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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Bugs Worth List
Stich will buy bugs from you in his Room at Night. Depending on how rare they are he give you more rupees for each.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blessed Butterfly5
Starry Firefly30
Woodland Rhino Beetle20
Deku Hornet1
Eldin Roller40
Gerudo Dragonfly30
Faron Grasshopper40
Skyloft Mantis10
Lanayru Ant20
Hornet Larvae4
Bird Feathers5
Lizard Tails7
Eldin Ores7
Ancient Flowers7
Amber Relics25
Dusk Relics13
Jelly Blobs8
Monster Claws17
Monster Horns8
Ornamental Skulls12
Evil Crystals4
Blue Bird Feathers5
Golden Skulls4
Goddess Plumes3
Sand Cicada50
Sky Stag Beetle20
Volcanic Ladybug20
Clean Cut prizes
The items you can win from Clean Cut on Bamboo Island by getting a certain amount of cuts.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Evil Crystal20-27 cuts
Goddess Plume28+ cuts
Golden Skull28+ cuts
Blue Bird Feather28+ cuts
Monster Horn20-27 cuts
These are the items in the game and where to find them. (they are in order)


UnlockableHow to unlock
SailclothComplete the Goddess Ritual with Zelda
SlingshotEarned from the Kikwi elder, Bucha, after finding all the lost Kikwis
Bug-Catching NetBought from Beedle's Airshop
BeetleObtained after Defeating the Stalfos mini-boss in Skyview Temple
Hook BeetleAn upgrade of the Beetle given to you by the Ancient Robot trapped in the cage in Lanayru Desert
Gust BellowsFound in a chest inside of Lanayru Mining Facility
Digging MittsDefeat all the Bokoblins in the Mogma Village
BombsGiven to you as a reward for defeating the Lizalfos who stole the Mogma's Bomb bag in the Earth Temple
Water Dragon's ScaleEarned for Completing the Faron Woods Silent Realm
WhipObtain after defeating the Stalmaster in the Ancient Cistern
ClawshotsEarned for Completing the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm
Bow and ArrowsObtain after defeating Scervo on The Sandship
Fire-Shield EarringsEarned for Completing the Eldin Volcano Silent Realm
Mogma MittsGiven to you by a Mogma in the Fire Sanctuary
Bottle 1Talk to the Potion Shop owner in the Bazaar in Skyloft
Bottle 2To the right of the Old Woman in the Sealed Grounds there is a chest with a revitalizing potion in it
Bottle 3After finishing the Kukial sidequest and fly to an island east of the colorful island talk to the person on it and then return to the lighthouse to find Parrow he'll give you a bottle for the bird on the island
Bottle 4Once you get the Mogma Mitts in the Fire Sanctuary go to the room with the one Magmanos, dig through the ground to open a gate with the water plants. Kill the Magmanos with them to open the way to a chest with an Empty Bottle
Bottle 5In the room that leads to the Fire Dragon stike the Godess Cube with a Skyward Strike to make a Godess Chest appear in the western half of the Thunderhead
Sword Upgrades
These are the sword upgrades.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Practice SwordOpen the chest in the Sparring Halls storage closet on Skyloft
Goddess SwordFollow Fi to the Goddess Statues secret room on Skyloft
Goddess Long-swordDefeat Koloktos in the Ancient Cistern
Goddess White-swordDefeat Tentalus on the Sandship
Master SwordDefeat Ghirahim in the Fire Sanctuary
True Master SwordGet the Goddess Hylia's blessing in the Past
Thunder Dragon Lightning Round Rewards
Win the following number of battles in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round to earn the following rewards. You can quit after the desired number of battles to earn the reward.
UnlockableHow to unlock
20 Rupees1 battle
Random Small Treasure2 battles
100 Rupees3 battles
Piece of Heart (200 Rupees on future wins)4 battles
300 Rupees5 battles
Random Rare Treasure6 battles
500 Rupees7 battles
Hylian Shield (1,000 Rupees on future wins)8 battles
2,000 Rupees9 battles
3 Rare Treasures10 battles
3,000 Rupees11 battles
9,900 Rupees12 battles
Unlockable Items
By providing Batreaux with different amounts of Gratitude Crystals he will reward with several items
UnlockableHow to unlock
Medium Wallet5 Gratitude Crystals
Piece of Heart10 Gratitude Crystals
Big Wallet30 Gratitude Crystals
Cursed Medal30 Gratitude Crystals
Gold Rupee40 Gratitude Crystals
Giant Wallet50 Gratitude Crystals
2 Gold Rupees70 Gratitude Crystals
Tycoon Wallet80 Gratitude Crystals


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"Horde" Sequence Break
When battling Ghirahim's monster horde, the second barrier will spawn Moblins. If you run up and over a Moblin's shield, you can leap over the wall to the layer below, bypassing a large amount of the fight and landing near the fourth barrier with the Stalfos.
300 Rupees
When you arrive for the first time at the Pirates Hideout in Lanayru Sandsea, you will notice that the front of the structure resembles a creature with a nose above some teeth. Fly your beetle into a nostril, and pilot it to collect three silver rupees for a grand total of 300 rupees.
Enemy weaknesses
There are some quicker methods to defeating certain enemies than hacking and slashing that some players overlook.

ChuChus: If you roll a bomb into a Chuchu of any kind or size, it will absorb it and blow up just like that. Great against the larger ones.

Technoblins: They can be tricky to deal with early in the game since their weapon is charged and they run from bombs. Slingshot it and it will be harmless.

Keese: (any kind) They are perched on ceilings in groups, but using the Scattershot you can take out several at once, and it works when they're flying too.

Moldorm: When underground, if you dash you can catch up to it's tail when it's docile so you don't have to wait around a corner.

Staldra: If you purposely cut off only one head, you can horizontally strike it when the head regrows to strike all three. No need to adjust your angle.
Getting into Beedle's Shop
Have you seen a building flying around Skyloft and don't know how to get in? Simply use your slingshot to ring the bell and Beedle will stop and lower the rope.

Inside you'll find goodies such as the ever so useful Bug Net, as well as upgrades for your Wallet.
Getting into Zelda's Room
To get into Zelda's room you need to Clawshots. Once you have those go to the roof of the Knight's Academy and use the Clawshots to climb into the chimney and drop in. Once in, below you will be Geapora bathing and to your right will be the crawlspace which leads into Zelda's room.

Once in there you can obtain the following:
  • Gratitude Crystal (Night)
  • Piece of Heart
Moonlight Merchant
The Moonlight Merchant is a Sheikah Stone that appears in Waterfall Cave when the Goddess Harp is played. Once summoned he will sell you items such as Goddess Plume, Dusk Relics, and other rare items for 100 - 200 Rupees.
Tips for Dodging Ghirahim's Attacks in Skyview Temple
I found his attacks quite difficult to block, so instead I took to dodging his attacks.
Hold Z to Target him, and when he attacks with projectiles jump to left or right to avoid them. And when he uses a dash attack jump backwards repeatedly to avoid getting hit, works most of the time given there is space to backflip.

Easter eggs

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25th Anniversary
During the cutscene right before the Wing Ceremony, the announcer states that it is the 25th anniversary of the Knight Academy, much like it is the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda!
extra 300 rupees
(you need clawshot for this)

Go to the entrance of the first sacred flame dungeon. use the clawshots to get onto the edge on the wall behind the temple where the goddess cube is. once on top of it, use your beetle and launch it to the edge on the left. And there you will find a gold ruppee(300)! Goodie!
Hidden Wii Sports Resort Skydiving Easter Egg
If you fly up as high as you can over certain islands like the lumpy pumpkin or bamboo island and allow yourself to free fall all the way down to the island, flying squirrel like creatures will gather around you in midair. Try to glide into as many as you can to form a ring together, much like in the skydiving game from wii sports resort. You will get a red rupee if you manage to link together all 10 squirrels before you hit the ground
Rocket Stone
Remember the Gossip stone in Ocarina of Time? Remember how if you placed a bomb next to it, it would shoot straight into the sky?

Try it out in Skyward Sword for the nostalgia factor.
They don't just give Treasures
If you shoot a Sheikah stone with an arrow it will drop a Green Rupee.
Triforce emblem for save file
Defeat the final boss on Hero Mode and save the clear file. That file will now be marked with the Triforce Emblem.