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The Dog Island cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Circle Sleep
Simply circle your black paw around an animal. These are the animals that you can use this on. Boar, Bear, gorilla, buffalo (unconfirmed), and polar bear (unconfirmed). If the circle sleep dosn't work the first time you circle it around, try at least four more times. The animals that this dosn't work are, the snake (cobra, Poisonis, parolis, yellow, green, and red.), bats, and vultures. the reason why it doesn;t work on the bat and vulture is because the bat always sleeps and the vulture never sleeps. It's too busy flyin' and takin' half a hearts!

This is owsomepoosome sighning off. GOOD LUCK!!!
You know how you get that house that you get. Well before you get they call it your house. At first I thout that it was that dog's house that saves your dog but no it's your house.
Helpful Tip
To get the sniff master medal, you must find the gold and silver dog statues if you dont then you cannot get the sniff master medal and your brother will never get better.
ok if you need this
Ok in the kunka ruins you need to get the gold dog stone and the silver dog stone. The gold one should be easy but the silver one is hard. Look on your map. There will be a dark spot. Go to the place above it and go to the wall. Keep moving along the wall. Eventually you`ll be in a different room. Keep sniffing and you`ll find the silver dog stone. Hope i helped.

Your welcome.


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Hyper Cobra
one time i was in the kunka ruins and there was a cobra that was moving an would never stop. and i looked at his tail and it wasnt moving. so is was moving but wasn't saposed to be moving. well i left and came back and it stoped but now it was shaking like it was scared of something. it was freaking me out!!! and i left to get the golden and silver dog but i didnt get the sniff master medal yet and went over to the hyper snake and guess what!?!?! IT WAS JUMPING!!! but like i said, its tail looked like it was doing NOTHING!!! i left it again for a second and came back. it was sleeping this time!!! looks like its aerobotics tired him out!!!


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Easy 100 smelled items
When out of town, to walk just sniff around and fallow your nose (watching out for enemies), Fish 10 times every day at different spots, and when available catch many bugs a day.