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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Passwords

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Cheat Codes
Enter at pause menu and input code
PasswordWhat it does
GRANDMOFFUnlocks all costumes
HURRIKANEUnlock all lightsaber crystals
KATARNMax all force powers
TYRANUSUnlock all force powers
VERGENCEUnlimited force power
SPEEDER1,000,000 force points
LIGHTSABERYour lightsaber one hit kills all normal enemies
KLEEFUnlock Kleef
HIDDENFEARUnlock Darth Phobos
PAUANUnlock Darth Desolus
ACOLYTEUnlock Asajj Ventess
MARAJADEUnlock Mara Jade
KORRIBANUnlock Sith stalker armour
NERFHERDERUnlocks Hans Solo costume
STORMTROOPUnlocks Navy Commando costume
JEDIMASTERUnlocks Mace Windu costume
T16WOMPRATUnlocks Luke Skywalker costume
Submitted by: anonymous on September 20, 2008
Go to Extras After Beating the First Mission and Go to Extras then Cheats.
PasswordWhat it does
YELLOWJCKTYavin Luke Skywalker (Episode IV)
SERENNOCount Dooku
AAYLAAayla Secura
ZABRAKDarth Maul
CHOSENONEAnakin Skywalker
T16WOMPRATLuke Skywalker (Episode VI)
ACOLYTEAsajj Ventress
ITSATWAPAdmiral Ackbar
SCOUNDRELLando Calrissian
PAUANDarth Desolus
PALPATINEDarth Sidious
ECLIPSEJuno Eclipse
NOTIMOChop'aa' Notimo
LEGION501st Legion Clone Trooper
TK421Classic Stormtrooper
INTHEDARKShadow Trooper
MANDALOREGeneral Rahm Kota
GRANDMOFFUnlock All Characters & Costumes
LIGHTSABERLightsaber Damage Increase
CORTOSISInvincibility (NOTE: On lava, death star beams, etc, you still lose health.)
VERGENCEInfinite Force
TYRANUSUnlock all Force Powers
KATARNMaximum Force Powers
COUNTDOOKUMaximum Force Combos
WOOKIEEKento's Robe
DANTOOINECeremonial Jedi Robes
KORRIBANSith Stalker Armor
Submitted by: Chaseone, maliki1w2 on September 21, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Unlockables

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Unlockable Duel Mode Characters
Note that you can also unlock the following using codes, but this is the "normal" way to earn them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Asajj VentressComplete Jedi Temple Part 1
Starkiller (Heavy Training Gear)Complete Jedi Temple Part 1
Count DookuComplete Jedi Temple Part 2
Darth PhobosComplete Jedi Temple Part 2
Starkillier (Light Training Gear)Complete Jedi Temple Part 2
Mara JadeComplete Jedi Temple Part 3
Starkiller (Kento's Robe)Complete Jedi Temple Part 3
Shaak TiComplete Felucia Part 1
Luke Skywalker (Jedi)Complete Felucia Part 1 (after additional cutscene)
Starkiller (Sith Robe)Complete Felucia Part 1 (after additional cutscene)
Maris BroodComplete Felucia Part 2
Starkiller (Jungle Combat Gear)Complete Felucia Part 2
Obi-Wan KenobiComplete Kashyyk Part 2
Starkiller (Corellian Flight Suit)Complete Kashyyk Part 2
Mace WinduComplete Nar Shaada
Darth MaulComplete Raxus Prime Part 1
Qui-Gon JinnComplete Raxus Prime Part 2
Starkiller (Raxus Prime Survival Gear)Complete Raxus Prime Part 2
Aayla SecuraComplete TIE Factory
Anakin SkywalkerComplete TIE Factory
Luke Skywalker (Young)Complete TIE Factory
Starkiller (Cermonial Jedi Robes)Complete game with Light Side ending
Starkiller (Sith Stalker)Complete game with Dark Side ending
Submitted by: anonymous on August 14, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Tips

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All 10 Hilt locations
the Imperialized raxus is nearly impossible to find on your own. In the AT-ST room, slash both the round computers. one self destructs an AT-ST and one opens hatches above the bay of ATST you fought and the one that just detonated. Jump on the bar that was holding them in and double jump in the air. you should end up on a ledge in the darkness. Double-jump again to make it to the second level of the room. There is a lightsaber crystal in one room and a force/health holocron in the other. Now get on the window sill and look for the ledge above the doorway. doublejump and force dash over there to claim Emperor Palpatine's lightsaber. Now the one on Raxus Prime normal is after Drexl tells you about Kazdan Patus when you first meet him. the place with a big opening and the half-AT-ST in the ground carries the next one. its on the platform overhead. the death star one is after you cross the first death star beam bridge in a Z hold room in front of you. in cloud city, it is on the first ledge you come to outside the window on the end. the trail of insight is in the main temple room, between the stairway and the red one on the left under some rubble. the dark felucia one is almost impossible to miss, on the ground near the Z hold wall after you fight the bull rancor. in felucia, when you fight two rancors, its on a legde near the doorway, I think. Nar Shardda after you exit the first (i think the first, may be 2nd) bar room, jump on the arches and it'll be there. Kashyyk, the area with the big oval in the middle on the map, cant get to it, has two towers, its between them. The other one you start with. Sorry for the wrong order, Im doing this by memory.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 15, 2008
Avoid being Force Pushed
When a boss Force-Pushes you, press B and you'll flip and land on your feet without taking damage.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 28, 2008
Easy AT-ST kill
Whenever you come across an AT-ST fight, the easiest way to kill it while taking minimal damage is to stay behind it the entire time and continuously electrocute or slash at it from behind. If it tries to turn around, just move to stay behind it. It won't be able to attack you, so have some fun with it. (This also works with the AT-ST boss on Kashyyk.)
Submitted by: X_Zodio on October 10, 2012
easy jet trooper kill
Use Z on them and hover them over a cliff and do lightsaber throw and they die right away. PS also works on mandorins.
Submitted by: stranger on August 06, 2014
Holocron location tips
1: When you get out of the Rogue Shadow, turn around. look around the ship and move everything in that area. there is a holocron hidden there in nearly every level.
2: If you see a group of objects that are all related, try moving or hitting them all, and sometimes it puts a holocron somewhere else that wasn't there before.
3: If you hear an R2-D2 beeping, it means you have moved, hit or destroyed something that unlocked a holocron somewhere else that wasn't there before. Look around and you'll find something.
4: Look around on the ground for them.
5: Platforms and ledges are pretty promising.
6: Objects can contain holocrons.
I hope you all find 200 holocrons:)
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 03, 2008
Raxus Prime hilt
After the 1st time you meet Drexl Roosh, you come to a place where you can see forever. There is also 2 computers, an AT-ST halfway buried in the ground and a door you have to Z-blast. Face the big clearing and turn around. Look up and you should see a platform. it's barely out of double-jump range, so you have to stack some stuff up to reach it. It has a hilt on top of it.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 03, 2008
Tip for getting Crystals/Jedi Holocrons
When you have finished with mini-bosses go backwards and you'll sometimes find Crystals and/or Jedi Holocrons.
Submitted by: Kazooieman on October 01, 2008
walk on lava
how to walk on lava without losing health!

1.put in god mode cheat

2.get clone trooper suit on

3.go walk on lava!!!!
Submitted by: willyboy on July 23, 2009
Where to find a yellow crystal.
In the Death Star level, when you battle the AT-ST, jump up on the ledge. It'll have 2 red-barrel bombs and behind the 2nd one is the golden/yellow crystal.
Submitted by: Kazooieman on October 01, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Glitches

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Avoid the AT-ST
On Kashyyyk (the apprentice's visit) when you get to the second (I think the second, could be first) AT-ST, charge through staying as far away from the AT-ST as possible. If you stay far away, and pass through without the AT-ST health bar appearing at the bottom, you can pass through without the path blocked and without fighting it.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 02, 2008
Battling Kleef
When you start fighting him, he'll have two big droids with him. step a distance away from them and use force lightning on them. If you are electricuting one, the other should stand still. Once both are destroyed, try to pick Kleef up. It shouldn't work so force choke him real quick and then turn the Nunchuk upright quickly. He should be in the air, and you should be able to do whatever you want with him. Do this until he's dead.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 02, 2008
Super cool helper gun
When there is a group of enemies trying to kill you here is a glitch I found. Just look around for a gun that someone is sitting in and shooting you with. Use the force grasp on the gun and Vwalah! the gun will follow you for a short period of time, trying to kill all of your enemies that stand in your way. Have fun!
Submitted by: anonymous on January 07, 2009

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Easter eggs

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cheats in the Holocrons
On every fifth holocron's concept art (there's a few that don't, due to background color), there is a cheat code written on the bottom right corner. For example, the militia trooper picture says INTHEDARK on the bottom. INTHEDARK is the cheat for the Shadow Trooper.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 03, 2008
Hidden AT-ST
On Raxus Prime, in the clearing where the Z door and the Force Dog at it are, turn around. You will see an AT-ST head there. walk closer and you'll see it's computer chip. You can smash it and it will be destroyed.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 28, 2008
Rip Apart an Aircraft
On most air vehicles that fly around (LAAT/1 Gunships, Chop'aa's Smugglercrafts, etc.), there will be parts of them that you can Force Pull off. For example, on LAAT/1 Gunships you can rip off the ball turrets on the sides. This has no negative effect on the vehicle, but you can still do it and have the parts to chunk at enemies.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 28, 2008
Rising Uppercut hidden move
To do this, press B and swing the Wii-mote up at the same time. If done properly, You should do a RISING UPPERCUT. You don't have to unlock it, and you can follow it with a saber throw, ground slam, force push, etc.
Submitted by: Chaseone on October 03, 2008
Special saber throw
To do this, Force Grip your opponent and saber throw while holding Z. If he blocks it or it strikes the air, let go of Z and very quickly saber throw. Either way, the saber will, instead of just passing through the person, will lodge inside of them and they will fall to the ground before you force pull the saber out of them. This is especially effective for one-hit killing Mandalorians or Jet troopers if you hold them over a cliff as they won't initiate their jet packs, killing them immediately.
Submitted by: Chaseone on November 01, 2008