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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (Xbox 360) Cheats

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
A Comfortable Pace (10)Clear mission 11 in Human Mode.
A Cut Above (30)Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.
A Stunning Feat (40)Clear all Missions in Son of Sparda Mode with an S Ranking
A Throne of Glory (50)Clear all Game Modes
All Bow Before You (40)Clear All Missions in Dante Must Die Mode
Bat Out of Hell (10)Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacity
Brimming with Pride (20)Acquire 100,000 Proud Souls.
Covered in Blood (40)Clear All Bloody Palace Mode stages
Done and Done (20)Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode.
Easier Said Than Done (10)Clear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die Mode
Easy Does It (10)Clear all missions in Human Mode.
Filled with Pride (10)Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls.
Half Way There (10)Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter Mode.
Hardly A Simple Task (30)Clear All Missions in Son of Sparda Mode
Item Collector (50)Acquire a maximum number of all items
King of the Palace (50)Clear All Bloody Palace stages with an S Ranking
Legendary Devil Hunter (50)Defeat a total of 10,000 enemies.
Modus Vivendi (10)Extend the Vitality Gauge to maximum capacity
Never Say Die (50)Clear all Missions in Dante Must Die Mode with an S Ranking
Nothing Left Unsaid (10)Clear all Secret Missions
Proud Millionaire (40)Acquire 1,000,000 Proud Souls.
Red Orb Millionaire (40)Acquire 1,000,000 Red Orbs.
River of Red (10)Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs.
Rock and a Hard Place (10)Clear Mission 11 in Son of Sparda Mode
Rookie Devil Hunter (10)Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
Simply Spectacular (10)Complete a mission with an S ranking.
Skill Collector - Dante (50)Acquire all of Dante's skills
Skill Collector - Nero (50)Acquire all of Nero's skills
Skilled Devil Hunter (30)Defeat a total of 1,000 enemies.
Smokin' Sick Style!!! (10)Complete a Stylish Rank SSS (Smokin' Sick Style!!!) combo.
Smokin' Style!! (10)Complete a Stylish Rank SS (Smokin' Style!!) combo.
Smokin'! (10)Complete a Stylish Rank S (Smokin'!) combo.
Speak of the Devil (20)Clear the game with Super Nero (Dante)
Step into the Light (10)Clear All Missions in Heaven or Hell Mode
The Best of the Rest (20)Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking.
The Eight Circle (10)Clear stage 80 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Fifth Circle (10)Clear stage 50 of Bloody Palace Mode
The First Circle (10)Complete Stage 10 of the Bloody Palace
The Fourth Circle (10)Clear stage 40 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Ninth Circle (10)Clear stage 90 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Second Circle (10)Clear stage 20 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Seventh Circle (10)Clear stage 70 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Sixth Circle (10)Clear stage 60 of Bloody Palace Mode
The Third Circle (10)Clear stage 30 of Bloody Palace Mode
Tonight, We Dine in Hell (10)Clear All Missions in Hell or Hell Mode
Your Cup Runeth Over (20)Acquire 100,000 Red Orbs.


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Beat least 2 bosses
Demon Sanctus

When your in the savior after you get past the stair way to heaven or hell you will need to fight sanctus. To beat him you will have to do the same thing as the first time. Use the devil bringer to get closer to him then attack with Red Queen until his sheild is down. He may use the sword of sparda as a shield, to get rid of this you need to buster him. Once he is deffenceless attack with red queen to knock him to the ground When he is on the ground keep attacking him for alittle bit to get his health down then buster him. Continue this several times, you can use normal Nero or devil trigger to buster him, Devil trigger works better because while your bustering him you can shoot him. When his health is almost gone he will use the sword of Sparda to attack you like an angelo. For this you need perfect timing. Right before he is about to hit you you will have to buster him nothing else will work. Continue this until he is dead.

False Savior

Beating the false savior is pretty easy on all dificulties. Dodge his first punch then buster his hand. when he raises his other arm into the air jump when its at its highest point. When the fist comes within range buster it and the savior will fall forward. Buster his head and end the fight.
Bloody Palace
Complete the game on Devil Hunter difficulty or higher to unlock Bloody Palace.
Easy way to beat Berial
1.Keep shooting him and power shooting him from a distance until his color darkens.

2.After his color is darkened a bit start attacking with your sword.

3.When his whole body is on the floor, go up and buster him.

4.After this he gets alot stronger so keep power shooting and keep striking him.

Escape the forest
When you are trapped in the part of the forest with 4 different paths and a statue you need to go in the opposite direction of the statues shadow. Continue this until your out.
Move the camera-DMC4 Cinematic Cutscene(s) [Hint]
To do this is very simple. If you start the game (or if you completed it already and have unlocked ALL/some cutscenes) you can move the camera about and also zoom in and out. Try it with the Right Trigger and the Right Stick.

Right Trigger = Zooms in
Right Stick = Moves the camera about

Didn't know you could do this?
Play it safe in the palace
When playing bloody palace mode as Nero keep an eye on you DT levels. Don't use it unless you need to or when fighting a tough boss.

Example: your surrounded by enemies on all sides and you can't get away in time. activate DT and Nero will burst with the energy and blow then enemies to the ground. Deactivate DT to save some for later then kick your enemies while their down.... lol

Example 2: When fighting a boss or a powerful enemy like a blitz keep it safe attack from a range until they give you an opening ever boss has one.
Blitz- lightning goes down
Bareal- fire vanishes
Ice demon (name depends on level)- tongue hangs out of mouth while unconscious.
Echidna- lays eggs or gets dazed
Agnus- yellow shield vanishes
Sanctus- force field is destroyed

When one of these happens enter DT mode and buster them while pressing the shoot button. This will do massive damage very quickly and will help you get more style points.

P.S. This does NOT work with Dante, only Nero can be used for this.
Secret ending
During the ending credits you are given then chance to kill a bunch of scarecrows. Kill them all and defend Kyrie for 1 minute and 30 seconds to unlock the secret ending.
Super Dante &Super Nero
In order to unlock the Super Dante and Super Nero you must beat Dante Must Die with Dante to get it for Super Dante and Nero for Super Nero. that means infinite Devil Trigger!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter eggs

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Freeze Frame Bonus [Easter Egg]
Those with a careful eye will be able to spot Dante perched casually atop one of the nearby buildings during Nero's opening fight with the Scarecrows slow-motion is all but required at first due to the fact that it only seen as the camera follows Nero's high-speed aerial acrobatics. Dante also shows up near the end of the prologue, just as Director Hideaki Itsuno's credit disappears.