Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360) Cheats

Assassin's Creed cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
The Eagle and The Apple - 1191 (100)Complete Assassin's Creed.
Personal Vendetta (40)Kill every Templar.
Keeper of the Lions Passant (25)Find All of Richard's Flags in the Kingdom.
Keeper of the Creed (10)Find All Flags in Masyaf.
Keeper of the Four Gospels (20)Find All Flags in Jerusalem.
Keeper of the Crescent (20)Find All Flags in Damascus.
Absolute Symbiosis (45)Have a complete Synchronization bar.
Fearless (25)Complete all Reach High Points.
Hungerer of Knowledge (20)See 85% of all the memory glitches.
Defender of the People: Acre (20)Complete every free mission in Acre.
Defender of the People:Jerusalem (20)Complete every free mission in Jerusalem.
Defender of the People: Damascus (20)Complete every free mission in Damascus.
Conversationalist (20)Go through every dialog with Lucy.
Disciple of the Creed (30)Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.
Eagle's Will (20)Defeat 100 opponents without dying.
Eagle's Flight (20)Last 10 minutes in open conflict.
Eagle's Prey (20)Assassinate 100 guards.
Blade in the Crowd (30)Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.
Eagle's Challenge (20)Defeat 25 guards in a single fight.
Eagle's Swiftness (20)Perform 100 Counter Kill in Fights.
Eagle's Dive (20)Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights.
Eagle's Talon (15)Perform 50 stealth assassinations.
Eagle's Dance (10)Perform 50 leap of faith.
The hands of a Thief (15)Pickpocket 200 throwing knives.
March of the Pious (5)Use Scholar blending 20 times.
Eagle's Eye (15)Kill 75 guards by throwing knives.
Enemy of the Poor (5)Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.
Gifted Escapist (5)Jump through 20 merchant stands.
Keeper of the Black Cross (10)Find All Teutonic Flags in Acre.
Keeper of the Order (10)Find all Templar Flags in Acre.
Keeper of the 8 Virtues (10)Find All Hospitalier Flags in Acre.
Secret Achievements-
Visions of the Future (50)A strange vision has appeared to you. What could it mean?
The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant (25)You've slain Tamir, Black Market Merchant in Damascus.
The Blood of a Slave Trader (25)You've slain Talal, Slave Trader of Jerusalem.
The Blood Of A Doctor (25)You've slain Garnier de Naplouse, Hospitlier Leader in Acre.
The Blood of a Regent (25)You've slain Majd Addin, Regent of Jerusalem.
The Blood of the Merchant King (25)You've slain Abul Nuqoud, Merchant King of Damascus.
The Blood of a Liege-Lord (25)You've slain William of Montferrat, Liege-Lord of Acre.
The Blood of a Scribe (25)You've slain Jubair, the Scribe of Damascus.
The Blood of a Teutonic Leader (25)You've slain Sibrand, the Teutonic Leader of Acre.
The Blood of a Nemesis (25)You've slain Robert de Sable, but there is one more...
Welcome to the Animus (20)You've successfully completed the Animus tutorial.
Hero of Masyaf (20)You've protected Masyaf from the Templar invasion.
The Punishment for Treason (20)You have found the traitor and have brought him before Al Mualim.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Kill innocents without losing healthFinish the main game
Unlimited Eagle Eye visionFinish the main game


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Blade in the Crowd (30) - Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.
Kill a main target while the enemy is still in "Uninformed" mode. One way to do this easily: during the assassination of the doctor in Acre do the following: Once you get to the assassination, go to the hospital. Watch the cutscenes like normal, then when you can move, head to the south corner of the hospital. HURRY. Get to the doctor before the dialog between him and the patient ends. He still should be in the corner. Wait for him to start to move out near the wall to the left, then walk up to him and without pressing buttons, walk him into the wall. You want him to be positioned against the wall. Get between him and the guards, walk him into the medical cart nearby, and assassinate him. The guards shouldn't have seen what happened, and the medical cart should have blocked other guards' view. NOTE: DO THIS IN LOW PROFILE
Eagle's Challenge (20) Defeat 25 Guards in a Single Fight
This can be done in any of the districts in Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus. I highly recommend doing this after you have unlocked the counter kill ability.

To start, take off running, but not sprinting. As soon as you see a guard bump into them and they should chase you. Keep running, making sure they are not too close, but not too far by sprinting only when you see them really close to you. Keep this up until you have about 10 chasing you. After that speed a bit ahead of them, whip out your sword and get ready to fight. I recommend using counter-attack for killing them. Keep countering until there are three left. It is important you leave at least three because they may run away if there are less than three. After you leave three left, run again until there are 10 chasing you. Then fight until there are three left. Keep doing this until you get the achievement.
Eagle's Flight (20) Easy Way
firstly find yourself a point in any city on out in the kingdon - city works best - where the guards cannot attack you sychronisation points work best, u can kill all archers around but there usually isn't any and if there is they rarely shoot you from their current location, get in a fight and perch yourself ontop of it then go make a phone call or a sandwich - 10 minutes later achievement time , i tried this myself to see if it wud work - i wanted a sandwich - as long as the icon at the top is flashing yellow your gdgd , happy hunting
Eagle's Flight (20) Last 10 minutes in open conflict.
All you have to do is after you kill a target just wait after you kill everyone, and stand there for ten minutes. I got it after killing the6th target, because he only had 2 guards. Beware of achers if your out in the open though.
Eagle's Flight (20) The easy way
All you have to do is climb up on a rooftop, find a archer and get their attention. After that, perch yourself on a "leap-of-faith" point. Go and do something else for 10 minutes and then come back. you should then get your easy achievement. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Eagle's Will (20) Defeat 100 opponents without dying.
There is a simple strategy for this. First, it is almost required to have the counter ability.

To start go to a place where a citizen needs saving. Save the citizen, and if you get vigilantes, you're ready to start. If they don't give you vigilantes, continue to save citizens until you find one that does. After that, stay by the vigilantes and kill the first guard that wanders near you. This should spark a fight, but you will have help from the vigilantes. Use the counter attack during the fights for the simplest time. Once the fight ends more guards should wander by, see the corpses and proceed to attack you. Use the same strategy of countering and staying close to the vigilantes. Keep doing this until you get the achievement. If you follow this strategy, you may also get the 100 counter achievement, if you have some previous counters.
Easier Combo Kills
A Combo Kill is done by pressing the attack button right when your and the enemy's blades clash and it instantly kills your opponent. However, it is rather hard to push the button at the right time because the attacks are too quick. The best thing to do is to use heavy attacks by holding the attack button for some time, Altair will swing the blade with more power but less speed and if the enemy blocks, the blades remain intact for some time, giving you more time to do a Combo Kill. This is the easiest way to beat the 50 Combo Kills achievement.
Easy Al Mualim Kill
When you are going 1 on 1 with Al Mualim, after you've killed all his projections, just counter his strike with the hidden blade, and it's an insta-kill. You go to the cutscene, and then your done. No extra fighting, no damage taken!
Easy.. Eagle's Dance
This is really easy to get go to the Assassin's City and find the smallest building with crows on them then jump off. repeat 50 times
Fighting To Kill
The best way to fight is the hardest way. Counter with your hidden blade. You cannot block, but it kills your target instantly. I defeated every assassination target in one counter with this.
Gifted Escapist (5) Jump through 20 merchant stands.
This is one of the simplest achievements I've found. All you have to do is find ONE merchants stand, and run through it while pressing the A button. Do this 20 times, and there you have it.
Hidden Blade Attacking
if you have your hidden blade out during a fight, you can counter and kill the guards instantly. Also if the guards are taunting you or are not paying attention. You can pounce on them.
Reach Loading Game Area Boundary
When the game is loading and in the meantime are given control of Altair, you can reach the boundary of that area by sprinting continuously in one direction. You will know you're close when the atomic symbols within the clouds start to disappear. Continue running and you should hit an invisible boundary.
The hands of a Thief (15) Pickpocket 200 throwing knives
This is most easily done when you can carry 10 knives, but is possible when you can carry 5 too. To start, get to an open part of a city, which is usually found immediately when you enter a city. After that, walk up to a wall and waste all of your throwing knives by selecting the throwing knife from your weapons menu and pressing x. When you hit zero knives, look for one of the fat guys wearing a belt that you can pickpocket. Pickpocket until you are full on knives. Then go back to a wall and waste all of the knives. Keep doing this until you get the achievement.