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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Cheats

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Different Endings
These are the 3 different endings that you can get.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bad EndingKill Marta and Lloyd
Neutral EndingLose to Marta and Lloyd and Ratatosk
Good EndingLose to Marta and Lloyd, defeat Ratatosk
GRADE Shop Unlockables
After completing the game at least once, you will gain access to the GRADE Shop when you start a New Game+. Here you can spend all the GRADE points you accumulated throughout your last playthrough to unlock a variety of effects for you new game!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Import skit collection data0 GRADE
50% Reduced Experience10 GRADE
Begin game with 160 HP10 GRADE
Import Monster Book data10 GRADE
Earn more GRADE in battles20 GRADE
Import total play time20 GRADE
Begin game with 500 HP (except monsters)50 GRADE
Import current battle info (i.e. encounters and max hits)50 GRADE
Import learned recipes and recipe titles50 GRADE
Import obtained titles (required to get new titles if you earned Good Ending)50 GRADE
Set current EXP to 1 and increase EXP BONUS50 GRADE
Import items (gels, ingredients, durable goods)110 GRADE
Double damage dealt and received150 GRADE
Hold up to 30 of each item150 GRADE
Import befriended monsters200 GRADE
Import current Gald200 GRADE
Import current Skills250 GRADE
Double Experience300 GRADE
Import current Artes350 GRADE
10x Increased Experience2000 GRADE
Unlockable Difficulty Levels
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mania DifficultyComplete game
Unknown ModeStart new playthrough in Mania difficulty and complete game
Wonderchef Locations.
This are some Wonderchef Locations I have seen in the game. If you have more, feel free to complement this list.
Remember that the Wonderchef takes weird forms, so if you see something weird, just check it, it may be the Wonderchef.
PlaceExact Location
HimaIn the Inn, first room on the right. It'll be a big rock.
AsgardThere's a cave room in the cliffside underneath the Inn. He'll be next to a man, very easy to spot.
Hakonesia PeakOutside Koton's exchange point, he'll be a birdbath, next to a person.
IzooldAt the pier, there's a dead fish on one of the boats. Easy to spot.
MeltokioBehind the closed item store in the first level is a blue kite thing on the ground on a man hole cover.
MizuhoGo inside the first house you see when enter the house, Go to the left. The Wonderchef has the form of a fireplace.
Katz VillageNext to the cushion of the Katz Inn there will be a fire, that's the Chef.
IseliaWhen you reach chapter 7, go back to Iselia, go inside the Mayor's house and you'll find the Chef.
SybakIn the research academy, go through the first door on the left and the Wonderchef is a book on the floor in the hall.
Cabbage Rolls2nd floor of the Inn in Triet
RamenFirst house near the entrence in mizuho
Communion Spring RecipeHe'll be right at the enterance, gives you the recipe Fried Rice
Recipe: GratinFlanoir: the stool on the left inside the church
Altamirawhen you first enter altamira, go to the suit floor and you'll see a ship in the floor, which is the wonder cheff and he gives you the recipe Omelete
TrietIn the inn, go to the second floor. In the last room, there is what appears to be a pink floating jellyfish by the bed. This recipe is for Curry.
palmacostasecond floor of the vangaurd house by all the wepons there is a handbag, awarded sandwich recipe.


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Different endings
the only way to get the good ending is to win against Ricter, lose against Marta and Loyd, and beat Ratatosk.

Bad ending:Beat Marta and Loyd.

Neutral ending:Lose against Marta and loyd, and lose against Ratatosk
Easy way to get good Items and other tips
When choosing a quest from the Katz to do, select one whose reward is Message: Hawk Eye, This is a message that gives one of your monsters the skill "Item Finder 2" If you find other Hawk Eyes, Give them to your most used monster so that you can have a better chance at getting good items like Philosopher's Stones.
Also If you didn't already know, you can switch what reward you can receive from doing a Katz Mission, all you have to do is look at the available missions and if there's an item you want, like in this case the Message: Hawk Eye all you'd do is exit out of the conversation and then talk to him? / her? again and there will most likely be new item rewards from the Katz missions, also the higher the difficulty, like A or S, the greater the rewards
Evolution Solution
If you've played the game for a few hours, you'll have undoubtedly noticed that some monsters have multiple options available when it comes to evolving them. The problem? They may not all be immediately available. You may very likely have one of them shadowed out and inaccessible to you.

How do you fix this? It's undoubtedly one of two things;

The first is a required level or stat. Just keep growing the monster until the appropriate level and then your problem is solved.

The second option is a little more complicated, and requires a considerable amount of playtime to complete. this is because you need to synthesize something called a Statue. Statues are made of Quality Stone, Philosopher's stones, and two other miscellaneous items that vary depending on the type of statue you try to make. Quality Stones can be found from fishing, and Philosopher Stones can be found in high-ranking Quest dungeons (Level S is recommended). Once the items are found and mixed together, you should be capable of evolving your creature.

Best of luck.
Hidden Dungeon: Gladsheim
Complete the game at least once and start a New Game+. Gladsheim will automatically appear on your world map when you reach Chapter 8.
Hidden Dungeon: Twilight Palace
Complete all Twilight Palace quests from the Katz Guild, which are available starting Chapter 5 and run through Chapter 8.
Do not evolve your monsters right away because they will miss out on a lot of sskills taht they can learn, it wiould be wise to get them to a higher level and then evolve them to the next stage. for example I have a shadow dragon that has the skill that makes his moves dark element, and he evolved into an ice dragon fafnir, if i evolved him to the ice dragon right away he would not have learned the darkness type skill. It gives him an edge because he can use dark element moves while being ice. So be patiennt when leveling up and evolving monsters, it also helps with their stats.
More easy ways to get Philosopher's Stones
If you have a monster(s) who have the skill Item Finder it increases your chance of finding items, so if you're looking for philosopher's stones, get 3 monsters in your party that have item finder, and go hunt the following monsters,
Leech King
Jaw Breaker
(Note that for the Ligeia you have to steal the philosopher's stone and if you want to hunt them, get Colette and Marta in your party and fight them with Marta and Colette only using artes with stealing abilities)
Mystic Artes
To get a Mystic Arte to work you first must have the ability "Special" turned on a controlled character and they must know High level magic or Arcane Strike Artes. When using either you should wait until the ability has begone then hold the "B" button untill a scene begins. Have fun.
Stronger Weapons
For those who haven't noticed yet, whenever you get a new weapon from a store, there's a better one OR the same one from quests. Whenever you get a new weapon, INSTANTLY go to the Synthesis shop and check if you can make anything better than that weapon.

Hope this helps you save your money for Gels <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
(this also applies for armor)
Unlimited Philosopher's Stones
Both Hippogryphs and Bakunawas drop Philosopher's Stones upon their defeat. If you have a monster in your party with the Skill "Item Finder", you'll drastically increase your chances of finding one.

The two monsters can be found in the Meltokio coliseum battles, and Gladsheim. So if you either have enough money to participate in the matches, or access to the labyrinth, it's certainly worth your while.


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Defeat a monster without having to battle.
This can only be done in the Iselia Human Ranch in the room with the two monsters with lightning blocking the paths.

First off, get one of the monsters to run into one electricity wall (As close to a solid wall as possible) using the sorcerer's ring. While the monster is still paralyzed, use the sorcerer's ring to get the other monster to run into another electricity wall (preferably near the paralyzed monster).

Once that happens, the monster that you first paralyzed should disappear as if you defeated it. =D
Which means it'll come back eventually.
With a lot of luck, or insanely good timing....
<span style="color:purple;"><div align=center>With the mythril golem in the cape fortress, the one near the spikes and the buttons on the floor, you can trap the mithril golem in the spikes by pressing one of the switches at the right time. The mythril golem will look like he's being stabbed by the spikes and he won't be able to move.

He'll twitch a bit in place, though. =D</div></span>

Easter eggs

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Tales Of The Abyss: Anise's Bear
Not something that is really helpful, but if you get the chance to look at Marta's bug, you will see that it has a decoration that is Anise's teddy bear in Tales Of The Abyss. You know, the doll she uses to attack monsters in that game? It can be seen on Marta's bag.
I saw it when they met Colette for the first time, it's not really helpful, but it's nice to see there are some other relations to other games.
Tales Of The Abyss: Baticul Painting.
If you have played Tales of the Abyss, you may notice in some of the paint that you can see a painting of Baticul: The City Of Light of that game. You will see the painting after Emil is taking to the Inn after fainting in the Temple Of Earth.
Tales Of The Abyss: Mieu
Another little detail I noticed with Marta's bag. She has some sort of keychain with the decoration of Mieu, the Cheagle from Tales Of The Abyss that is in some way your ally.