The Conduit Cheats

The Conduit cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Promotional Passcodes
Enter these passwords at the Promotional Code area in the Extras menu.
Note that these are case sensitive
PasswordWhat It Does
NewASE11Opens Alternate ASE (All Seeing Eye)
SuitMP13Opens Secret Agent skin
Drone4SPOpens Drone Skin


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Unlockable Cheats
These unlockables can be used in the single player and can be toggled on and off.
UnlockableHow to unlock
1 hit killComplete the game once in single player mode
Infinite ammoKill 1000 enemies
Alternate enemy deathsFind all the secrets in the game (all data discs and secret messages)


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Avoid falling damage
When you fall from a great height in Multiplayer mode, pause the game right before you hit the ground. it will be as if you just jumped of the groud itself.
Charge Exploit
Hint: Charge Exploit
On weapons that may be charged up (e.g. The Deatomizer and Strike Rifle), charge a shot, melee, then press reload quickly and the charged shot will be stored for use -- and you don't have to hold down the trigger! Press the trigger once to release the charged shot.

This works for both single & multiplayer
Useless Flashlight
Hint: Useless Flashlight
In a multiplayer battle, acquire a chargeable weapon (Strike Rifle, Warp Pistol, Deatomizer) and charge it up, then press the pause button. You will hear a firing noise, but you won't see a bullet (although ammo will be depleted)

After unpausing, a small remnant of light will be leftover on the gun. It will not be apparent to opposing players and will stay with you till you get killed. It does nothing to enhance gameplay, whatsoever.

it just makes it so you can see in dark places better


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Bunker Glitch
In bunker, a level in The Conduit, there is an area with boxes and where the Detomizer spawns. Above the boxes are lights that have a leak in them. Leak meaning that there is an area where you can squeeze through. With a running start you jump onto the boxes, and then you jump again straight into the lights. After a few times you'll be standing on top of the lights and have a small limited area of walking space, but a great view of the whole middle area of the map. You are unable to be seen here, but you can see. This is able to do in both the red and blue side of the maps.
Complex glitch
In the complex, go over to the trust cache in the main room where the two tunnels and shields are. Looking right at the trust cache, make a right. On the very top row of stairs there is a fault in the floor, and you can actually squeeze yourself through. By simply going back and forth, you can eventually drop through the stairs. If you don't push any buttons, you'll fall to your death. To avoid this simply jump, and do a melee attack with the weapon in your hand. By doing this you can float around the map until you find a nice place outside of the map to lodge.
Even More Rounds for the Shotgun
pick up a shotgun and shoot all of the bullets up to the last round. Walk over another shotgun while reloading, and you should have about 10-14 rounds
Infirmary glitch
In this glitch you must go to the center room where all the hospital beds are, and where there is a center room that divides the larger room up. This is near the drudge cache if you're having problems finding it. Go to one of the doors and look at the sides of it. Once you find the one with a line of a brown-ish color besides it, you've found the right door. By pushing up into the edge of the door, you can squeeze into that small crack (despite how small it really is). From there simply jump and then melee simultaneously to stay afloat.
Invisible wall
While playing in the map Streets, walk over to one of the bases - red/blue, both work. Go up the stairs until you get to the top ledge. While still on the stairs, look into the wall to your right (if you're going up the stairs). This really isn't a "wall", but part of the ground to the next floor that comes to the staircase. Crouch and slowly walk towards the wall. You'll be able to see and shoot through the wall with ease.
Pentagon Glitch
In pentagon head over to the red zoned area. Get to the second story, and go through the stairway that will soon lead into two other stairways going left and right. Take the one to the left, and get to the very top row of stairs. Once here, crouch right in between the two rows of the stairs; the top and second to top. Then walk in between that line up and down and side to side really close together. Make sure to stay near that line in between the two top rows of stairs, and you'll soon fall through the stairs. If you don't make any movement, you'll just fall to your death. To prevent this you can actually levitate yourself about by jumping and then whacking your weapon almost right after jumping. This gets extremely tiring, so you'll want to find a nice place to rest. There are a few solid pieces in the black zone that you are at, and where you have a clear view of just about the whole map.
Shotgun is a Rifle!?
press shoot, melee, reload over and over with the shotgun really quickly and you'll be able to fire without pumping it! That means quicker shots!
Street Glitch
In streets, go to the light pole that has a Drudge egg-looking thing next to it. This is at the end of the map with all the rubble that you can climb up on to. This is NOT able to do on both lights, so you MUST use the one with the egg next to it.

Standing at the top of the rubble with your Strike rifle, for this is the easiest weapon to do it with, you're going to want to run until the last second and then land on the pole. This is the hardest glitches, so it takes time, but it's well worth. If you happen to land on the glitch you're going to want to jump again; looking up into the air and turning at the same time. Usually you'll get stuck near the top at this point, and you'll want to melee real quick to raise your person up and onto the warehouse's roof.

If that doesn't work for you then here is how i do it. First you'll want to do the same steps to getting onto the pole. Run and jump, but this time you'll want to jump again and move slightly back so that you are literally on top of the pole. If you land on top then the rest is easy. Slide back so that you have no more space left on the pole's surface and jump towards the roof. You'll soon be atop it in no time!

While on top of the roof you can travel just about anywhere on the map. Be sure to not land in the brown areas because you'll fall to your death.

Have fun!
The gun combiner
Ever have two guns that you wish to fuse? With a easy to learn glitch, you can!

First, you must get the gun you want to fuse with the gun in your hand right next to a ammo cache. Once there, you must have the gun that you want fused with as your secondary.

For example, if you wanted to place the speed of the hive cannon with the strength of the TPC launcher you must have the hive cannon on the ground next to the ammo cache and the TPC launcher in your secondary slot.

Next, you must hold '-' down to pick the gun up, and then IMMEDIATELY switch to your secondary. As soon as you can, push the 'A' button to recieve ammo like you would normally. The gun you wanted to fuse with should be in your hand and have the strength that you just gave it.

In this case, the TPC launcher should be in your hand with the ability to should TPCs much faster.

Once you switch guns the power goes away, so keep it out. This also works with all the ammo caches, but usually best with the human cache.
Wii vibration glitch
When you are about to charge up a shot on any charge-able gun in the Conduit, try firing quickly twice then charging it. The Wiimote's vibration will not work, making it easier to shoot.

Easter eggs

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Developers Like Fame...
in the campaign's Bunker level, go into the elevator and look to the front. You should see little stickers that say "DANGER High Voltage" which is the name of the developer company!
Gun name?
Ever wonder how some of the fake guns get their names? The prototype pistol bears the name HVS, which stands for High Voltage Systems.
Speaking Drone
If your using the drone skin "Drone4SP" not only does it make you look
like a drone but you speak the language as well.