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Dead Island cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
How the Get the Achievement "Tae Kwon Leap" (00:00:15)
by Ionut712 Sep 11 2011
How to get the Achievement "Warranty Void if Used" (00:00:30)
by Ionut712 Sep 12 2011
How to get the Achievement "Warranty Void if Used" (00:00:33)
by Ionut712 Sep 12 2011
AchievementHow to unlock
Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' (30)Loot 5 Exceptional Weapons.
Tis but a flesh wound! (10)Sever 100 limbs.
There and back again (30)Explore the entire island.
Catch! (10)Kill an Infected with a grenade blast.
Road Trip (10)Drive a total distance of 10 kilometers.
Cardio (10)Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.
Swing them sticks (25)Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls.
Gesundheit! (10)Heal yourself with a medkit 100 times.
Light my fire (20)Set 10 zombies on fire simultaneously.
10 heads are better than 1 (15)Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots.
A taste of everything (25)Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.
One is all I need (20)Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow.
Can't touch this (20)Use a hammer to kill a series of 15 zombies without taking damage.
Humanitarian (15)Kill 50 human enemies.
Tae Kwon Leap (25)Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists.
I want one of those (30)Customize 25 weapons.
Karma-geddon (15)Kill 50 zombies using a vehicle.
To put it bluntly (25)Kill 250 zombies using blunt melee weapons.
Hack & slash (25)Kill 250 zombies using edged melee weapons.
Guns don't kill but they help (25)Kill 250 zombies using firearms.
Need a hand? (10)Join another player's game.
Warranty Void if Used (10)Create a customized weapon.
Gotta find'em all (20)Find 60 collectibles.
Nearly there (25)Find 120 collectibles.
Steam Punk (30)Create weapons to rival the gods of fire or thunder.
Originality (10)Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters.
Together in the light (10)Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same partners.
Going steady (25)Complete 25 quests while playing with at least one co-op partner.
Rageman (25)Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.
People Person (10)Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each.
Ménage à trois (25)Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners.
Right 4 Life (30)Complete act I with 4 different characters.
A very special day (30)Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons.
School of hard knocks (30)Reach level 50.
Knock, knock (15)Breach a locked door with the first blow.
Busy, busy, busy (60)Finish 75 quests cumulatively.
Learning the ropes (10)Reach level 10.
Dedicated student (25)Reach level 25.
Secret Achievements-
Secret Achievements-
Everybody lies (20)Use a large medkit to heal an injury of 5% or less.
Hell in paradise (30)Complete act I.
No raccoons in here (30)Complete act II.
King of the jungle (30)Complete act III.
Banoi Redemption (30)Complete act IV.
Ah! Spoiled meat! (10)Kill a Butcher using an axe.
Oh, no you don't (10)Kill a Ram using tackle skill.
First! (15)Kill a Suicider with a grenade.
How many days exactly? (10)Play Dead Island at least 28 days after starting it for the first time.
Savior (20)Save 5 people besieged by zombies.
DLC AchievementsBloodbath Arena
Wave and Smile (10)Play any Arena in co-op.
Extreme Firefighting (25)Set 5 enemies on fire and then kill them with explosives.
Out of Honey? Chew Bees! (25)Survive 5 waves using only your fists and legs.
Complete a Set (15)Kill enemies of 6 different types during a single round.
Looking for Trouble (15)Survive 5 waves in each of the 4 Arenas.
Stick it to the Enemy (30)Survive 15 consecutive waves using the analog combat controls.
Gladiator School (25)Survive 15 consecutive waves with each of the 4 characters.
Fancy (25)Survive 10 consecutive waves using only custom weapons.
Morituri te Salutant (30)Survive 30 consecutive waves with at least one co-op player.
Death Incarnate (50)Survive wave 30.


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Cars Are a Safe Haven
When in the city of Moresby (if if in the event you have made it there), you know that there are hordes of zombies and dumb thugs, suiciders, rams, and infected people. If you health is low and you need to regain self-awareness, jump on a car. The set of weapons you have out my be running on durability, or you need to check your map for some quests, or you just need to slow down and take a look around. Cars will help you very much. It could also help you kill the the walkers, and other things that are chasing you. It is kind of a glitch, because if you are on top of a car they will try to hit you but they can't. So you can take the liberty of shooting, slamming, slicing, or throwing at the walkers. You can basically do it with anything, I know that you can do it on the resort because of the amount of cars, but there aren't very many groups of walkers near the street. You can't reply do it in the jungle, because there aren't any cars broken down, and by all common sense, there are no cars in the prison.


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An Easy Money Update
So I was looking for ways to exploit this game and came across a way to get easy money, it worked well, but then I did something that was a bit more cool. If you find the Abandoned House in the city and have it as a fast travel point, or if you have any fast travel point on a different map and the Warehouse as one as well, you can switch between these points. It also helps if you do Florencio's side quest so that he becomes a trading post. Once you spawn back into the Warehouse, everything respawns, so you can loot through it and get four different weapons to trade. A knife, a bat, a hammer, and anything in the metal crate. Note: you will need lock-pick level one to open the metal crate.
Easy Money
Go to the warehouse, and get the Hammer and Baseball Bat. Then, fast travel to the Church, and sell them to get approximately $400. Go back to the Warehouse, and the Hammer and Baseball Bat will have respawned. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: You must be in the City and have discovered both the Church and the Warehouse to do this trick.
Easy Weapon Duplication
Pull out the weapon you want to duplicate and wield it. In digital fighting control scheme, hold the left trigger as if to throw the weapon, hit the Y button at the same time as you pull the right trigger to throw the weapon, if you time it right you will throw your weapon and drop a second copy at whatever the current durability of the weapon you dropped was. As a bonus keep double of your favorite weapon and use until it breaks, discard and copy the fully repaired version to ensure your never stuck with a broken weapon.

MOD EDIT: This exploit has been patched with the version 1.3.0 patch.
How to Duplicate ANY items.
This MUST be done in solo mode: When you reach a checkpoint during any campaign quest drop the item on the ground you wish to duplicate(Can be your all your items in your inventory). Then kill yourself by using deobombs or molotovs, When the respawn timer begins to countdown pause the game and reload your checkpoint. When you respawn all the weapons you dropped will be back in your inventory and they will also still be laying on the ground where you dropped them. Side note: you also do not suffer the cash penalty from dying since you reloaded the checkpoint.

Easter eggs

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License Plates
If you go up to any car that isn't completely demolished, read what the license plate says. It says dead island in numbers and letters.