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Wii Sports Resort cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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Avoid i points on Island Flyover
Choose the Island Flyover game. When you get to the Mii selection screen, press and hold 2 and select "OK." As you play the game, no "i" points will appear.
Change bowling ball for bowling and other codes...
Change bowling ball for bowling
Golden ball- hold Right and press A while confirming your character at the selection screen. Release Right at the warning message screen.

Green ball- hold Down and press A while confirming your character at the selection screen. Release Down at the warning message screen.

Pink ball- hold Left + A while confirming your character at the selection screen. Release Left at the warning message screen.

Basket bike in Cycling
Achieve Pro class in Cycling. Then while selecting your Mii, hold 1. There are two versions, depending on the gender of your Mii

Purple sword in Swordplay
Defeat Matt, the Pro Class Champion, then hold 1 while a Swordplay game loads.

Shoe or slipper paddle in Table Tennis
While a Table Tennis game loads, hold 1.

11 point game in Table Tennis
While a Table Tennis game loads, hold 2.


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Unlock Basket Bike in Cycling
Once you have achieved pro status in cycling, you can hold down 1 in the Mii selection screen to use the basket bike. The bike will either have pizzas or flowers painted on it, depending on the Mii's gender.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Basket BikeHold down 1 at Mii Selection Screen
Unlockable Items In Air Sports:Island Flyover
These are the things you can unlock in the Air Sports:Island Flyover minigame.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Balloons to popCollect 10 i points
Fly in the eveningCollect 20 i points
Double MissleCollect 30 i points
Fly at nightCollect 40 i points
Lights on at nightCollect 50 i points
Two person planeCollect 60 i points
New whale shark design (player face)Collect 70 i points
Resort house on private islandCollect all i points (very hard!)
land on ground80 i points
unlimited time no i points or balloons70 i points
Unlockable modes
In island flyover you land at stops im not sure what u get but if you add them all together you get modes like 10 point table tenis
Some stops are hard 2 find
UnlockableHow to unlock


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Different coloured balls
RED COLOURED BALL:hold left on the d-pad while it is loading
GREEN COLOURED BALL: hold the down button on the d-pad while it is loading.
GOLD COLOURED BALL:hold right on the d-pad while it is loading.
Easy Way to Find Some i Points on Island Flyover
Send up a flare (press 1) and look around you. Shortly after, you should see an orange flare in the sky. Follow this orange flare and you will find Miguel's guide plane. There is an i point there, but also if you follow him, he will take you on a path where i points are. He goes on different paths depending on the time of day - e.g. day, evening, night.
How NOT to Get Lost On Island Flyover (2 Ways)
OK, you're a newbie and you get lost easily. That's where I come in! Here are 2 ways to keep you from getting lost!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> (These were all made by me!)

First off, when you think your gonna get lost, hold down (A) and just fly. Make sure your blasts hit the ground and if you DO get lost, you can follow the trail of pale blue circles!
Second, if you get lost, turn towards a place that you can recognize and fly to there! Now if it doesn't work, you can take the time to find new (i) points! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Simpler Way To Land on the Water
Island Flyover Level, a plane, water.

Fly above the water and cut your engine. Make sure your plane is completely level. There will be a BANG, and you will land on the water. Or, its more like falling onto the water. But you can still sit there, but you aren't getting any points for gracefulness! Still, it's easier than trying to land perfectly in the other cheats.
Table Tennis Powerball
In Table Tennis, when hitting the ball back to your opponent (Not while serving) Swing the Wii Remote as hard as you can. The ball should have a red/orange aura behind it. This shot can easily bypass opponents who are not in the direction of the ball.

Not sure if it will work on high levels.
It has helped me out of many problems in the game.
Table Tennis Tip
To get an easy point in the earlier skill levels(500-lower),try to hit the ball to the opposite side of the opponent so he has to dive to get it.If you pull this off correctly,than your opponent will hit it a little bit higher than usual and also slower.When the ball bounces on your side swing your paddle as hard as you can and hit the extremely fast and it is very unlikely that the other player will hit it.


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'Swordplay' glitch to always hit your opponent. "The Block Breaker"
Here is a simple glitch that will allow you to hit your opponent every time you take a swing, even when your opponent blocks you! Since this glitch allows you to hit a blocking opponent, I have properly named this move the "Block Breaker". So, here's how it's done!
With your opponent in front of you, prepare your swing as you normally would. Then, make a wide swing in a straight line (It is easier to do this move when you swing in a horizontal line rather than a vertical or diagonal line). BUT WAIT! At the moment slightly before your sword hits your opponent (very slightly! The moment is actually closer to when you hit your opponent rather than before you hit them), press and release the B button. This will make you hit your opponent as you normally would, even if they block you. So basically, right when your sword hits your opponent, flick the B button. Once you get used to it, you can make consecutive swings to get rid of your opponent in about 3 seconds!
On The Wall: Stamp
Hit the gutter guard once, then get less than 100 pins. Bring your skill... or luck!
Pin Stander: Stamp
Score 0 pins on every frame (except the throw of the 10th frame, which doesn't count.) You can't get this stamp on Spin Control.
Super Gutterball: Stamp
Get 0 pins with one huge gutterball.
Super Gutterball: Stamp
Get 0 pins with one huge gutterball.
Unblockable hit

As soon as you hit your opponent, press B. You have to do it at the moment you hit. It can't be blocked and you can do it over and over again. You can do it attacking sideways and up and down. It doesnt matter unless you press B at the right time. Up and down is easier. You can easily beat Matt with it.

Easter eggs

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11-Point Match
At the black screen, hold 2 and release after the black screen. So if you (or your opponent) gets 11 you/the opponent win(s)!
Come On And Take A Free Ride
WHAT YOU NEED: Island Flyover Level, plane, Sea Caddy, Daytime

WHAT YOU DO: It's a lot easier to do this in the day, just to let you know. It can be done at any time. In the day, you start out right near the Sea Caddy. What the heck, you can pop the balloons, but you don't have to. This is the part where you must be careful. Fly in front of it, and cut your engine so you're in its path. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL DOING THIS! It's very easy to land on the Sea Caddy, or land alongside of it so you crash, or to not even land in its path at all. Now, you cut your engine and sit in its path. The Sea Caddy will beep or do some noise than means they're angry, but don't budge. It will push you all the way to Wedge Island! You might not have much time left, and it's faster to fly. You also CAN NOT let go of B, or else you will begin flying again. If you land next to it and part of the plane is in its path or if you fly into it, you will crash and must start over.
Golden Ball In Bowling
At the warning screen, hold the D-Pad right for a golden bowling ball! I hope this helps people.
Hidden Mario Music
in island flyover, if u fly over the hillside village a couple time you will hear mario jump and it will play game over music. its preety nifty
Hidden objects in Archery
In every stage of Archery there is a hidden object. If you can find the object you can try hitting it. If you find and hit every object on each stage of each difficulty, then you'll get the hidden object stamp.
Holding 2
press and hold the 2 button when you are selecting you mii and let go when the game starts. this will have different effects on different games. in a sword duel, it will change the time of day to dusk. and on skydiving, you will skydive like you did at the very beginning of the game when you first make a save file.
Island Flyover Mario
Flt your plane near the houses in the area 'New Town' and you should be able to hear some music and sound effects from the NES classic 'Super Mario Bros.'.
land on water
he was half wrong
first, start by flying over some water and then cut your engine(b)
for about 3 seconds and go now use a speed boost now just tilt your
plane down (turn if needed)when you see some water splashing or
flying cut your engine(b)hold b until your ready to take off