Disney's Bolt (Xbox 360) Cheats

Disney's Bolt cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Atomic Core Critical (30)Bolt's power bar maxed out
Battery Upgrade Complete (30)Penny's gadget bar maxed out
Beyond Awesome, it's Be-Awesome (100)Completed the final level of Act 5 and the Game (Oceania)
Biological Enhancement Complete (30)Bolt's health bar maxed out
Combo Master (50)Attain a 30 hit combo
Give em the ol' one-two, or six (5)Attain a 6 hit combo
Good Comrade (30)Completed the final level of Act 3 (Russia)
Hacktacular! (75)Beat a mini-game level without taking damage
Mad Combo Skills (15)Attain a 15 hit combo
No hack too hidden (35)All bonus hack levels have been found
Party Crasher (10)Completed the final level of Act 1 (Italy)
Power Overwhelming (5)Bolt successfully defeated 3 different enemies with Super Sonic Bark, Laser Eyes, and Ground Pound
Security? What Security? (50)Completed 15 Bonus Hack Levels
Sneaky Sneaky (50)Penny completed RAISIN' A RUCKUS or HIDE AND SNEAK without alerting any enemies without using cheats
So you think you can hack (15)Completed 5 Bonus Hack Levels
Tame the Mainframe (25)Completed 10 Bonus Hack Levels
Time to increase recruiting (50)250 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated
Walking is Boring (5)Penny successfully performed a wheel bar up, sidle, and cable
Welcome to the Jungle (20)Completed the final level of Act 2 (Belize)
Well "Trained" (40)Completed the final level of Act 4 (China)
Belly Up (35)Sunk Calico's Warheads
Bolt, Speak! (35)100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Sonic Super Bark
Bolt, Stare! (35)100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Laser Eyes
Bull Whipped! (5)Bolt defeated Bully with a finishing move
Give him the Boot (5)Bolt defeated Stompy with a finishing move
Indiscriminate Justice (5)Bolt defeated Proddy with a finishing move
Lights Out! (25)Destroyed Calico's generators
Ouch! (5)Got hit by an SUV!
Ruffed Up (5)Bolt defeated Glovey with a finishing move
Scrap Metal (30)Destroy 7 of Calico's SUVs
Security Override (15)Penny successfully hacks the system
Starry Eyed (5)Bolt defeated Starry with a finishing move
The Cat didn't come back (45)Calico was utterly defeated
The Dog Pound (35)100 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated by Bolt's Ground Pound
This dog doesn't play frisbee (5)Bolt defeated Disky with a finishing move
Watch your step (35)Send 25 Calico henchmen through windows or over cliffs
Which button is block? (5)Got whipped by a Glovey