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Command codes

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Shooting extra points
1. Go to the mii channel and progam your mii to both controllers.
2. Go to wii play and select 2 players.
3. For player one select your character out of wii console.
4. Select player 2 out of wii remote.(Select same character as player one.)
5. Go to shooting Gallery and to cursers should pop up.
6. Shoot with both controllers to earn double points.


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Charge! Platinum Medal
UnlockableHow to unlock
Platinum Medal in Charge!Hit every Scarecrow and get the bonus 5 each time to get the medal.


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+3pts in shooting gallery
In the game shooting gallery on the wii play you can get +3pts for accuratly shooting your opponents in the head.
Alternate Laser Hockey Paddles
If you press A and B together before the game timer starts in Laser Hockey you will switch to an alternate paddle.
Billiards Platinum Medal
Earn 60 points, or more, to earn the Billiards Platinum medal.
Cow Racing and Sharpshooting and Miis
When you're racing cows, tilt you're Wiimote towards the screen, you will start off like a bat out of ----.
When in the arcade, if you shoot blue ducks you get 20 points, red ducks get you 10. (That might be backwards.)
When you're about to choose a game, there are Miis walking in the background. Check 'em out. Some are running, some are walking, some are even swimming!
Duck Tip
Here's a tip to know whenever a duck is coming.

Everytime you hear a dog bark while playing the Shooting Range game, you should be ready for 2 ducks to fly by on the screen.

Keep your ears open to hear that dog bark for heads up on your opponents, or just for a higher score on single player! Good Luck!
Easier Find Mii
Find Mii uses Miis you have created and Miis created for the game. If you create many Miis that you can recognize there will be a bigger chance you will have to search for them in the game.
Easy High Score On Tanks
Play a 2 player Co-Op game to score high points!
Find Mii Platinum Medal
Get to Stage 80 to earn the Find Mii Platinum medal.
fishing help
this is how many times each fish type nibbles before taking off:
Small Fry: 0
Plain Ol' Fish: 1
Touchy Fish: 2
Nibbler: 3
Mystery Fish: 1
King of the Pond: 5

hope this helps your timing!
Fishing Platinum Medal
Score over 2500 points to earn the Fishing Platinum medal.

get +3 points in shooting gallery
go to wii play and select 2 player and go to shooting gallery and on the 2nd round when you see your opponents head in the circle shoot it and you will get +3 points.
How to always beat your friend at tank shooting
All you have to do to beat your friend every time is to destroy his/her tank before your opponent.
Last Minute Shooting Range Points
At the end of every Shooting Range game there are 2 ducks that appear split seconds before the final score comes up, they come out of no where and don't last for long, so as soon as the game 'ends' keep your Wiimote ready to shoot the ducks that are about to appear for a +35 jump in your score.
Mood Control
When your at the main Menu, click on your Mii to have them do a various move. Click their left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, stomach, and face for a diffrent pose. You can even click on your opponents body too!
more points on shooting range
easy use two wiimotes on one player
Platinum Medals
Ultimately, earning Gold medals for all 9 games is encouraged. It is possible to earn Platinum medals in each of the games, here is how you unlock these Platinum medals.
Pool Help
when hitting a ball, do the following hits to make the cue ball go different places:

bottom: make the ball go backwards on impact
top: make the ball follow the ball hit on impact
left: left spin
right: right spin
Combination (topleft, bottomright, etc.): combines the actions.

how far out you go also plays a role in how much of the action is done. Go slightly downwards to put the cue ball in a complete stop. go to thevery bottom of the ball to roll backwards really fast.
Pose Mii Platinum Medal
Earn over 1000 points to unlock the Pose Mii Platinum medal.

Shooting Mange Platinum Medal
Earn over 600 points to unlock the Shooting Mange Platinum medal.

Shooting Range Extra Points
I bet you didn't know that shooting ducks gave you more points did you. Whenever you see a duck, shoot it and you can gain as much as 20 points.
Sleeping Mii at the Menu Screen
If you leave your Wiimote at the menu screen for a short period of time, without any activity, your Mii will soon fall asleep and the music will change. If you continue leaving it unattended, it will eventually awake again, and the music will return to normal.
Table Tennis Platinum Medal
Return the ball over 200 times without missing once to unlock the Table Tennis Platinum medal.

Tank platinum medal!!!
You have to get 130 tanks in order to get the platinum. The tricky part is that you have to get the gold medal first and then it will unlock more levels. And you have to play it again to get to those levels.


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2 player 1s
At the beginning of the game, press home. then go to wii remote settings, then click reconnect. then hold 1 and 2 on both remotes so both remotes are functional. then on p2, select 1 player. you then go to shooting gallery and there SHOULD be 2 cursers. This is a glitch I found and it may or may not work.
Laser Hockey Platinum Medal
Score at least 16 goals and win the match to unlock the Laser Hockey Platinum medal.