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Blacklight: Tango Down Cheats

Blacklight: Tango Down cheats, Passwords, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Blacklight: Tango Down Passwords

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Weapon tags
These are case sensitive. You have to put them in exactly how they are or they won't work. Also some may take a few times to work I don't know why they just do. Some are missing so if you find any please add them also for the ones i couldn't figure out what they were.
PasswordWhat it does
Al13nwa4re5acasEAlienWare Tag
Alienwarec8pestUAlieWare DogTags
AMD3afrUnapVisonView (red)
4MDB4quprexVisonView (blue)
AT1hAqup7SuATI sqaure tag
E3F6crAS5uTropical DogTags(?)
Denek1Ju3aceH7Yellow TeddyBear
Ch1pBLuS9PRBlackLight Chip
Ch1p1GN1u0SLightning Bold Chip
Ch1pMMRSc0rpBlacklight W logo chip
Ch1p0RD3Ru02Order Logo chip
Ch1pZ0MB1Et7Zombie Studios Chip
H4rtBr34kerio4uPink Brass Knuckles
SKULLCLUB9rAVaZ2Blue Skull Square tag
StormLion9rAVaZ2Black Dragon
St0rmLi0nB4qupreBlack Dragon Tag (fav)
USAM3spudreUSA Flag
R4z3erzu8habuCGreen and Black-ish Tag
AUS9eT5edruAustralian Flag
AUTF6crAS5uAustria Flag
BELS7utHAsPBelgium Flag
CANfeprUtr5Canada Flag
DENdathe8HUDenmark Flag
FINw3uthEfeFinland Flag
FRApRUyUT4aFrance Flag
GERtRE4a4eSGermany Flag
INDs4u8RAprIndia Flag
IRE8ruGejecIreland Flag
ITAQ7Swu9reItaly Flag
JPNj7fazebRJapan Flag
KORpaphA9uKKorean Flag
MEX5Usw2YAdMexico Flag
HOLb8e6UWuhHolland Flag
NZLxut32eSANew Zeland Flag
SWEt2aPHutrSwedish Flag
TAW8udukUP2Taiwan Flag
UKv4D3phedUK Flag
Submitted by: GameTester113 on August 29, 2010

Blacklight: Tango Down Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
n00b (5)Win 1 quick match! Welcome to the winning team!
Opportunist (10)Kill 10 opponents in a quick match while they are affected by a Digi Grenade.
Tour of the City (5)Achieve a win in any game mode on every map in quick match games!
Field Officer (5)Reach the rank of Sergeant.
Dodge This (20)Headshot 25 opponents while they are using HRV in quick match games.
Way of the Gun (20)Kill an opponent with their own weapon in a quick match. Ouch!
Flatten and Reinstall (20)Kill 25 opponents in quick match games while they are EMPed!
Commissioned Officer (20)Reach the rank of Second Lieutenant.
Command Officer (20)Reach the rank of Major.
Gearhead (30)Unlock all gear and weapons!
General (25)Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!
Hack the Gibson (20)Hack every control point on every multiplayer map in quick match games.
Submitted by: Intoxication on July 04, 2010