Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Call of Duty 2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Completed Training (50)Completed Basic Training.
Veteran of Crossing the Rhine (60)Finished Crossing the Rhine mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of D-Day (60)Finished D-Day mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of El Alamein (60)Finished The Battle of El Alamein mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of Fortress Stalingrad (60)Finished Fortress Stalingrad mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of Hill 400 (60)Finished Hill 400 mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of Rommel's Last Stand (60)Finished Rommel's Last Stand mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of Stalingrad '42 (60)Finished "Not One Step Backwards!" mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of The Battle for Caen (60)Finished The Battle for Caen mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of The Tank Squadrons (60)Finished The Tank Squadrons mission on Veteran difficulty
Veteran of the Winter War (60)Finished The Winter War on Veteran difficulty
War Hardened (200)Finished the Single Player Campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty setting
Won the War (150)Finished the Single Player Campaign


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Basic Weapon Knowledge and Info
OK, here's a guide to the basic weapons of Call of duty 2 that you should know and become acquainted with:

German Weapons

MP44 - sub machine gun
MP40 - sub machine gun
KAR 98k - rifle
Gewhr 43 - automatic rifle


PPSH - sub machine gun
PPS 42 - sub machinegun
SVT40 - automatic rifle

British Weapons

Thompson - sub machine gun, also known as Tommy Gun
Lee Enfield - rifle
Sten - sub machine gun


Springfield - Sniper Rifle
M1 Garand - Rifle
Thompson - sub machine gun
M1 Carbine -rifle
M1A1 Carbine - rifle(M1 Carbine is the stronger)

That is just a basic guide to all the weapons you need to know and use. Happy Kraut-Killing!
Want an easy kill?

Well yesterday I used this tactic to survive a bit longer and get more kills.

Go prone (Hold B) and the oppistion might think you're dead , so when they turn their back...shoot them.
Multiplayer Tips
Ever playing Xbox Live/Splitscreen, but someone ALWAYS knows you're coming? Well, with these tips, become the Sam Fisher of the 40's!

OK, this can be applied for all games but I will break it down into sections:


Ok, start simple. Ever tried to kill someone but they heard you walking? Well, when you get moderately close, crouch down to lose the noise. Your footsteps cannot be heard. Laying down is good, but you can be killed easier. Crouch, walk right behind them and BAM! Melee or shoot in head. Use pistol for head shot just to be cool

HQ(Head Quarters):

Ok, HQ. When capturing a HQ, get close to establish it but stay out of view. Then, establish hide, and wait for poor suckers to come. I reccomend the M1 Garand for Americans, PPSh or PPs42 for Russian, and M1 Garand again for British, and MP44 for German. Let them come and grenade them and BANG! BAM BAM BAM! POW POW! BOOM! They're dead. Hopefully it won't take you that many shots

CTF(Capture The Flag)

The classic. Ok, simple: Sneak close, and this is the most importaint thing-check your surrounding BEFORE going for the flag. More people die from this than any other way. Make sure the area is clear, then get the flag. If the environment is clear, walk with pistol to go faster. If not, walk with main weapon.

S&D(Search and Destroy)

My favorite game mode. This is similair to HQ. Well, this is my best strategy I am about so share with you. You heard it from me first!
Well, have half the team go to A for example, but the other half go to B. Have one of them act like they want to plant the explosive, but let the other ones plant. This always confuses enemies because they don't know which one they are planting at! Well, plant that sucker and hide. You mst defend it for 1 minute, then it blows up and you get a point. Use this startegy wisely, kemosabi. BIG NOTE: DO NOT stand next to the explosive when it goes off after 1 minute. I did that once and it blew up and I died

Use these tips and straategies wisely, fellow Call of Dutiers!
sneak attack
go prone holding b till your on the ground and it will look like your dead and then sneak behind them and go prone they will think your dead and sneak up behind and attack!!! IMPORTANT:only when your doing multiplayer or else your dead!


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Unlock All Levels
On the mission select screen, hold both the left and right bumpers then quickly input: (using the d-pad) Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y