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These are a handful of boards and how to unlock them
UnlockableHow to unlock
Street IssueStreet Issue lalom (Tier 1)
SolarTourist Trap (Tier 1)
ChaosVista point Race (Random)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Rainydayz on October 12, 2009


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Unlockable characters

Armando: Beat the Unknown Skater event
Crash: Beat the Crash Test event
Kevin Stabb: Beat the Kevin's Challenge event
MacKenzie: Beat the MacKenzie's Challenge event
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Kokoro on April 18, 2008


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Password Cheats

PointHogger=Always Special
HelloHelium=Chipmunk Voices
EvilChimney=Sweep Demon Skater
DisplayCoordinates=Display Coordinates
IMISSMANUALS=Enables Manuals (Up then Down on the D-Pad)
WatchForDoors=Extreme Car Crashes
FirstPersonJam=First Person Skater
OotbaghForever=Free Boost
NowYouSeeMe=Invisible Skater
BirdBirdBirdBird=Large Birds
DownTheRabbitHole=Mini Skater
TightRopeWalker=Perfect Manual
LikeTiltingAPlate=Perfect Rail
IAmBob=Perfect Stats
FourLights=Picasso Skater
TonyFishDownhillJam=Power Of The Fish!
BirdBirdBirdBirdBird=Really Large Birds
ChimneySweep=Shadow Skater
ShrinkThePeople=Tiny People
RaidTheWoodshed=Unlock All Boards & Outfits
AdventuresOfKwang=Unlock All Events
FreeBozzler=Unlock All Movies
ImInterfacing=Unlock All Skaters
Verified by: Sonic Flash Submitted by: Kokoro on February 11, 2007