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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (Xbox 360) Cheats

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
That Will Suffice (10)Learn everything Rachel has to teach in Tutorial mode.
Time to Hit the Arcades (10)Finish Arcade mode.
Murakumo...AWAKEN! (30)Defeat the hidden boss in Arcade mode.
The Beginning of the End (30)Finish Score Attack mode.
Mars Needs Winnin' (10)Attempt Unlimited Mars 10 times.
Kaka-kaze (10)Survive the Kaka Kittens in Unlimited Mars.
Eye of the Tiger (10)Train for 30 minutes straight.
Mastered the Basics (10)Complete over 50 missions in Challenge mode.
Mastered the...Master? (30)Complete over 100 missions in Challenge mode.
Just the Beginning (10)Defeat the boss at level 100 of the Abyss.
About Half Way (20)Defeat the boss at level 500 of the Abyss.
Getting Down to Abyss-ness (30)Defeat the boss at level 999 of the Abyss.
Abyssmal Shopaholic (50)Hoard everything you possibly can from the item shop in the Abyss.
*Wheeze*...Just Getting Started (40)Raise your Attack, Defense, Speed and Heat all the way to 50 in the Abyss.
Oh…NOW I Get It...! (10)Understand what happened in Calamity Trigger.
Breaking in the New Guys (20)Finish Makoto's, Valkenhayn's, Platinum's and Relius's scenarios in Story mode.
To Be Continued…! (30)Witness the true ending in Story mode.
Mind on my Money (20)Save up 100,000 total cash.
Artwork?! Gimmie! (10)Unlock 50% of the items in the Gallery.
Aaaaaand I'm Spent (10)Use up the Ignis gauge while fighting as Relius.
Gallery Guru (50)Unlock everything you can in the Gallery.
I See What You Did There (10)Watch what others do, and learn, in the Replay Theater.
There's No "I" In Team (10)Ride your teammate's coattails in a team elimination match.
Just Getting Used to it (30)Raise any character's PSR to over 200.
Level 20 (20)Keep on leveling up to level 20.
I can't Stop Winning (10)Keep wining those Ranked Matches.
Like a Boss (10)Victory comes to those who keep on fighting Ranked Matches.
Plays Well With Others (10)Fight alongside your allies more than 10 times in Player Match.
Feels Like the First Time (10)Win your first team match in Player Match.
Secret Achievements-
Finger on the Button (10)Defeat an opponent while using the Stylish Layout.
Better Safe Than Sorry (10)Dish out significantly more damage than the opponent's remaining HP.
Power of the Azure (20)Perform a 90+ hit combo using Ragna.
Ice Ice Ice Baby (20)Use all three of Jin's special attacks that freeze opponents in a single combo.
Noooooo...el! (20)Finish off an opponent with Noel's Nemesis Stabilizer.
Shocking... Positively Shocking (20)Using Rachel, shock your opponent more than 15 times during a single combo.
Don't Give A Kaka (30)Successfully execute jumping D, jumping ↑+D and jumping ↓+D in the middle of a combo.
Tager? Don't Even Know Her! (20)Turn the tide and win a battle using Genesic Emerald Tager Buster.
Sharp Shooter (30)Hit the opponent with all of Litchi's Great Wheel attacks.
Insecticide (20)Summon and use all of Arakune's bugs during a single combo.
Over 9000?! (20)Deal over 10,000 damage to an opponent in a single combo.
Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned (20)Using Bang, have Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan activated for more than 30 seconds of the battle.
A Spectacle (30)Land Carl's Vivace, Cantabile, and Allegreto during a combo.
You've Been...Terminated (20)With Lambda, summon every type of sword during a single round.
Fight for Survival (20)Using Tsubaki, execute all of the "D" versions of her special attacks in a single combo.
Fangs for the Memories! (20)Use Hazama's Rising, Falling and Devouring Fangs during a battle.
Threat Level...Escalated (30)During the course of one combo, place all four of Mu's Stein's Gunners.
Squirrel Power! (20)Execute Makoto's super, Particle Flare, with only Level 3 punches.
Get Off My Lawn! (20)Perform a 30+ hit combo using Valkenhayn.
Lunatic (20)Equip all of Luna's weapons during one round.
Domestic Battery (20)Using Relius, fight a battle without depleting the Ignus gauge.