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Find All Five Weapon Unlocks

Four of the Find All Five weapons can now be unlocked via a code in the kit upgrade screen.
PasswordWhat it does
your3mynextt4rgetQBU88 (Recon)
cov3r1ngthecorn3rUZI (Special Ops)
try4ndrunf0rcov3rM60 (Support)
aw3somef1rep0werUSAS12 (Demolition)
Verified by: Battlefield master Submitted by: Ren of Heavens on November 06, 2008


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Action, not words! (25)Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on hard
Always get paid in gold bars (15)Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on normal
Be the best (20)(Online) Place #1 in a ranked match
Beans Bullets Bandages (30)(Online) Get 10002 kills
Been There, Drove That! (20)Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat)
Capitalist pigs, very nice (25)Complete 'Crash and Grab' on hard
Cart Wheels (25)Complete 'Par for the Course' on hard
Catch The 'Bad' Moment (15)(Online) Take 3 pictures using the image system
Check My Grill (20)Find half of the gold bars
Clean sweep (25)Find all collectables
Colonel (25)(Online) Reach Rank 20
Darwin's Parachute (10)(Online) Glide in the parachute for 3 seconds
Death From Above (20)Kill 25 enemies in a helicopter
Dog owner! (20)(Online) Collect 5 unique dog tags
Drive By (25)(Online) 100 kills using vehicle
Forest Ranger (15)(Online) Knock down 1000 trees
General of the Army (35)(Online) Reach Rank 25
Get me started (15)(Online) Participate in one online match (Ranked)
Get the dog! (20)(Online) Collect 50 unique dog tags
Gold Digger (30)Find all gold bars
Half way thru (20)Find half of all collectables
He might come in handy (15)Complete 'Par for the Course' on normal
Here is your DD-214 (30)Complete 'Ghost Town' on hard
Hold on! (15)Complete 'Air Force One' on normal
Home Wrecker (15)Destroy 200 walls
I Love Gold! (10)Find one gold bar
I am Bad Company! (25)(Online) Achieve all the awards
Killer on the loose (25)Kill 25 enemies
Leatherneck (25)(Online) Play 100 online matches
Let´s take that boat (15)Complete 'Crash and Grab' on normal
Manic Lumberjack (15)Knock down a small forest
Master Sergeant (15)(Online) Reach Rank 8
Never Used a Door (15)(Online) Destroy 1000 walls
Not even a nugget! (15)Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on normal
On Top of The World (20)Climb to the highest spot in the game
One In a Million (20)Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator
Ooh Rah (20)(Online) Achieve half of all awards
Russia? (25)Complete 'Air Force One' on hard
Say goodbye to the gold! (25)Complete 'Crossing Over' on hard
Sir, yes sir! (30)Complete 'Ghost Town' on normal
Specialist (10)(Online) Reach Rank 3
Staying Alive (15)Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty)
The Anti-Mechanic (20)Destroy 50 vehicles. (containing enemy AI)
The Hypochondriac (20)Use Auto Injector 50 Times
There is no I in Squad (15)(Online) Have 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round
Vehikill (20)(Online) Get at least one kill in every vehicle
Where are they going so fast? (25)Complete 'Acta Non Verba' on hard
With My Devil Dogs (15)(Online) Use Squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round
You and what army? (15)Complete 'Crossing Over' on normal
You found it you keep it (15)Find 5 unique collectables
Verified by: gamer1000x, Battlefield master Submitted by: Krunal on October 01, 2008


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Best sniping spot at com center

The best sniping spot on the map with the com center is on the very top of the building itself!? Weird huh?! Hopefully your team is the defenders and choose the recon class on the load out screen and choose the m-24 sniper rifle, (my favorite sniper rifle in the game), press the right analog stick. Then hope for the best, if you are spotted, go around the other side and keep sniping, if they spot you again, get completely off the building and go into the ground level and keep hoping that you won't get spotted.

Hope this helps.

Please verify

<img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Battlefield master on November 02, 2011

Diverse Powertool

The powertool can be used for more than just fixing a vehicle, you know. With it, you can drill enemy vehicles to do damage, drill walls to make a silent entranceway, or even drill people for a humiliating kill!
Verified by: Ren of Heavens Submitted by: RhasiirTheArcher on July 13, 2008

Easy Levelling

When you unlock the Life +1 online, play the Ascension map on conquest mode as an assault, except instead of a gun, use a knife. Knife kills give you bonus points equivalent to whatever level your victim is, meaning one knife kill can be the equivalent of three and a half standard kills! Combined with the fact that Ascension is one of the few close quarters maps, and you can earn easily twice as many points as you normally do!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: RhasiirTheArcher on April 10, 2009

Quick way to get a lot of kills on Harvest Day

The first thing you need to is to choose the Recon class at the menu before you spawn, then go and find a 2 story house, (the house must have a porch on the second floor, then be very patient, it works if you are good with the class wait and wait and wait). Then, you will rank up very easily.

It took me only a few matches on that map to master this sophisticated skill.

It didn't take me long to rank up, easier with the better sniper rifles, just to let you know.

Stay epic.

Please verify.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Battlefield master on October 31, 2011

Quicker reloading

Heres just a simple tip for reloading faster. This works best with Support class, good with Demolition and ok with Assault.

When you are reloading say, a Support class weapon, the animation takes quite a while. So instead, when you hit reload, watch the ammo indicator in the bottom right of the screen and see when it says "150/xxx" (or however many rounds the gun holds, Support seems to be 150 for most of them at least). As soon as the first number (which is how many rounds are in your magazine) says 150 or whatever the max number is, hit RB twice really quick. This will switch you to your secondary weapon and back to the primary and it skips the remainder of the reloading animation so you can go back to shooting.

But make sure you wait till it goes to 150, otherwise you have to start reloading over.
Verified by: RhasiirTheArcher, Hitman Squirrel Submitted by: Shinobi_razor on July 10, 2008