP DAEDRIC ITEMS, I LOST WABBAJACK TRYING)when u exit the equipment menu two of the item u dropped will appear instead of 1, u can duplicate different scrolls too
Scroll Duplication after the most recent patch.
Alright. Alright. What you must do is pretty simple. Have a bunch of the same scroll. Like ten minor heal scrolls or even ten Summon Dremora Lord scrolls in your inventory. So what you are going to do is equip the scrolls and then take out any weapon and take a swing with it. Take two if you want. In the moment of the swing bring up your inventory again and click on the ten Dremora Lord scrolls once and then drop the item you wished to have duped. Viola ten watermelons.
*Note: It can be more or less than ten scrolls and it doesn't have to be Summon Dremora Lord either. You don't have to dupe just watermelons either. You can also dupe more scrolls.*
Smithing & Weapon Dupe Glitch with most recent patch
This one is easy, and pretty nice. Go to market district after getting azuras star, enter three brothers trade shop buy Akivari Sunderblade (i think it was around 11,000 gold).

Summon any creature that carries a weapon. Dremora lords skeletons...whatever. Now wack him with the sunderblade a few times. Basically it works like this, if you destroy the summons weapon before u kill him, he will drop it leaving it permenantly on the ground.

Now you can repair it for skill then sell it. This worked best on skeletons, for the stronger enemies youll need to create a disintegrate weapon spell to assist you.

Mod Edit: Only approving as it needs testing since I can not test it myself
Steal A Horse/No Horse Thievery bounty
If you want a free horse without anyone ketching you, all you have to do is if the horse is in a pin or gate, open the gate and whichever horse you want to steal without getting caught, push them out of the gate manually, (since this isn't considered actually stealing a horse in the game, you haven't actually stolen anything yet.) Now that the horse is out of the gate, push him far out, and I mean FAR OUT away from the owners house and you can get on the horse and jack it now! P.S. the owner will not follow you for taking the horse, and anytime you go back to the owner's house, he/she will not get mad for you stealing the horse!
Steal gray foxs mask
If you cant get the mask for some reason all you have to do is 1)get the bound helmet spell. 2)get a spell that dissintegrats armour. 3)use it so your helmet gets damaged. 4)repair it. 5)drop it and wait for it to turn off. 6)use the great signit stone from bruma (disintegrate armour one call it A.) 7)knock out gray fox when he wakes up place the bound helm in his inventory 8)(it should know be on his head) pickpocket him (steal cowl.) have fun with it.P.S it will have the stolen sign and is worth zero coins but who cares.

Mod Edit: To add to this, you can get the Grey cowl also by finishing the thieevs guild quests
Steel Arrows Glitch
First you must go to the North County Stables near Chorrol. Go to the left of the stables along the wall until you see a shack called Honditar's House. In the left corner there should be 6 arrows and an Iron Bow. Pick up the bow and ONLY 4 of the arrows. Now go into your inventory and keep equipping the arrows, they should now duplicate by about three arrows every time you do it. Once it gets to about 30 arrows, then pick up the other 2 arrows and equip them and the arrows should duplicate by about 40 arrows when you do it, and you wont get encumbered by them!

Note: Do not drop the arrows, fire any or save and then load a game when you have done this glitch or you will start getting encumbered by the arrows.
Super Fast Horses
Ok, first make your way Northof Bravil(almost directly North and still go off the path, it is located by the coast) to the wayshrine of Zenithar, make sure you travel there by horse of course. Now heres wat u do, stand ur horse quite close to the shrine but not to close, about 5 metres away. Now you must hav good dodging skills(real life or game) Activate the well(standing infront of ur horse) and dodge the blessing coming at you. If done correctly the blessing should hit the horse. Get on and go WWEEEE ur horse will travel 20X faster and jump higher, but will die quicker if go to fast over a hill or bump. BUT ANYWAY HAVE FUN!
The best gold cheat ever
In Talos District of the Imperial City there is a man named Dorian. Go into his house. Insted of killing him bribe him enough so you can still bribe him more(dont max out the disposition). He should have more money now. Then lower his disposition so that it gose low around 20. Now bribe him again just enough so that you can still bribe him. Now lower it again and do the prosses over and over again. Now set the game play so you can ejust the slider so it gose all the way to easy. Kill him it should be really easy because you set it to easy mode. Now when you look at how much money he has it should be a lot depending on how much money you bribed him. Now press A on the money it wont run out and it will go up by how much money he has.I did this and had over a million dollers in less than 10 min.
Note: If you raise his disposition to high it will reach its max disposition which meens you can raise or lower his disposition any more. Have fun

The best way to start off!
Many people say that it is best if you do all of the guild quests, freedom quests, and all other quests before you finish the main quest but don't. The reason why is because when you do finish the main quest there will be nothing for you to do except steal things and explore the wilderness which gets boring after awhile. I would know, trust me. sure it gets you a higher level but in the end its not worth it. what you should do is first sell all of the things you gathered from the tunnels, caves, and sewers.

then you can go to the arena and battle all of the combatants. it doesn't take as long as you would think. If your skilled it will only take about twenty to thirty minuets as it did for me.
become grand chapion and you should have close to six thousand gold if you didnt spend any.

after you become grand chapion you should have leveled up at least once or twice which is perfect for completing the Main quest. I finished the main quest being a level 2 in just one day.
This cheat is awesome if you can get it to work. In the main story line: After the battle of Kavatch, you're supposed to take Martin with you to see Jaufre. Leave Martin in the church, and go see Jaufre without him. A priest will come tell you that something bad has happened, then you gotta kill a couple people, and go into the church to get jaufre. Then he'll want you to go to Cloud Ruler Temple. Say yes, but let him go off. He'll disappear to cloud ruler. Then instead of following him, fast travel somewhere, and Jaufre will appear by you, along with Martin. Jaufre will tell you that they need you to take them to Cloud Ruler. Tell them to follow you, but don't go to Cloud Ruler. Just wander off, and do whatever. Jaufre and Martin will fight with you. They go into Oblivion Gates, and they'll fast travel with you (like your horse!). What's awesome, is THEY CAN'T DIE! You need the character to finish the mission, so they game can't kill them.
Very Fast Armor/Block Experience
Several people have already posted similar ideas, using low level creatures to take lots of hits and up armor skills. To do it very qickly though, I like to use Fort Carmala. After getting past a vampire or two at the beginning of the fort, there is a cage with 4 to 6 rats in it. Open the cage and hang out with them for a while. Heal potions/spells would be recommended. Also keep a potion/scroll of cure disease handy (you're bound to catch something from that many rat hits.) Keep an eye on your armor to make sure it doesn't fall apart. A full set of glass usually makes it through 10 levels easily.