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The Incredible Hulk (Wii) Cheats

The Incredible Hulk cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Incredible Hulk cheat codes.


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Secret Characters
A list of Secret Characters that isn't so secret.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Classic HulkCollect 5 Comic Books
AbominationDefeat Abomination for good
Grey HulkSmash 7,500 objects
IronCladDefeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into taking down one of his or her teammates, and defeat Abomination
MeastroDestroy a building in each New York City neighborhood
The ProfessorComplete all 15 Jump Challenges


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dont destroy cars for killin enclave dropships
to kill dropships, dont waist cars and get military. just let the barbarias get dropped to kill military or vice versa. OR! jump on it and use Z to punch it hard or to slam it with a mace.
longer jump
If you want to jump like he does in the movie then when you jump from a high building wait a tiny bit to get as far as you can without falling then hold "B" you will go further in the air wich lets you jump longer distances
Also helps when you are running away from enemies.

I use this alot and i completed the game in a few days because it works

hope this helps you like it helped me
new york taxi's ...
after a mission go up behind a taxi slowly push forward from behind it will start to drive out of control and, if in a clogged city street smash into a building

NOTE: this can be ecspecially fun if the lake is nearby since taxi can fall of the edge and into the water
when jumping to get the maximum distance unlock the incredible jump then get onto a high building with a long roof start sprinting forward while charging your jump then when fully charged let go of the "A" button and when you reach the apex of your jump press "B" to send you into a flying punch.


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how to get maestro
if you want to get maestro you are gonna have to do all of these stuff.first you need to destroy a building in every neighborhood.second to do that you need to go to the map and on the right side of the map you can see the whole neighborhood on a small map and on the top you can see the name of the neighborhood.three then you active that little symbol next to the building or on it then after you do that all if youwant to make sure you destroy a building in every neighborhood you go to stats on the menu and you go down to hulk destruction and you can see every you destroy.four go to status and hit the save and quit.five when you are there press the + button on the wii remote and go to extras and then go to secret characters and scroll down 3 and you got maestro.