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Super Mario Galaxy cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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"Cosmic" ground pound
While doing a spin in midair, use a ground pound immedietly after spinning to produce what I call a "Cosmic" ground pound. It has a slight homing ability, so therefore, extreme targeting is no longer required. Hope this Helps kill all of those cosmic jerks.
1 UP
After a level or whenever your in the Observatory
run to where the Toad Star Team is and break the
wooden box next to the Mushroom Ship finding a 1 UP
Mushroom there

Every time you go there it's there so use it
20 1-ups at the start of game
Talk to the mail toad for the first time in the game to get a lettr containing 20 1-ups.
2P Freeze
You know that with a Second player, you can shoot star bits (as well as pick them up) and control Mario's jumps with A. Also, if you hold A over an enemy, the enemy will be paralyzed and won't be able to move. This works with Goomba-type enemies, as well as other enemies. You can also freeze small Bullet Bills, boulders, and the green disappearing platforms.
999 Starbits in Space Junk 2: Kamella's Airship Attack
Just find as many starbits as you could then on the airship that has the koopas for the bridge to go down, Go to the right of the airship and pound on the cage thing. LOTS OF S-BITS!
Keep repeating until you max out at 999. Then beat the boss, get the star. And look at that! JACKPOT! If you keep doing this kind of thing over 30 times, hopefully at the observatory you will max out at 9999 already.
all power ups
Here are all the power ups in the game!
Bee mario: Allows you to fly and stick to honey
Boo mario: Allows you to float and turn invisible
Ice mario: All liquid you touch turns to ice
Fire mario: Allows you to cast fireballs
Spring mario: turns you to a spring to bounce up high!
Flying mario: Allows you to fly
Amazingly Easy Star Bits
Go to the Sling Pod Galaxy and there's that spot with all the flying bombs, pull stars and star bits? You know that place? Good. Anyway, there's a whole lot of star bits where there's a floating bomb army, so use the pull stars to get through. Then, once you're in the next sticky web wad, use your cursor to collect lots of star bits. I only completed this Galaxy once, because it's really hard you need good aim. Anyway, fifty star bits give you life, and so if you keep running your cursor over the star bits, you get lots real easy. There's a 1-up farther up there, too.
Beware of Bouldergeist
A lot of people have trouble with him, so here's some of his pros. and cons.

Pros: He can rebuild himself, he can make big rock hands to crush you, he can control rocks.
Cons: It's very easy to tell what his attack is, three hits brings him to his true form, he fires what can lead to his defeat, his attacks are easily dodged.

In his first form, he has two attacks. One is to make a line of sharp rocks appear. You can see that it's coming when shadows form on the ground. When they're up, star spin to break them. His second attack, the key to beating him, is to throw rocks. He has three different types of rocks. Gray rocks, which do nothing but hit the ground if you move out of the way, gold rocks, which gives coins (aka health) when they don't hit you, and black rocks, the most important, which brings a bomb boo onto the field. Star spin near it and make it hit Bouldergeist. Three times and he'll show his true form. And keep in mind that when any of the rocks hit you, you get hurt. In his true form, he'll run away from you and drop bomb boos in his path. Grab one and hit him, and he'll be in his rock form again, only now with two large hands. Two hits breaks the rock hands, much like himself. He has two new attacks, and he'll add an extra line of rocks. One new attack is that he'll punch you with one hand. He won't turn around while punching, so it's easily dodged. Another thing is that he'll raise his rock hands and bring them down to crush you. Just stay out of the shadow and you'll do fine. Rinse and repeat and get that star.
Bigmouth Galaxy (bonus galaxy)
Ok so you've finnaly fed that stupid Luma 800 Star Bits and unlocked the Bigmouth Galaxy, but you don't know how to get the star, eh? Ok thats where I come in!!! First, you need to get that Koopa shell over by the gold chest. Next swim into the cave and just ram into the wall of brick-blocks. Swim up and find the gap between the water. Wall jump up to the upper water. Get the gold shell and just go down, once your in the original position just go the way you came (there will be more Boos than when you came in) Open the treasure chest with your shell. And... BOOM you've got the Bigmouth's Gold Bait Power Star <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

P.S. I'l be seeing you later on the Dusty Dune Green Star <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
boo in the box (deep dark galaxy's "?")
Get the fire mario and open the stone gate, then go underwater and grab the shell, throw it at the nearest ship to break the ship, a warp star will appear, use it and you will be blasted into a box with a boo inside. Go to the wall with the ice covering a window, and break the ice. stand in the spotlight to bring boo closer to you and into the light.
When you see a circle outlined in rocks just do a
Spin Punch then Star Bits will appears out of the
Coins or Star Bits?
When you fight enemy's you can jump on them or spin punch them

If your in need of health spin punch enemy's and
jump on them and a coin will appear take for health

If you need Star Bits Spin punch a enemy then when
the enemy is knocked over run into them kicking them away
Star Bit will appear take them
Cosmic Race Hint
When you are in the Honey Hive Galaxy, when you have to race the Cosmic mirror of yourself, you can try this. I never could get the boost to work for me, so for people with a little slower timing such as myself, take the higher path. You can jump over to the second back flip site, and be ahead of your cosmic counter-part. It worked several times for me.
Deep Dark Galaxy star bit loot!
In the deep dark galaxy on your way to defeat Kamella, when you are at the ship swim below it to find a ? coin deep under water, hit it to make a huge loot of star bit`s appear. Typically enough to give you a 1-UP.
Dreadnought Galaxy Secret Star Help:
Mostly considered the hardest star in the game, the garbage challenge takes no prisoners.

When you arrive on the planet, go to the bottom of the platform and go into the green pipe. Talk to the robot and accept his challenge.

You have 30 seconds on the clock to blow up all the garbage with bomb ombs.
However, they take around 7 seconds to explode.

You can go to the dispensers and walk into the bomb to pick it up. Shake the wii remote to throw it. (Throw it whilst jumping for better distance)

The way to do it though, is to:

1) Throw each bom-omb onto the yellow dots.
2) Put the bombs in order so the explosions can chain into eachother.
3) Go from left to right.

Good Luck, If You Complete This You Will Have Completed The Biggest Challenge!
Easy Star Bits
Make sure you have a bit of patience, and quite a few lives, not that this is too hard. First off, pick Mario or Luigi. now, go to either:

Gusty Garden Galaxy:
Go to the third star, and go below the island you first end up on. kill the two crawling underground enemies, and once they both died, make sure you get 20 star bits from each of them, totaling 40 star bits. now, go back above and smash the crystal containing a few S-bits. take one of the floating pink weed thingies, and MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL OF THE ? COINS IN THIS LEVEL!!! once you've progressed through the level by collecting all of the ? coins, killing all enemies that pop up along the way, and collecting all the star bits, make your way over to the vine that takes you to the launch star. OMG! you may have noticed that a rainbow star is in its path. once you collect it, make your way to the large rolling boulders and destroy them. Once you have destroyed a few of them, and collecting all the S-bits they dropped, destroy the remaining BROWN boulders by smashing the red jewel on it, with a spin attack. ignore the golden one. Make your way through the rest of the level, and collect all remaining S-bits, gaining almost 300 S-bits every trip!

Hurry Scurry Galaxy:
This one is a lot simpler, and faster. Go to the galaxy, and once there, DO NOT move Mario/Luigi, or the camera. instead, use your star cursor on the Wii remote to collect all of the S-bits that are along the path. once they are all collected (17 every time), either jump/longjump across the gaps, or run the whole path, to the 1-UP Mushroom. once collected, kill yourself. Repeat, until you cannot go past 999 S-bits. DO NOT exit the level., as you will not acquire the S-bits you collected. instead, complete the level by collecting the Power Star at the end.

Hope this helps all the people trying to gain 9999 S-bits, and happy S-bit hunting!
Easy Star Bits
Need more star bits to feed Hungry Lumas? Go to the Sling Pod Galaxy (it is a Hungry Luma galaxy which requires 400 star bits to unlock), and you can get a massive amount of Star Bits by grabbing them all and then dying (the star bits come back!). But you should be okay since 50 star bits= 1 extra life.

Do until you have gotten as many Star Bits as you need!
Extra Health
If you are running low on health, then look for small yellow circles which are located everywhere in the game. Shoot them and a coin will appear. This is helpful especially for when you are battling bosses.
Extra lives
When back at the Observatory where you choose what galaxy to go to give the hungry luma by the fountain the 400 star bits and go to the sling shot galaxy. Now once there sling you way to the part where you have to use the sling stars to travel through the air but make sure you collect all the star bit before you go into any sling stars. then go through the sling stars and get the 1up mushroom then get to the next sling pod. now die. you will start at the closest sling pod. collect the 51 star bit before moving on. Now sling towards the fire spinners and get another 1up mushroom. now go back to this first sling pod collect the mushroom by the sling stars again. Now die you get 3 lives each time and it only cost you one. tons of lives and you star bit count goes through the roof.
Extra Lives
In the observatory, there are hidden lives. If you need lives here they are:

1. On the moving green platform below the core.
2. Under the stairs leading to the kitchen.
3. Right at the top of the observatory.
4. Underneath the entrance to the gateway to the stars.
5) Next to the StarShroom
Finding Luigi
Luigi will sometimes get lost in a galaxy. Toad will give you pictures of where he is.

The first picture is in the Good Egg Galaxy. He is at the top of the Mushroom house. To get there you must go to the otherside of the first planet, and go in the pipe. You must find a second yellow pipe in the house which will transport you to the Lop of the Mushroom house. Luigi will then give you a star!

The second picture is in the Battlerock galaxy. He is by the first star, but underneath a platform. You must manouver a bullet bill to break the cage open, giving you a GREEN star!
Finding Luigi (Pt. 2)
The last location that Lugi is in is at the Second Galaxy you can access, first level. Activate the Bee Mushroom and go behind the waterfall. Fly up to the other part of the level (where the Wiggler is in later missions) and you will see Luigi clinging for dear life on a tree. Kill the orange bug, then spin attack Luigi off the tree to get a normal power star.
finding luigi tip
in good egg galaxy just tripple jump on the house then talk to luigi and he will give you a star
Once you beat all the domes, a new path will be available. The garden dome can be accessed from near the engine room; just use the warp to the gate and go to the garden from there.
Ghostly Galaxy secret rainbow star
In the Ghostly Galaxy mission when Luigi is trapped in the house, at the very beginning of the level on the small planet that is shaped like a ring, you will see a small, tall rock to the right. Do your spin move on it and it will break, revealing a rainbow star, now you can just kill everything around here including the chain chomp on the path. This is fun plus it results in loads of star bit`s.
Giant Spider - Space Junk
Having trouble with the giant spider? There's a hidden action point that I found!

When the battle starts, jump onto a web slinger and batter his head. This will keep him still for a bit. Then, find a web slinger and fly towards his rear. He will flip over. Destroy the three red sacs. He will flip back over. Now, green webs shoot from the green sacs. Batter his head once again, and fly towards his rear... again. Desrtoy the red sacs one more time. Watch the spider fall into space.

Now, simply get onto a web slinger and get the power star!
Grand final galaxy area.
So many people had trouble finding the grand final galaxy including me so i am here to put the area of it. after you get all the 120 stars with Luigi/Mario and beat Bowser after obtaining them it says "Grand final galaxy now open" or something similar to that. the grand final galaxy is on the planet where you get after getting the 3 green stars. when you land on it there should be a green Luma in the middle opposite side of the tube and talk to him, he will send you to the grand final galaxy.

Have Fun!
Green Stars
In the game, there are three green stars that are found in addition to the regular ones. Once you have all three, a green launch star will appear near the garage (it will not appear until you have all three). It launches you to a small planet, where three minigame galaxies can be accessed (These are harder than normal). The locations of the green stars are:

Dusty Dune Galaxy - Episode 2 - Feed a hungry Luma under the planet you blast to after defeating the red Pokey.
Buoy Base Galaxy - Episode 1 - Have a torpedo follow you into a caged warp pipe near the edge of the tank while underwater.
Battlerock Galaxy - After you save Luigi, he will eventually go here (the Mailtoad in the front of the ship near Princess Rosalina will notify you) and he will be trapped. Follow the course until the end, and get a Bullet Bill to follow you to a caged Luigi under the nearby platform.
helmet gombas
In order to kill the gombas with helmet you can either hit them into a a place that has a black hole underneath or hit them with a spin and then jump on them NOTE: this will not work upside down
Homing Attack
Do the spin attack while airborne and do the stomp attack afterwards and you should do a homing stomp to the nearest breakable object or enemy.
How to Super Shell Launch yourself!
Well in the Beach Bowl, Sea Slide, Buoy Base or any other galaxy with water and shells you can Super Shell Launch yourself! Here's a 2 step on how to to do it!

1. Get the shell and go under water.
2. When you get up to the surface, press and hold (A) until you shoot up out of the water SUPER HIGH (about 3x more than usual)

Now you've Super Shell Launched yourself! They can help you get to high places, like that branch with the 1-UP mushroom in the Beach Bowl!
Kamella Extra Coins
On one of the Kamella fights (I believe the ghost ship one,) there is a ? block on the deck. Stand near it, wait for a fire spell, then run under the block. The fire should make you rapidly bounce between the block and the ground, netting you a ton of coins. Don't worry, the coins will restore the health you lose.
Last Suprise
After you complete the 'Grand Finale Galaxy' (obtained when 120 Power Stars are retrieved by Mario and Luigi), talk to the Mailtoad near the Power Star (121st star). He will ask you if you want an exclusive letter. Select 'yes' and grab the star. Later, go to your Wii-mailbox and you will see that a letter from the Super Mario Galaxy staff is inside.

Spoiler: Read for Spoilers!
Highlight this box with your cursor to read the spoiler text.
Click on the little photo in the upper-right hand corner and you will see a picture of Mario/Luigi (depending on which character you completed the galaxy with). I am not going to tell what the pictures are, so you might as well find out on your own!
Luigi Planet
When you have unlocked Luigi, You may use his face as the face of your file.
Megaleg's Moon
A few friends I know can't get past Megaleg (why? he's easy) so they're asking me for help and now I'm telling you. You have to run up Megaleg's leg and then go up to his head. Lure the Bullet Bill to break the casing, and then get one to break part of the fence. Get the last one in there and you've got your Grand Star.
No Bombs, Just Star Bits
In Battlerock Galaxy, when you are trying to get the first GREEN Power Star, you will see a big "?" coin, and, if you get it, the two cannons that are the nearest to it will start shooting out Star Bits instead of bombs, but it only lastfor about a minute!
OMG you don't need the Ice Flower!!! :O
Hey guys you know on the Bubble Blastoff mission, you don't have to get the Ice Flower to make it up to the "main" part of the level! Well, you now probably wanna know how?
1. Go into the gate.
2. Run to the little board over by the water.
3. Turn so that you face away from the wall.
4. Do a backwards jump and a wall jump. Timed right, this will land you on the little platform just below the area you want to be on.

This will usually take a few tries, because even me, the great sarahq22218, had quite a bit of trouble.
Prankster Comets
Fast Foe Comet = Orangish and will make the enemies move faster.
Cosmic Comet = Blue and will make you race a mirror of yourself.
Purple Comet = Purple and will make you collect all 100 coins to get a star.
Speedy Comet = Red and will limit the time you can stay in that galaxy
Daredevil Comet = Black and will give you a low life level in the galaxy.

With your knowledge on the comets know, you will be able to go into the galaxies with these comets in orbit.

When you have to race yourself in certain Levels

You should Long Jump it makes you move faster
and you cover more ground making more separation
between you and the shadow Mario
Red star
When you can go to the garden dome (beat the engine room.)You van go back to the gate (place at the beggining of the game)And a red luma will let you do a 100 purple coin challenge.Complete it and you will get a new power up the red star.You over-alls turn black and if you do a spin attack in the air you can fly!
The story Rosalina tells you in the Library is a reflection of when she was a kid. If you notice, in the story she is wearing the exact same outfit. The story is sad, but it's been said the sad luma is Rosalina's most trusted luma!
Sea slide and beach bowl one up`s.
In the sea slide and beach bowl galaxies there are large eels in the water towards the bottom. Take a shell either green or red, and shoot it at one of the eel`s. For every one you get, you get a life.
Second Player
Oh yes it is possible to have a second player if you have a second controller. There won't be no second character on-screen but there will be another cursor. This means that Coins, Star Bits, and the like can be collected by the second player. There's also some functionality in controlling Mario's jumps.
Starting Boost When Racing Cosmic Mario
When the countdown timer starts as you are racing Cosmic Mario, hold forward, then as it hits 2, hold down on Z to crouch, and when the race starts hit A right away and you will turn yellow for a few seconds and get a really good boost that will put you way ahead of Cosmic Mario.
Super Ground Pound
Jump up in the air and shake the Wii Remote. While you are doing that, press the ground pound button. You will do a super homing ground pound.
Tips and Glitches
01: Long jump around the shrinking planet
Go to Deep Dark Galaxy and go in the cannon and shoot at the right planet (Gateway Galaxy)find a screw and Shake the Remote. You will find coins somewhere and you might be able to collect to collect all 50 coins for an extra life(1-up).

02: Cosmic Mario race boost
Enter any Cosmic Mario race Hold forward on the numbchuck Stick and hold Z when it hits 2 and press A when it hits GO!

03: Cosmic Pound:
Just Spin jump before pressing Z.

04: Mastering the Water
While riding a ray rush the wiimote up to jump.
And you can do it swimming in a level with no ray press C to centre the camera.

05: Multiplayer Goodies:

Collect Star bits together
Freeze Enimies
Do a high jump
Make music with your cusors

06: Infinte star bits.

Collect 999 stars bit in sling pod Galaxy after your finsh get the star.

07: Useless Glitches

Go to deep dark galaxy shoot to the right planet find the blue house and crawl into it.
Space junk Galaxy Kamella's Airship attack Long jump the Red Starship and if you Long jump at the right time something will happen.
Go to Dusty dune Galaxy select Star 2 or 5 make your way to the flipswitch time your jump perfectly and something great will happen.

08: 121 Power Stars

As Mario get 120 stars and beat Bowser again in the final battle. You will unlock luigi if you be paicient and as Luigi get 120 stars and beat bowser like Mario Grande Finale Galaxy is unlocked on the Green Star Planet talk to the one that you never saw and Go to Grande Finale Galaxy and collect 100 Purple Coins for a star.
tips on luiges purple coins at the toy time
I was always stuck here, so here is some help.

First get all the coins on the green blocks. Then go straight until there`s five purple coins one space away from the block. Get them. then keep going near luiges head until you found five more purple coins one space away from the block. Get them. Now go right until you find a yellow place. Get the coins there and proceed down to Mario`s right foot but, DON`T GO ON IT!!! Just go to the place where you have to long jump to get the other purple coins. Get them and you should have 100. If not, try this....

Go to a hole anywhere on luige and get the coins above it with the long jump.

hope i helped.
Unlock final star and the grand finale galaxy
To unlock the final star and galaxy, collect all 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser. Doing so unlocks the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the Star Festival seen in the beginning of the game. Collecting the 100 purple coins in this galaxy gets you the final star.
When you get 9999 Star Bits in the Comet observatory, all coconuts are changed in watermelons!


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Backward Surfing 101
When in the Loopdeloop Galaxy, start the ray surfing game. Where the figure eight crosses over the other part of the track, jump off to your left. You'll be taking the course backwards. Where the drop comes, yougo uphill and even jump up over the red rings! You can't actually finish the reace going backwards, so you'll keep going and going until you turn the right way. Once you're taking the course fowards again, you'll have to go around twice for it to finish.
cool shadow glitch
First go to the TERRACE and go to honeyhive galaxy(i think thats what
its called).After your in there get the bee power & go over to the swing
and then behind the cliff.If you angle the camera right you will see
normal marios shadow even though its bee mario you're playing as!

Easter eggs

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Break the big moveing rocks with Mario`s spin move
You can actually break the rolling rocks with the red spot on them, just spin at the red spot! This way you can destroy the rolling rocks with Mario or Luigi and get loads of star bit`s, plus it`s fun.
If you go to a high place and back flip near the edge, if there's water below the edge, you'll do a dive instead of a backflip, it's cool, but not needed.
Five 1-ups?
You know the Mailtoad that's by the Toad Brigade ship? He moves eventually, but he's kinda pinkish purple colored. Anyway, if a picture of an envelope appears above his head, talk to him, get through the letter and say yes. There's five 1-ups, and there's also a 1-up in that box by the Toad Brigade when it's parked at the observatory.
Freezelfame's Blistering Core without Fire Flower
Get to the fire part of the level.
Skip number 1/3: Go to the torches and to a triple jump + wall jump + spin to get up then a long jump to the platform that skips the first flower.
Skip number 2/3: Go over to the question mark block. Do a long jump to the right and do a spin on to the platform, or risk your life and it the lava and land on the platform.
Skip number 3/3: Use one of those red things to follow you to the torches and the thing will light them for you without needing the fire flower. Then get the star!
The first two flower skipping are speed tricks. Skipping the last one would waste time in a speed run.
Hidden planet at the good egg galaxy!
First, make sure you do the mission Dino piranha or you will not go to the right planets. After you go from the starting planet to the one with the rock balls, and to the small green one with the vine, you should come to a large green planet that also has rock balls. Right after you start, head in the diction the rocks are rolling until you come to a brick type platform on the edge, to the right. Jump on this and there will be a square green platform to go on that shrinks when you step on it, jump across it to the other side, and there will be a warp pipe with a piranha plant in it. Defeat the plant, jump in the pipe and you will be warped to a secret planet. There will be a life, and when you make all the platforms green a launch star will a peer, which takes you back to the green planet.
Mini Planet
Go to the Deep Dark Galaxy, go in the cannon, launch to the Earth-like planet, and Ta-Da! your on the mini version of the 1st planet you started on!
Pokemon Reference
On the top of Buay Base the platform your on looks exactly like a Pokeball. (colours, shape and all)
Princess Peach's letter
Mailtoad will receive a letter from Princess Peach whenever you save the game with at least 10 lives. You will get 5 1-UPs from the letter if you're playing as Mario and 20 1-UPs if you're playing as Luigi. You will also receive her letter if you lose too many lives on a galaxy. In that case, you will receive 5 1-UPs regarldess of who you're playing with.
Secret 1-UP in the Honey Hive Galaxy
Right after you start the level head to the fence behind you, look around and you will see a hidden 1-UP on a small ledge just behind the fence.


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A new power + Comets + Mushroom Powers + Rainbows + Flowers
Flying Mario Galaxy

To unlock the new power all you need to do is collect 100 purple coins in the gateway galaxy to go back there you need to beat King Kaliente for the second time and get the best star (Grand Star) after collecting 100 purple coins a red star will appear and you will unlock the flying Mario.


Blue Comet: It makes Mario Appear in a different colour and the Mario is Shadow Mario from Mario Sunshine that was actully made for the Gamecube.
The only places i know are: Honeyhive Galaxy, FreezeFlame Galaxy, WaterSlide Galaxy, Golden Leaf Galaxy.

Orange Comet: It make enemies super fast i only know in toy time Galaxy.

Red Comet: It makes you go into a 4:00 petriod of time to beat the level and get the star iv'e only done Dino Pirahna Speed Run and Pull Star Path Speed Run.

Grey Comet: This makes you beat a boss make sure you don't even get hit once or you'll get killed.

Purple Comet: After Completeing the game with any amount of stars a Purple Comet will be unlocked and you will need to ask the purple luma to move it then look at the map and it should be at good at Good Egg Galaxy.

Mushroom Powers:

Bee Mario:
Grab a Mushroom thats Yellow and Brown and then you'll hear a sound then Bee Mario too the rescue.

Boo Mario:
Grab a Boo Mushroom shake the Wii Remote to dissapear (This Mushroom is helpful for getting Luigi in the haunted Mansion.)

Spring Mario:
Grab a Spring Mushroom and turn into a bouncy Mario if you Press A to Jump at the right time you'll do a very high jump and wall jump automaticly

Rainbows aren't in the game only Rainbow Stars are Grab them and you become Rainbow Mario + Invinsible.

Ice: While Getting an ice flower you'll turn all blue like Shadow Mario, And you'll be Ice and you can freeze water.

Fire: Get a fire flower to turn white and red shake the Wii remote to fire fireballs, Burn ememies and light stone candles.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Death Count
The Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after getting 120 Stars with both Mario and Luigi, holds another secret. Once the final Star is acquired with both characters in this galaxy, you will be able to see your death count on your save file. This will allow you to see how many times you died while playing the game with both Mario and Luigi.
Infinite Lives (Not Code)
First, you have to unlock the Kitchen, or else the cheat won't work. Now go get the life under the steps. Then go up the stairs and into the top part. Go back out and the life will be there again. Do this as many times as desired.
To play as Luigi, Who must get all 120 stars and complete the game.
No Eyes
When you are flying, look on one of the spots that you can see all of the domes from, and Mario will not have any pupils!
see bee marios shawdow as regular mario
Go to the terrace and go to honey hive place then go to 1st level. get bee mario to go to a 2 sided place.