EA Sports Active 2 (Xbox 360) Cheats

EA Sports Active 2 cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
1 Hour (5)Complete 1 Hour of exercise
100 Calories (10)Burn 100 Calories
1000 Calories (25)Burn 1000 Calories
10000 Calories (100)Burn 10000 Calories
12 Hours (10)12 Hours of exercise time
24 Hours (50)24 Hours of exercise time
500 Calories (15)Burn 500 Calories
5000 Calories (35)Burn 5000 Calories
Brick Wall (25)Make 1000 saves in Soccer
Cardio Kick Start (25)Complete 80% of the Cardio Kick Start Program workouts
Checking In (5)Fill in the Lifestyle & Nutrition Survey
Dear Diary (5)Earn 3 checkmarks on a Journal Entry
Dodge Master (25)Dodge 1000 balls in Dodgeball
Fitness 101 (10)Complete 101 Exercises
Fitness Enthusiast (20)Complete 10 Workouts
Fitness Expert (50)Complete 50 Workouts
Fitness Pro (100)Complete 100 Workouts
Fitness Sampler (10)Complete 50 unique exercises
Getting Out (5)Fill in the Other Activity Survey
Getting Results (5)Complete first Fitness Tracker Report
Goal Getter (5)Complete 3 goals with over 80% completion
GOAL! (10)Complete 1 goal with 100% completion
Golden Gloves (25)Throw 1000 punches in Cardio Boxing
Hot Stepper (25)Complete 1000 steps in Step Aerobics.
Lunge Expert (20)Complete 1000 Lunges
Making Friends (10)Join or create a Workout Group
Making it Mine (35)Create and Complete a Custom Workout
Pedal Power (25)Bike 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Biking
Perfect Attendance (30)Complete a Program with over 80% in all workouts
Perfect Score (5)Complete a workout with 100% completion
Phase 1 Complete (20)Complete all Phase 1 workouts in The 9 Week Program
Phase 2 Complete (50)Complete all Phase 2 workouts in The 9 Week Program
Phase 3 Complete (50)Complete all Phase 3 workouts in The 9 Week Program
Pumping Iron (20)Complete 1000 Arm Curls
Push it to the Limit (30)Complete 1000 Pushups
Ready to go! (5)Set up your EA SPORTS Active 2 profile
Squat Master (20)Complete 1000 Squats.
Staying Active (10)Fill in 5 Other Activity Surveys
Survey Says (10)Fill in 5 Lifestyle and Nutrition Surveys
Trail Blazer (25)Run 1000km/621.4 mi. in Fitness Trail
Trend Setter (20)Complete 5 scheduled workouts in a row
Working It (5)Complete 1 Workout
Workout Buddies (10)Complete a Multiplayer Workout