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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Body Armor (10)Use the Harpoon gun to attach five corpses to a single vehicle
Confiscator (40)Impound all flagged vehicles and store them in the Agency Garage
Flippin' Crazy (20)Complete three flips of any type in a single jump in any vehicle
Pack Rat (10)Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Psych Out (100)Complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic difficulty level
Street Racer (20)Win all Street Races using any vehicle
Street Racer Elite (150)Win all Street Races using all available vehicles


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Another easy 4 star in Driving
Have access to volk and Shie Gen. Get the truck cab and drive through the 1 gate. When you get out tern right and go straight up the rode ahead until your not under something. Stop, get out, and pick up the truck and throw it on to the highway.(If you have 3 stars in streingh and 3 stars in agility)or jump on it(if you have 4 stars in agility). Drive on the hieway on your right side and run over every gang member car you see(doesn't matter if you hit civilians or cops. You gain alot more than you loose.)
Easy 4-Star Driving Skill
I thought Driving was 1 of the hardest skills to lvl up, but i found a cheap way and lvled up so freakishly fast

1. Have access 2 the Volk or Shai Gen Tunnels from the Agency Headqaurters (preferibly Volk, its a million times better)

2. Grab the Agency SUV

3. Drive down the tunnel without crashing and hit the jump at the end at full speed

4. Depending on your current driving skill, do stunts (barrel rolls, flips) to earn double the exp.

By doing this you get just as much exp as racing, but you get it 20x faster!

Note: I've never had this happen 2 me, but just in case u can't jump the rock at the Volk Tunnel, i suggest you do a few races
Extra Orbs
When your facing a boss kill off all of his guards or anyone near him then shoot or beat him till he has one bar of heal left then let him recover fully you can do this as long as you want once you decide to kill him you can get a huge amount of orbs for strength, shooting, or explosives
Miss Timbol
If you start to miss this vicious cow once you've killed her, take her body inside one of the buildings to the east or west of the compous, via the doors on walkways that face the compound. Leave her there and when you return she should be right as rain, yet harmless.
no fall damage
if your jumping from a high place and your worried about dying when you hit the ground all you have to do is either
1.grab onto a ledge on your way down then drop from there

number 2 is harder to do but it gets you down faster

2.when your falling try to land on the side of a pipe or something slanted that you wouldnt be able to walk on
Quick Agility
Once you start the game, somewhere nearby the agency keep starting point,
there is an amusement park filled with agility orbs, if you find it, then just collect as many as you can and have fun
Quick reload
If you are tired of waiting for your gun to reload just wait until you have a few bullets left then tap LB and then B quickly after it and you dont have to wait for ages. However it sometimes does not work.
Quick ways to get up each stat.
There is no real quick way of gaining agility, but staying on rooftops and shooting down helps boost your agility.

1 player:
Go through stunt markers for starters. Use the supercar from the agency to ram gang members ("Shai Gen" are fantastic for this).
2 Player:
Have one player in the Car, and the other pick the car up. The person then throws the car through a stunt ring, giving the driver some driving skill.

Go to the building in "Shai Gen" where Cowell is. Open the front door and use the homing rockets to blast the never ending waves of enemies. They just keep coming. I managed to go up 2 levels in just 30 mins.

An extremely easy one. Beating up gang members in bulk helps increase your strength, but kicking cars into groups of them works very well.

Guns are the hardest stat to master. Instead of going in and shooting everything, use cover where possible and retreat once your primary targets are down. Use supply points whenever possible and use altitude to your advantage.
Street Racing - how to win EASILY
I cant believe no one has posted this tip yet because its actually pretty obvious.

Ok, I have been having trouble getting Gold on the Street Racing levels (from the main menu). So I figured out a way to make it easy (almost too easy). Im sure others have already figured this out, but there wasnt a tip for it.

Anyway, this should come as no surprise, but you can exit your car during a race. So what, you ask? Well, you have a handgun, thats what! Guess what that means? Yep, you can shoot out your opponents' tires!!! Wooo!

As soon as the race starts, QUICKLY exit your car, lock onto the nearest car to you, target the tires and start shooting. You only have to take out the 2 back tires on a car AT MOST, then switch to the next closest car. If you are really quick at this (and have 4 stars in Guns), you should be able to disable at least 2 cars before the pack is too far away. These cars will be driving all over the place, so go over to them and either kill the driver, or throw the car off a high embankment or into the water if you are near some. But dont go out of your way.

You then need to hurry and jump back into your car, and proceed to drive BACKWARDS (yes), along the track. By looking at the map, wait till you are close to meeting up with the pack, then get out of your car and start shooting out more tires when they come in range. If you are quick, you can disable all the cars in the pack right then and there. Then simply kill the driver or destroy the car someway (I like to destroy the cars, cause then you can look up at the "Position" in the top right corner and make sure you are the only one on the road).

Then finish the race normally, dont worry about time, you have all the time in the world at that point!!!
Street Racing - more ways to win EASILY
Here are a couple more ways to win at Street Racing with little or no effort.

BUILD A WALL: When the race starts, drive backwards until you come to a corner and there are those white square pillars with the arrows on them to indicate you need to turn. These things work great. Just start throwing these babies into the road and make sure its all covered. Place as many of them as you can get your hands on in a reasonable amount of time in the road. Once the stupid AI cars run into them, just start shooting their gas tanks and they are done!

Some levels dont have those things, so use other things instead like big rocks, telephone poles, giant metal cargo shipping crates, whatever you can find that looks massive enough to stop a car, or at least trip it (in the case of telephone poles and smaller objects) so that it runs into a wall.

RAMP IT UP: Some race levels have a ramp truck somewhere in them (actually they all might, I dont know, but I have only found 1 on a few levels). Most of them, you simply have to backtrack a ways from the start of the race to find them (they are usually in plain sight).

When you get one, just drive around until you find a fairly narrow chunk of road and a huge drop or some water next to it. Point the ramp truck so that the cars have no choice but to fly off your ramp and land into the water/a very hard to get out of place on the map. This is why its the best for levels on bridges, or highways that go over water. If you position the ramp truck right, you should be able to send 1 opponent after the other off into the drink.

There are no doubt other ways to get rid of opponents, so just look around and try things out. Be creative.
Supercar Superspeed
Ok first you need to play on keys to the city. Than get the supercar and drive it i recomend on the highway. Then turn on empty street. And drive untill u max out the speed Than go to the cheat menu without wrecking and turn your driving skill to no stars when the car is done transforming it keeps going faster and faster. But it ends when u wreck. I got up to 450 MPH so far


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how to fly with a big yellow dump bin
to fly with a big yellow dump bin u need to have 4star agility and 3star or 4 star strength.big yellowdump bins are usually found in alleys.
u need to throw 1 above ur head and when the empty part is above u. u jump and did i tell u when u header it it rolls in the air then when u jump u will header it and u should be above it and so keep doing that constantly just to say i done it all the way to the top of agency tower lol hope it works.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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43 Achievements worth 900 Gamerscore Points
Agency Explosives Expert 20
Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating

Agency Athlete 20
Run & jump your way to a 4-star Agility rating

Agency Wheelman 20
Accelerate and slide your way to a 4-star Driving rating

Agency Brawler 20
Punch, jab, kick, and throw your way to a 4-star Strength rating

Agency Marksman 20
Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating

Master Agent 40
Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters

Roadkill King 15
Mow down and massacre 175 gang members while driving

High Flyer 10
Make your way to the top of the Agency Tower

Firing Squad 15
Fire away - shoot and kill 500 gang members using firearms

Bare-Knuckle Brawler 15
Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands (or thrown objects)

Mad Bomber 15
Show your explosive personality - kill 500 gang members using explosives

Untouchable Agent 15
Kill 200 gang members without dying yourself

Body Juggler 20
Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds

Car Juggler 20
Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds

Hazardous Hangtime 10
Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle

Driving High 10
Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle

Front Flipper 20
Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle

Timed Stunt Driver 20
Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds

Base Jumper 10
Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below

Stunt Driver 20
Successfully execute five car stunts - front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump

Orb Hunter 50
Collect 300 Hidden Orbs

Free Runner 50
Collect 500 Agility Orbs

Repo Man 10
Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles

Los Muertos Intel Master 10
Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets

Volk Intel Master 10
Locate all Volk dossier targets

Shai-Gen Intel Master 10
Locate all Shai-Gen dossier targets

First Blood 10
Eliminate the first of 21 gang bosses

Los Muertos Cleanser 20
Murder Los Muertos - kill all Los Muertos gang members

Volk Cleanser 40
Eviscerate the Volk - take out all Volk gang members

Shai-Gen Cleanser 50
Assassinate Shai-Gen - kill all Shai-Gen gang members

The Trifecta 50
Wipe the city clean by taking out all members of all three gangs

Rampage 20
Wreak havoc in 60-second increments

Take Me To Your Supply Point 10
Unlock your first Supply Point

It's Good To Be Connected 30
Unlock all Supply Points

Airtime Assassin 10
Shoot and kill 5 gang members in a single jump (while airborne)

Shot-putter 10
Throw any object (other than a grenade) 205 feet or more

Global Impact 15
Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe

Ring Leader 20
Drive through all of the unique Stunt Markers

Chain Banger 10
Blow up 100 explosive objects in 60 seconds

Double Trouble 10
Double your fun - complete your first mission in Co-op mode

Tag Teamer 40
Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode

Road Warrior 30
Successfully complete all 14 Road Races

Over Our Heads 30
Successfully complete all 12 Rooftop Races
Driving High Achievement Made Easy
Unlocking this achievement is simple. Head on over to the Garcia Point Supply Point. Go directly left, up a little hill and there should be a jeep sitting there. Hop in it and drive up to the large statue directly ahead. You will unlock the Achievement.
Easy melee and fireams orbs
When you face the Los Muertos boss, Don Domingo Garcia, make sure you kill almost all of his guards before you kill Garcia. When they are gone, kill Garcia and then pick up his dead body. Carry him all the way back to the middle of the bridge between his complex and the main island. While looking away from his complex and still carrying him, turn the camera and look back towards the complex and he should get all his health back. Drop him and kill him however you want to. Also, if he gets up after you drop him, he just stands there like a moron. Once he's dead pick his body back up, turn at least 150 degrees away from his complex, then back again and he gets his health back. Repeat as much as you want!!! NOTE: Keep his body on screen at all times or it might disappear!
Find the Rubber Ducky!
There are multiple rubber duck toys that can be found throughout the city, but an easy place to find them is the Los Muertos Carnival Area. Go directly left from the entrance (facing into the park.) In one of the booths on the right-hand wall, sitting there will be multiple rubber duckies. While there's nothing special about them, you can pick them up and throw them. And nothing's better than killing a gangster with a bath toy.
Global Impact
In order to get the Global Impact Achievement, you'll need the Observatory Globe. Start from the Agency. Grab your vehicle of choice, and head out of Tunnel 2. Go left and up the rocky hillside. Eventually you'll see a secluded building. Head on over to it. In the parking lot is the globe. You must break the stand, and then you can pick the globe up.
Wall - Climbing With The SUV
First, obtain 4 stars in your Driving skill. In the Agency Garage, select the Agency SUV and head out to any building or wall with a flat surface. If its a building, make sure there are no ledges obstructing your path up the wall.

Next, get the SUV perpendicular to the wall you are going to drive up. Naturally, you must have your front bumper facing the wall/building.

After that, punch the gas. Your SUV's front tires should start creeping up the wall. Once they are firmly grasping the surface of the wall and your rear tires are about to do the same press down and hold the B button to use your 4 star vehicle's special ability.

This ability pulls down your SUV's suspension, essentially hugging the wall you're riding up. Do not let go of the B button unless you want to launch yourself off the wall.

Congratulations, if you have followed each step listed above you're now a wall climbing beast.

Now, if you hold the B button down long enough while driving the 4 star Agency SUV you will notice the sound it makes. You can only hold the suspension down for so long before the effect times out and returns the SUV to normal. Take note of the sound your SUV makes as the suspension effect times out.

By taking advantage of this while driving up walls you will be amazed with the heights you can reach in this vehicle. Practice while you're driving on the ground so you can get the timing down. If you are hopping your SUV you are pressing the B button again too soon. This can be attempted on Wang Tower, so happy hunting!