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Thrillville: Off The Rails (Wii) Cheats

Thrillville: Off The Rails cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Enter during gameplay
PasswordWhat it does
CZBCZBA50,000 dollars


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Globo Joy
Your enemy is Globo Joy they will mess with your park and destroy your rides. So what you wanna do is forget about the entertainers and hire macanics and groundkeepers. After hiring them play the mecanics game. Find a broken ride and press A and play the game. The purpose of the game is to line all the cords up with one another. After you play that game play one more to complete their training. After your done play the groundskeeper game. Press A when walking and play the game. Dont waist your time vacuming cans its easier to clean up the throwup. Play twice to complete their training. Working is a game on thrillville so make it last.
make sure you have a stall of every kind at each place such as astroville other worlds and they will never complain about food water and having to go the bathroom. If you are flirting and you want to kiss or hug and the option isn't there get out of flirting then click it again there should be different options every time unless you ran out of options. If you are playing shooting games go for the head but if it is too hard shoot their arms of then take your time for a head shot. Have at least 3 entertainers 3 groundskeeper and 3 Mechanics to keep the place tip top. When making a roller coaster don't make so many twists and turns until you ride down a hill and get speed or it will be boring, remember it's not about having a lot of crashing, twists, and turns, It is about how fast you go while doing it.


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While walking throught the park enter any of these cheats:

Z,C,B,Z,C,B,C: 500 Thrill Points
C,Z,B,C,Z,B,Right: Unlock all minigames
C,Z,B,C,Z,B,Z: Unlock all missions
C,Z,B,C,Z,B,C: Unlock all parks
C,Z,B,C,Z,B,B: Unlock all rides