BlackSite: Area 51 Cheats

BlackSite: Area 51 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for XBOX360.

BlackSite: Area 51 Unlockables

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Play in a game with a Blacksite Virus Carrier
Blacksite Virus Carrier51
Finish first in a ranked match containing a Blacksite Virus Carrier
UnlockableHow to unlock
Completed Episode 1 (10)Complete Episode 1: Iraq
Completed Episode 2 (10)Complete Episode 2: Quarantine
Completed Episode 3 (10)Complete Episode 3: Rachel
Completed Episode 4 (10)Complete Episode 4: Counter Insurgency
Completed Episode 5 (10)Complete Episode 5: Topside
Completed Episode 6 (10)Complete Episode 6: Wrecked
Threat Level Yellow (25)Complete all episodes on Yellow (easy) difficulty
Threat Level Orange (35)Complete all episodes on Orange (medium) difficulty
Threat Level Red (50)Complete all episodes on Red (hard) difficulty
The Downward Spore (10)Bring down a Spore Tower
I said Drop and Roll! (10)Bring down a Fire Brute
Beware! Octopus Dog! (10)Kill more than 25 Drudge using only melee
Rapture (20)Kill more than 250 Reborn
Researcher (10)Collect a Dossier
Master Delegator (20)Get the squad to help you get more than 250 Focus Fire Kills
Professional Motivator (20)Get the squad to High Morale more than 20 times
Investigator (50)Collect all Dossiers
Hunter (20)Collect 25 Dossiers
Small but mighty (10)Get more than 10 head shot kills with the pistol in Campaign
Magic Bullets (10)Get 10 kills while the M4 is equipped in Campaign
Long distance charges may apply (10)Get 5 kills while the Sniper Rifle is equipped in Campaign
Meatseeker (10)Get more than 10 kills using the Antitank Launcher's target-lock in Campaign
Geometry Kills (10)Get 5 kills with the Scatter Gun's bouncing projectiles in Campaign
Dodge This! (10)Get more than 10 kills by detonating the Plasma Rifle's projectile in Campaign
Going for the Gusto! (25)Get more than 100 kills with each weapon
The instrument of your doom! (50)Get more than 200 kills with each weapon
Look upon my works and despair! (100)Get more than 400 kills with each weapon
Home Field Advantage (10)Host an Xbox LIVE game of Blacksite versus (any game type)
Boot Camp (10)Compete in an Xbox LIVE game of Blacksite
I Fear The Reaper (10)Complete a ranked match of Deathmatch
We Fear The Reaper (10)Complete a ranked match of Team Deathmatch
Probed (10)Complete a ranked match of Abduction
...And Justice For All (10)Complete a ranked match of Capture The Flag
Around The Block (10)Complete a round of every Xbox LIVE Ranked Match game type
King Of The Block (25)Win a round of every Xbox LIVE Ranked Match game type
Flag Feeler (10)Capture your first flag
Flag Stealer (25)Capture more than 25 flags
Flag Dealer (50)Capture more than 50 flags
Always Remember Your First (10)Win your first ranked match
Spoils of War (30)Win more than 25 ranked matches
Vae Victus (55)Win more than 50 ranked matches!
The Skulls Of The Vanquished (50)Get over 20 kills without dying in a single Versus match!
Submitted by: Arcanium on December 06, 2007

BlackSite: Area 51 Tips

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Get Outside of the Map
Go to the level where you are in a neighberhood where you go into a being constructed house. Kill everybody but don't junp to the ground like you are supposed to. There will be a barrier on either side of you. While you're on the balcony, go all the way to the bottom right corner of the barrier and then run and junp. You should land in a crate thing in which you should then hop over the fence and now you are out of the Map!
Submitted by: outfouru on May 20, 2008