Call of Duty 3 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Call of Duty 3 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
A War Hero (30)Capture the final objective in the game mode War. Must be a ranked match. (Multiplayer)
Allergic to Bullets (25)Avoid getting hit more than 30 times during a mission.
American Infantryman (20)Complete two missions as an American soldier.
Assault Trooper (15)Complete a mission by firing only assault rifles. Melee attacks don't count.
Basic Training (5)Complete the basic training in the beginning of Saint Lo.
Battlefield Scavenger (15)Complete a mission by firing only German weapons. Melee attacks don't count.
Big Air (25)EXTREME! Found a big jump and caught some air!
British Commando (20)Complete two missions as a British soldier.
Canadian Highlander (10)Complete two missions as a Canadian soldier.
Captain (40)Receive 2000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)
Close Quarter Combatant (100)Complete a mission without firing a round. Player can make use of melee attacks and hand grenades.
Colonel (80)Receive 20000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)
Conservationist (20)Complete a mission using less than 300 rounds of ammunition.
Doc (30)Revive 10 of your teammates in a ranked match without getting a teamkill. (Multiplayer)
General (120)Receive 40000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)
Grizzled Veteran (150)Complete the Single Player Campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Hot Potato (25)Pick up and return 5 live grenades.
Lieutenant (20)Receive 200 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)
Major (60)Receive 8000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)
Polish Tanker (15)Complete two missions as a Polish soldier.
Purple Heart (5)For perserverence despite grevious injuries.
Rifleman (15)Complete a mission by firing only bolt action rifles. Melee attacks don't count.
Still Ticking (30)Complete a mission without dying or using checkpoints.
Supply Officer (15)Supply ammunition to at least 20 friendly soldiers in a single ranked match. (Multiplayer)
Victory Medal (30)Be the player with the highest score and on the winning team in a ranked match. (Multiplayer)
Won the War (80)Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty setting.


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Accomplishing a goal
On Chapter 2 when your on the bridge and your given the signal.Run to the bush and drop a grenade.Pick up the grenade or one thats been thrown by the Krats and toss it 5 times where the krats are at.You'll complete one of your goals.
Easy Hot Potato Achievement
To get the hot potato achievement without having to wait for people to throw a grenade i have figured out a method to making it a lot easier. Go to the first level, beat training, then go to the very end part of the level where you are waiting for reinforcements. When you go up the stairs, look over at the left wall. You'll notice that there is a little wall then a window right beside it. Just throw a frag grenade against the wall, pick it up, then just throw it out the window and repeat until you have the achievement. I've done this achievement the exact same way i explained it, so i garantee it will work.
Get More Ammo For Scoped Variants of Weapons
Required: Scoped version of gun, any other weapon (I will be using the Kar98K and MP-40 as examples)

1. Switch to your MP-40.

2. Find a standard Kar98K on the ground.

3. Switch your MP-40 with the Kar98K on the ground. The ammo count on your Scoped Kar98K should have increased.

4. Retrieve your MP-40 from the ground. The ammo on your Scoped Kar98K should stay the same.

NOTE: You can not repeat this on the same rifle twice. If you need more ammo, you need to use another standard Kar98K to replenish your ammo count.
Multiplayer Tip - Tanks
Have you ever tried taking down a tank, but they always blow you up? Well, the answer is the back! To get a 1-hit-explosion on a tank, get another tank, Rifle Grenades, or Rocket Launcher, and shoot the back of the tank for a 1-hit-kill! Note you shoot the back end with the fuel tanks on the back. Geese, if you paid any attention to the Polish tank mission they told you tanks are weak in the back...another tip you should use wisely, kemosabi
Multiplayer Tips
Well, hello again, its xtreme's extreme Call of Duty tricks again, ready for the 3rd installment!


Capture the Flag. With the new additions, such as land mines, there are literally hundreds of new ways to protect your flag. My best suggestion is, get your team to put mines around the flag, so if anyone takes it, boom, they die. Note that if you return it you can run across them and score but you will die.

Single Flag

Single flag CTF. This is a test of pure skill. Get the flag, and rush it into the enemy base. I can suggest, since most maps have one for Single Flag, that you and a buddy hop into a motorcycle. Someone gets the flag, and flag person hops into the sidecar. The driver can drive them back safely, and that's it! Note that the motorcycle is very weak


Headquarters. One of my favorite game modes. Get to the HQ, with a Tank or Jeep if applies to the map, and establish it. Get to a good shooting point, and wait for the suckers to come!


War. My favorite game mode. Basically, be strong and push the enemy back. Get weapons such as the M1 Garand, Thompson, MP40, and MP44. I suggest using those rifle grenades. They come in handy!

Battle/Team Battle

Basically, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. I can suggest that you use Sniper Rifles, MP44's, and BAR's. Good Luck!

Well, my tips have once again been given. Good luck, kemosabi.
Secret Achievements
There are two secret achievements in this game.

Purple Heart
For perserverence despite grevious injuries.
Gamerscore: 5

Found a big jump and caught some air!
Gamerscore: 25
Sniper Ammo
When you select the level "Laison River", you should start with a Lee Enfield Scoped and a Sten gun. Move across the river until you find a Lee Enfield (non-scoped). Switch weapons to select the Sten, and then swap that weapon with the Lee Enfield (non-scoped). Now swap the Lee Enfield (non-scoped) back for the Sten, and now look at your Lee Enfield Scoped's rounds. If this is done correctly, you should have 100 rounds for the Enfield Scoped now.
unlimited ammo for anti armor guns
well here it is!!!!.....even a baby can do this

first:get an anti armor gun

second:press RB and you will drop a little box full of ammo

then:keep doing that when you run out of ammo then you will have unlimited

Unlocking the 2 Secret Achievements
There are 2 secret Achievements:

Big Air - 25 G and Purple Heart - 5 G.

Big Air: 25 G

To unlock this achievement, simply jump the ramp in Chapter 3: Night Drop for an easy 25 G's

Purple Heart:

To unlock this Achievement, simply die 20 times in one level. I just started a level and killed myself with a grenade 20 times in a row. It works!

Use these tips for an easy 30 G, kemosabi
Veteran Campaign
If you intend to gain the \"Grizzled Veteran\" achievement, you\'ll most like have to change your game plan. Here are some of the things you\'ll need:

- A LOT of time
- A LOT of patience (it\'s very easy to get angry!)
- A LOT of smoke grenades, even for areas that you found simple in the standard campaign (including the very first part of the first level)
- Good use of cover, since you die VERY quickly in Veteran mode if you don\'t use cover

If you\'re not a patient person, then really don\'t try to get this achievement. It\'s extremely frustrating and difficult.


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Eder Dam Glitch
At the lowest end of the valley, you can find a motorbike&sidecar. If you hop on the driver\'s seat of the motorbike, turn left as soon as you get going. There will be a building on your immediate left. It\'s an L-shaped building, and the part we\'re interested in is the part of the L that was closest to where you first got the motorbike. If you pull your vehicle up alongside the front door of that part of the building (as close as you can get), then get off the bike, you will go through the wall, and will be inside an inaccessible building. You can shoot at others who run past by aiming through the window and the door. Be warned though - the only way to leave the building is by dying.
get on top of the house in les ormes
at the axis spawn point theirs a red tiled house to get on top of it you have to jump on the wheel barrel and then jump on the barrels to the left then go up a little and jump on the piller then jump to the lower level of the roof then face the top of the roof and sprint jump towards it keep holding onto up and you'll be stuck on an invisible wall whill stuck keep jumping and you'll get on the roof
Les Ormes Glitch
The barn with the red tiled roof can be access due to a glitch. If you stand in the front yard of the L-shaped building, there\'s a flower pot near the tractor, next to the fence/wall. Jump onto the flower pot and then forwards again onto the small stone pillar. From here, jump forwards yet again, onto the small rooved area. Next, turn around to look at the tractor. Jump towards the tractor (aiming slightly more towards the back end). You will now be standing on an invisible ramp. Turn towards the main roof of the barn. The ramp doesn\'t reach the roof - you\'ll need to do a sprint-jump to reach it.

Once you\'re on the roof, it\'s an excellent spot for picking off your enemies - especially if they don\'t know that you can even access the roof. Also, when you lie down on certain areas of the roof, you can see through it, into the first floor rooms inside the barn.
Poisson Glitch
On the East side of the town (side looking towards the barn), there is a house with a ground floor, a 1st floor an and attic. You\'re not meant to be able to access the attic, but here\'s how you can:

- Run into the house and up the stairs to the first floor
- Head to the corner of the house which has been blown off (the corner closest to the barn)
- The jagged-edged wall to the right (the wall closest to the street is how you get up to the attic
- Fact the jagged end of the wall and jump onto it
- Now keep jumping upward and you\'ll be in the attic (which has a glitched roof that you can see through)
Unlock All Levels
(Hold the back button down whole time)Right,Right,Left,Left,x,x Quickly(The rights&lefts are on the D-Pad)