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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) Cheats

Super Mario Galaxy 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Banker Toad Items
The banker Toad will unlock more items as you deposit star bits. These are for the banker Toad, not Mario.
UnlockableHow to unlock
GlassesDeposit 1000 star bits
Spear and shieldDeposit 2000 star bits
PickaxeDeposit 4000 star bits
Diver ToadDeposit 6000 star bits
Explorer ToadDeposit 8000 star bits
The Perfect RunDeposit 9999 star bits
Captain Light HatDeposit 9999 star bits
1-up for youdeposit 100sb or more at one time
Grandmaster Galaxy
UnlockableHow to unlock
Grandmaster GalaxyCollect all 240 stars
Comet for Grandmaster GalaxyComet Medal+Sell 9999 starbits to bankertoad
Green Star Challenge
UnlockableHow to unlock
Green Star ChallengeCollect 120 stars and beat Bowser in the final battle.
Play as Luigi in any level
Beat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Then check the Mail Toad. Then look for the L on the spaceship and enter it.
UnlockableHow to unlock
LuigiBeat Bowser, check the Mail Toad and enter the spaceship with the L.
Play as Luigi in any levelBeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Then check the Mail Toad. Then Look for the L om the spaceship and enter it.
Secret World
UnlockableHow to unlock
Secret WorldBeat the game.


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1 up cheat
In world 2, the rock level ( the level where you use rock Mario for the first time) you might find a prankster star, on this bonus level you must kill all the crabs in 1 minute. Kill all the blue ones first, each blue crab will give you a 1 up. If you kill all 4, you can make 3 life's a minute. If you kill 3, you can make 2 life's a minute. All that matters is you make at least two each time.
1-UP trick
If you have Mailtoad on Starship Mario in more than one save file, you can do this trick. If you save and quit one file and go the other, Mailtoad should give you a letter with all the 1-UPs you had in your previous file when you saved. If you save and quit that file and go back to your previous one, you should get all 1-UPs the other file had.

For example, you quit File 1 with 12 lives and went to File 2. There you received a letter with 12 1-UPs from File 1. Adding to the original 4, you now have 16 lives. If you quit File 2 and go back to File 1, you should receive 16 1-UPs. You can do that endlessly. However, you will not receive the letter if you go twice to the same file without alternating.
1-UP under the bridge
Not sure how many of you know about this one but for those who don`t.

At the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy right after you start the level there is a small wooden bridge that I`m sure you are all familiar with. Crouch and sneak under the bridge to get a hidden 1-UP.
99 1-ups
first go to the super massive galaxy in world 4. click on the first mission, huge trouble with huge wigglers. Then go to the part with 3 giant koopa troopas. destroy 2 of them, then do a triple jump to get on the last one's back (shell), once you are on his shell hold forward on the control sick and you will start to bounce, and after a few bounces it will start giving you 1-ups. It will keep adding 1-ups until you reach 99 of them, then hold back on the control stick to get off. Then finish level and then save it
Easiest Way through Pull Star Planet in The Perfect Run
In the pull star planet in The Perfect Run, some of you people have been losing alot, getting hit by the electric rays. Well, there is an easier way, that lets you go right over the rays. First, grab a pull star. Let go, and go down at least five inches, then pull the pull star again. Let go of the pull star still going up before you get in the spot where the pull star is whne you aren't using it, and you'll go up into the air, then pull another availible, which will make you go over an electric ray. If you use this tip, you'll get through the level in less deaths.
Easy Jumping on Yoshi
If you spin the Wii Remote by a Yoshi egg, you can break the egg and automatically hop on Yoshi! This is especially useful when you are in a hurry.
Extra Lives
There are many ways to get 1-ups in this game.

Here are a few of the ways you can get them:

Eating alot of fruit with Yoshi

100 Coins

Various ships on Mario's head (the Toad Brigade, for instance)

The Casino on Mario's head

Peach's letters

Finding them in each Galaxy

There are many more, so keep your eyes peeled!
Extra Starbits
I found a wonderful way of collecting extra starbits.
In any stage you see a butterfly or a Luma, have your friend (or just grab the second wii remote) and activate Co-Op mode. Have your Luma friend grab and spin the Lumas and the butterflies. You will get 3 starbits from them.

In any you see Luigi, have your Luma friend spin him. You will get a bunch of starbits.

You can do this as many times as you want once you leave the stage and come back.
Fast battle with Peewee Piranha
You know how you have to do one excact thing (spinning Peewee Piranha's egg three times and running around the planet and spinning at Peewee's butt two times) to beat Peewee Piranha? WRONG!

To beat Peewee Piranha even faster, you have to skip the cutscene at the beginning. Do a long jump+spin over Peewee Piranha and ground pound his egg. You will have to try to hit Peewee quickly before he runs and then wait. Skip the cutscene. Backflip over Peewee and then pound his egg. Quickly again hit his butt before he runs and then you're finished. You will beat him in 12 seconds or less. The fastest you can beat him with this strategy is 9 seconds.
Get Whatever You Want from the Dice.
When rolling the dice, hit the side of the dice that you want and 90% of the time you will get it.

For example: Hit the side with a 1-up, you'll get a one up.
Hidden 1-UP in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy.
When you come to the part with all the clouds leading to the end of the first mission, look with your camera to the left and you will see a large cloud. Do some long jumps over to it while making cloud platforms, and there will be a 1-Up mushroom on it to collect when you get their.
hiden 1 up on yoshi star galaxy
this is my first cheat!where you start...go right near the first step look on the rightop side of the screen. you will see somthing green lighting up go there and ta da you found it!
How to get the first green star at the cyclone stone galaxy.
If you have been trying to back flip and spin as a means to get this star stop. Instead using Mario, run up a ways on the path that leads more into the level, than do a triple jump, and at the height of the third jump spin and get the star. This may take a few tries but it works.
Infinite Lives!
Is this easter egg always with a Koopa?
In Supermassive Galaxy(first star) When you get to the planet with the Koopas, get close to one walking away from you with enough speed and long jump onto his back.Keep holding right and get your 99 lives!
More Air Underwater
I`m sure you all know of those plant type things with the bugging eyes under water that try to attack you, well instead of just shining light into their eyes with a sell, and getting star bits. Shoot them twice each with a star bit and you will get a coin for each one, pretty handy for getting air in the Slimy spring galaxy when needed if the plants are around.
Sercet 1-UP on the top of the hut.
At the Star Shine Beach Galaxy, head up the hill with all the star bits and the hut at the top. Use a back flip plus spin, or triple jump plus spin move to get on top of the hut, once on tip there is a secret 1-up.
Star Bit Farming
The second mission of the Melty Monster Galaxy has a great number of star bits you can grind until you reach 999 star bits. Two ways: Either have a lot of lives, or just grab the 1up every time.
Star Shine Beach Galaxy Aerial 1UP
When you go in to do the second task with the strongest Pianta tournament under way. Head up the same hill as the hut 1-UP and there will be a Pianta there, talk to him and he will throw you, and you will collect a 1-UP in the air while being thrown, pretty cool.
The 1-UPs of Starship Mario
Starship Mario has a LOT of hidden 1-UP mushrooms. These are as many as I could find in one go:


Backflip onto Mario's nose. Yoshi's egg is on top. Break it, and use Yoshi's tongue to get to the secret island. Eat all the fruits, and you get a 1-UP.

WHAT YOU NEED: Cloud Flower

Get the Cloud Flower on Starship Mario, which is right in front of the ship's wheel. Now, run to the opposite side without touching water. Backflip up, then long jump away from Lubba. There is a cloud with a 1-UP, floating in midair.

WHAT YOU NEED: 100 star bits

Deposit 100 star bits to the Mailtoad.

WHAT YOU NEED: Peach's letter

Get five 1-UPs in a letter from Peach.

WHAT YOU NEED: Both the gold and silver Gearmo

Both Gearmos will be visiting Starship Mario. They sit at the table with the teapot and cups. Talk to both of them, and they will each give you a 1-UP mushroom.

WHAT YOU NEED: The Chance Cube

Spin the Chance Cube for the opportunity to get a 1-UP! You can also make arrangements with the Lumas in the green pipe, right in front of Mario's right ear.

WHAT YOU NEED: Access to the Starshroom

Eventually, the Toad's ship, the Starshroom, will be floating a slight distance away from Starship Mario. Since the Starship has its own center of gravity, you can't reach it by long-jumping. Just use the transporter in front of Mario's left ear, and there will be a 1-UP.
The Secrets of Starship Mario
Well, we all love Starship Mario, and here's two cheats you can use to make the best out of your time there.


WHAT YOU NEED: Mario or Luigi; access to the Engine Room.

On the same platform as the ship's wheel, there is a smokestack belching pink and yellow smoke and stars. Do a backflip and land on the rim of the smokestack. Zoom in, and you will hear the Engine Room. Now, step forward. Your character will become rigid, and you will hear the pipe sound.

Now you've fallen into the Engine Room through the secret way!


WHAT YOU NEED: Mario AND Luigi; the Chance Cube

There's a Chance Cube on the underside of Starship Mario, near the fence. Spin it. If you get a 1-UP, take it. If you need another 1-UP, quickly change into the other Bro. The Chance Cube will be there again. Repeat, using the cheat that gets you the 1-UP 90% of the time!
Third green star at clock work ruins
At the very end of the level, get on top of one of the rolling rocks and stay on the very top of it as it rolls along. Ride it beyond the original star in this location, and of the edge of the cliff. You should see the location of the third green star, to get it jump and spin at the right time.
Three methods to get Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Fotilla Green Star 1
There are three methods to get green star one on Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Fotilla. I'll tell them from hard to easy.

Hard Method
I name it: Wall Jump to the Left and do your next wall jump!
Now, go over to the left where the switch to open up that big door is. Go to the left and jump. Wall jump to the left to another wall, and wall jump again. Then spin back onto the platform. Then go across the big top of the castle to get to the green star.

Medium Method
I name it: Onto the Statue
Have you seen the bowser jr. statues? Backflip on the top of them into the center, the backflip+spin and wall jump+spin on to the top of the castle and go over to the green star.

Easy Method
I name it: Thwomp's Big Jump
Go over to the thwomp and backflip+walljump+spin onto the thwomp. Wait for it to go up then backflip+spin+walljump+spin onto the top of the castle. Then go to the green star.

There you go, three methods to get the green star!

You can use these methods to get to Green Star 2 ( While on top of the castle long jump to the planet with Green Star 2, or just long jump to the sling star <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> )
Unlimited Star Bits
On Yoshi Star Galaxy on the first level (saddle up with yoshi), get as many
S-bits as you can, then use the launch star and fly past the volcano. When it erupts, collect all the S-bits. On the next planet, DONT get the flag.
Launch to the next planet and kill yourself using a spiky plant. Repeat as many times as you like to get unlimited S-bits.
X-tra star bits
If you notice on many beach-ish galaxies, there are these footprints popping around in the sand. If you get right next to them, then spin, some creature will pop up, dizzy. Before it loses its dizziness, spin, jump, or walk right up to it to make it EXPLODE with star bits. *There is always another after the first one.


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2 Tricks with the Yoshi Infinite Flutter!
The Yoshi Infinite Flutter is required to do these. If you want to find out how to do the infinite flutter, go into the glitches section and you'll find it quickly.

1. Place: Yoshi Star Galaxy - Spiny Control
Go over to the first Yoshi Egg. Open it. Go on Yoshi. Go > onto the rock and do the infinite flutter, going in the down+right direction, and make sue you're fluttering sideways. Keep doing it until you are at the last planet. This saves 2 minutes.

2. Place: Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet - Bowser Jr.'s Might Megahammer
Get the first Yoshi Egg. Go over to the corner of the platform. Jump in the ^+< direction and do the infinite flutter going in the ^+> direction and you'll skip over to the second moving platform.

Those are 2 tricks I was going to show you. Bye!
Die In Credits
After you beat the game the credits will roll. Well, if you are Mario (Luigi works too) wait until you see the Bee Mushroom. Run and grab it.

Now, wait until you are at the snowy background in the credits. Triple-jump and continue to flutter using the Bee Suit and you will die, but the credits will continue to roll.
Infinite Bonus Stage Tine
You know every Bonus Stages last a short time, right? WRONG! Here is why. Go to Throwback Galaxy. Choose Star 2 (Silver Stars in Whomp's Fortress). Now go to the area where the Thwomps are. Grab a Cloud Flower there. Fun Part: Go to the area where the 2 fences meet (The Same area where you are now). Do 2 long jump-spins. The camera SHOULD be behind you showing the Bonus Stage. The Bonus Stage is set to the right. Do 1 more long jump-spin. Do a regular jump and you should be there. Now you can defeat EVERY enemy and get the 3 1UPs in any time you want. To exit, just jump off the platform and you will be back. Try this for the Unlimited 1UP Glitch. Now you have finished the glitch. Have Fun.
Yoshi's Infinite Flutter
When on Yoshi, hold A to flutter. Before Yoshi gets tired from it and gives up, press Z while still holding down on A, then release A, then press and hold A again. Keep doing so and Yoshi will flutter infinitely.
Yoshi's Long Tongue
at starship go and get yoshi, and then then go to the that thing you step on and it takes to the mushroom shaped ship, but don't step there just yet. right when you step on try to eat the toad (not a frog) try to eat the toad at the exact time that you step on the one thing that warps you, and if you get at the exact time your tongue will stretch and be come long. When you are done playing with long tongue yoshi, press B and your tongue will go back to normal

Easter eggs

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3 mysterious figures
go to the shiverburn galaxy, i think and look at the cliffs. if you search for a while you might find 3 mysterious figures at the top. Go a bit further into the level. Look back at the cliffs. They follow you through the level (always on cliffs) but you never ever see who they actually are.
Hidden star at the Boo Moon Galaxy.
In the purple sea, when riding the purple moving blocks, ignore the launch star at the end, and the blocks will keep going. Be careful because it becomes more difficult to navigate their movements. Ride them to the end and there will be a hidden star just sitting in the air, jump and collect it quickly.
Level Remakes
Some levels have been remade of different galaxies from SMG and one part of a level of SMS.

Galaxy: Mario Squared Galaxy
Game Remake: Super Mario Galaxy
Remake of: Toy Time Galaxy - Mario/Luigi Meets Mario

Galaxy: Twisty Trials Galaxy
Game Remake: Super Mario Sunshine
Remake of: I'm not sure what the name of the level is, just tell me and I'll tell a CRS Staff Member to edit this cheat.

Galaxy: Stone Cyclone Galaxy
Game Remake: Super Mario Galaxy
Remake of: Beach Bowl Galaxy - The Secret Undersea Cavern|Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone

Galaxy: Boss Blitz Galaxy
Game Remake: Super Mario Galaxy
Remake: Good Egg - Dino Piranha|Good Egg - King Kaliente's Battle Fleet|Gusty Garden - The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows|Ghostly - Beware of Bouldergiest|Melty Molten - Fiery Dino Piranha
Pass on the 1-up's.
If you have just been on a file and then you have gone onto another file, You have a chance of getting a letter from mailtoad that gives you however many 1-ups you had in the last file.
Saddle up with Yoshi without Yoshi (Only on first Planet!)
It is possible to do the level Saddle up with Yoshi only using Yoshi on the first planet.
You guys know what your supposed to do on the first planet, right?
And on the second planet, easy. Just get to the launch star easily.
HARD PART!!!! Get up to the top of the third planet. Do a double jump and land on the edge of the rock near the flowers near the planet with the third launch star. And then a triple jump+spin to get up to the planet with the third launch star. Then on the fourth planet, keep going forward until you get to a dead end. Backflip+spin+walljump+spin to get up. When over to the platforms going up and down near the Yoshi egg, wait for the platform to go down. Then do a backflip+Walljump+spin to get up to the platform. Wait for the platform to go up. Use a backflip+spin to get to the next platform. Wait for that platform to go up. Get on the ground. Do a triple jump+spin+walljump+spin to the right to get up to the platform with the star. Do a backflip+spin+walljump+spin to get up to the star, and that's it! Good luck!
secret way in the boiler room.
you know the room with the blue orb and your item collection? well, I(me myself and I discovered it) found a secret way in! can you see the chimney with the multi-colored steam coming out of it? well, backflip to get ontop of it. it acts like a pipe, and you'll fall into the boiler room! not fake!
Super Mario Sunshine Easter Eggs!
1. In the Starshine Beach Galaxy there are Pianta's(The things with stems on their head) that first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine!

2.The entire Twisty Trials Galaxy is found atop a tower in Rico Harbour in Super Mario Sunshine. The 1-Ups and the Background are the only things changed.