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Xenoblade Chronicles Tips

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Can't find a NPC?
This can be one of the most annoying things in the game. You've just completed a quest, and you forgot where the NPC is located. Here's a few tips to help you out.

Firstly, check the affinity section. It will tell you the map, and time that the character is active.

Secondly, check the quest page. It will tell you the NPCs nearest landmark.

Thirdly, run around the area looking at the mini-map for a red explanation mark.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Chest Contents
Just killed a monster and don't like what's in the chest? No problems, just save your game after killing a monster (before opening the chest) then reload. The contents of the chest may be different.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Colony 6 Items
Having trouble finding items needed for renovations? Obviously the hints given by Juju will help out, but this won't always solve your problem.

Try talking to the Colony 6 resident next to Talonyth (East of Juju). She will always give helpful clues.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 09, 2011
Gem Caps
There is a certain limit as to how much a stat can be raised via gems. Make sure you take this into account when setting up your party. EG - Don't waste a gem slot raising your agility if it's already at +49.

Agility: +50
Other Stats: +150
Resistances: +100
Elemental Damage: 100%
Percent Skills: 50%
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Monster Indicators
If you go around attacking any old monster, chances are that you'll die. When you lock onto a monster, their indicator will be a certain colour based on your level vs their level.

Red: Way stronger than you (stay clear)
Yellow: Just above your level (This will be a challenge)
White: Around about your level
Blue: Quite a few levels lower than you (Easy Fight)
Black: Much weaker (They won't even attack you)
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 07, 2011
Before venturing out to a new area, take a lap around the nearest town at 8am, 2pm, and 10pm and talk to everyone with an explanation mark above their heads. This will save you having to go back a second time.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Re-spawn monsters
There are times that you'll need to kill a certain amount of monsters (or collect items) and they're located quite a distance from the nearest landmark.

To re-spawn the monsters without having to travel back to a landmark, simply save your game, the load it again.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Status effect order
You go this way Break---->Topple---->Dazzle.

Once the main effect vanishes you don't have to worry a lot, why? simple the first status will still be active for a while, this means that if your enemy stops being dazzled he/she/it will still be under the effects of break, to go on some characters attacks hit harder if this chain is inflicted (to be specific certain attacks do more damage IF a certain status is inflicted), the perfect example is Sharla a specific attack of her has a high chance of killing any enemy that is NOT immune to instant death in one hit.
Submitted by: Duncan Idaho on November 02, 2011
Top Affinity Gifts
The following gifts will raise the affinity of the giver and receiver by 3 hearts (except Dunban will only raise by 2 hears)

Shulk: Shield Bug, Blue Chain, WInding Gear, Paupers Cup
Reyn: Spicy Cabbage, Fresh Melon
Sharla: Sour Gooseberry
Dunban: Rubber Mantis, Water Log, Blue Gear Shard, Death Bangle, Lemonade Sky
Melia: Dobercorgi
Riki: Rubber Mantis
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 08, 2011
Trading Bonus
If you trade with a NPC and your item is worth much more than their item, they will compensate you with an additional item. This item is not random, so it may be worth doing this with every NPC to see what they offer. Some of these additional items are definitely worth it.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 09, 2011
Trading items
As you increase your affinity with a location, the items that the NPCs have up for trading will also increase. For example, getting 5 stars with Colony 9 will cause all the NPCs to trade rarer items, so keep checking with them every time your town affinity increases.
Submitted by: Hell Fire on October 09, 2011